Full Moon 16 February has Rare Exceptional Vast Energies to understand and work with

Full Moon 16 February has Rare Exceptional Vast Energies to understand and work with. You can get such benefit from this detailed study – Read This!

Here is the super-detailed low down – all this is in the Pt 1 video. And then in the Part 2 video, there’s a suggestion for really valuable worthwhile healing vision work and body work to do around the time of the Full Moon and the following couple of weeks.

Pt 1 video

Pt 2 video

In summary:

The Full Moon on 16th February is dominated by the immense power of Saturn, which grows even more rare and exceptional by 27th February.
All the planets except Moon, Venus, Mars, Uranus and the Nodes are in the two Vedic signs ruled by Saturn.
And by 27th February the totally rare situation is that all the planets have moved into the two Saturn-ruled signs except for Uranus and the Nodes!
Saturn dominates. Time seems to get slower and slower.

Saturn is super-powerful in Capricorn, the sign he rules. So, we have Saturn’s dread power to demand we learn our hard spiritual lessons from, to face our Karmas and mistakes!

In addition, there is a huge, preposterous divisive energy of Kal Sarpa Yoga in force with all the planets (except the unsupported Moon) to one side of the Nodal Axis. So, we have preposterous divisive energies to manage our minds, communications and behaviour within and be the Spiritual Hero!

More than that! This Full Moon at 3 Leo is in a tight, exact Inconjunct (150 deg) aspect to Pluto at 3 Capricorn, so this means our emotions will be intensified by our sub-conscious fears and power issues calling out to be recognized and to be healed.

An utterly huge factor is that This Full Moon is square the Nodal Axis. It’s exact to a degree. See the angry red Square or ‘Grand Cross’ chart shape dominating the Western chart for this Full Moon. You can go to my February 2022 page on my Starwheel Astrology Website to see the western and Vedic charts for this 16th February Full Moon.
To have Sun and Moon square the Nodal Axis means that energies of Fate and Destiny are flowing strongly, forcing themselves upon us.
Indeed, the Nodes are about to change sign (in April) into Vedic Aries and Libra, and we are feeling that fulcrum change.

Venus and Mars are at War. Each of them are at 22 deg Vedic Sagittarius, and by 27th February, they too will have joined the Saturn Domination, when they too enter a Saturn-ruled sign: Capricorn.

Uranus has been squaring Saturn for a long time, and so the question arises? Have you identified the Saturn prison walls facets of you and your life? Have you worked out what the Revolution Call of Uranus is in your case???
This Full Moon could help you break through from Saturn limitation to Uranus freedom of your truer expression.

And lastly in our major energy features list, note from the Western chart of this Full Moon that there’s a ‘Psychic Eye’ chart aspect shape of Uranus sextile Jupiter where each of those are semi-sextile the apex planet of this special psychic eye triangle, which is Chiron: Chiron the wounded healer receiving psychic, revolutionary and expansionary impulses at the time of this Full Moon.


So, we have the tensions of the Venus-Mars war, the divisiveness of Kal Sarpa Yoga, the implacable call of Fate from the square to the Nodal Axis, the call to contact our unconscious buried material from Pluto –  and the inexorable karmic demand of Saturn, Lord Shani, Lord of Karma.

ADD-ONS: And a bit more detail:

This Full Moon is at 3 deg Vedic Leo (27 deg Western Leo), with the Sun at 3 Vedic Aquarius. It’s at 16.56 pm here in the beautiful West of Ireland, and 11.56 am in New York and 8.59 am in California.

And two other important things to be aware of is that:

This Moon is in Magha Nakshatra, which has an imperious demanding energy, and is very much connected to our Ancestral issues and ruled by Ketu. Its symbol is the Throne, and it’s all about the powers, qualities and abilities come from your past lives, the meaning and guidance you find and create from your personal, genetic and cultural heritage.

And the Sun of this Full Moon is in Dhanishta Nakshatra whose power animal is the Lioness, and rued by Mars, and with the capacity for ‘listening’ to divine inspiration.

Lastly, the way the planets treat each other at this Full Moon is extreme. From Rashi Avasthas we see that Sun and Saturn fight each other terribly. Sun also fights Mercury and Jupiter. Moon fights Mercury, Venus and Saturn. The list is awe-inspiring challenge.

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We now move on to my Vision Journey to meet the energies of the February Full Moon, and this is covered by my Part 2 Video:

Part 2 Video:
Vision Work and Healing Embodiment Work at the time of this Full Moon

Lastly, I said, I would suggest a piece of Vision Work and Healing Embodiment Work to do around the time of this Full Moon of February 16th 2022.

It is actually so useful to attune to the energy of every New and Full moon and do vision work to fully connect to the energies and also to become your own Spiritual Hero taking your life forward with the lunation energies – around the time of the Full Moon and the following couple of weeks.

Obviously, my suggestion comes from my life and my life pathway now.

But this sort of vision work is actually so useful and insight – creating to do , so the call is for you to adapt what came to me, to your handling of the energies of now to your life and your pathway now.

So this isn’t an actual guided journey, but it’s a suggestion you can modify to create your own so valuable journey for the time around and following this Full Moon.

So, my suggestion is that you could find yourself going down into the basement you maybe didn’t really realize was there.

You find yourself going down a rotten stone staircase into this basement. You maybe see the stonework is dripping with dampness and water, and you go down to the basement you never fully realised was there in your life.

Take stock of what the basement looks like.

You might even see how the side walls of the stairs and the rotten carpeting on the basement floor have chains embedded in them. What does that mean?

There’s factors of imprisonment in your life and your sense of your identity you didn’t consciously admit to.

You look around. Are there any people you find there? What are they like? Are they grim and forbidding? Maybe are some of them friendly and engaging to you?

Maybe there’s a room off the basement. Take a look inside. What is in this room? Does what’s in it offer you useful clues?

Next, you see that there’s a door across the basement room. Where does this go to?

You cross the room and find you can open the door.

You step into the courtyard which is the other side of the door.

What landscape does it open to?

Do you see a pathway you should choose to walk: to a better handing of your life and destiny?

What do you see?

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