Full Moon 12th January 2017: mystic love or horrible conflict. You choose!

I am struck that the energies of the Full Moon of 12th January 2017 offers us a huge choice in Love.

If you look at the chart, you will see that we have just had Venus conjunct Ketu (Ketu is the South Node of the Moon) in the heavens, and that that energy is still radiating to all of us.

The Western and Vedic Astrology charts for this Full Moon are all set out at the foot of this Blog Post.

Now, Venus conjunct Ketu the South Node of the Moon is a very bad script for love to have in your birth chart.

It means that you were born this time with past life script of being rejected in love, and so you will reject your lover in this life over and over again, so as to ‘get in there first’ rather than be rejected yourself (again!).

And it is not until the person heals their rejection in love trauma script that they will stop melting-down their love relationships. It is this difficult energy that has just peaked in the heavens. BUT – do note this: it is also a doorway to going through and beyond the negative drama with your beloved, rather than getting stuck in it. It is potentially the script for refusing to look back: for refusing to look back into the Hell of rejection, of choosing instead to love, and to go forward in love.

When my partner Maggie and I were discussing this, she said that the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice came to mind. See Maggie’s Healing Website: www.maggiepashley.com. And also see her Heart Wall clearings which have a really strong relevance to the subject of this blog post, namely blocks to love: http://www.bodycodehealings.com/heart-walls.html And I also offer love and relationships astrology readings, if you wish to enroll for one, use the payment buttons on my Readings website:  www.starwheelastrology.com

The Orpheus and Eurydice myth was that Eurydice’s husband Orpheus went down into Hell to rescue her (I’m sure he was a Libran like me!).

Eurydice had stepped on a viper on their wedding day.

Now, Orpheus even had to soften the hearts of Hades and Persephone the dread rulers of Hell by playing the music of his lyre, so as to be allowed to go down there and find her.

As he led her out of Hell. What a loving guy! Orpheus told her that she must follow him closely if she was to get out of Hell, and that above all, SHE MUST NOT LOOK BACK.

Eurydice duly followed her loving Orpheus out towards the gates of Hell. He really was  nice guy. He was prepared to go into Hell to save her. But just as they were getting near the point of release, what did Eurydice do???? She looked back!!!! Would you believe it? She looked back! What was the point of her having a loving guy like Orpheus if she didn’t listen to him???????

But seriously, the moral of the myth is, that if we are to heal and transform, we must not look back into the wound, into the muck, into the darkness, into the Hell.

Somehow, we must learn to forgive. This is so relevant to the Venus-Ketu (South Node of the Moon) energy we have all been experiencing just now.

(By the way, there are different versions of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth: I had this wonderful comment from one of my expert students in Turkey:

‘Do not blame poor Eurydice who already had to die on her wedding day.  She wasn’t the one who looked back – it was actually Orpheus who was given the permission to take his wife from the Underworld on one condition with it being not looking back at her while he was taking her out.  So blame Orpheus for his uncontrolled passion and longing, his fear of losing her once again, his lack of confidence in her and last but not the least for his heroic and romantic love of an idealized projection rather than Eurydice herself.’
I didn’t realise when I wrote this blog that Orpheus was the insecure one! Romantic idealised projection eh? What’s wrong with that?!?! Sounds very Venus-Neptune. But I am sure he was a nice guy – probably a Libran! AND please note that idealised projection brings us to the next facet of our present energies: Venus-Neptune. But Read on!

YES, there’s a new kid on the block as well by the time of the New Moon of 12th January: Venus-Neptune.

By the day of the Full Moon, you can see from the chart below, that Ketu and Venus have separated a fraction, and Venus has now fully entered the arms of Neptune. There’s an exact Venus-Neptune conjunction on the day of the Full Moon.

The Venus-Neptune conjunct is exact (at 9 deg western Pisces).

And it’s exact again in all our lives on March 11th 2017 (three degrees further on at 12 deg western Aries).

Now, I have a Venus-Neptune sub-personality in my western birth chart. It’s all about mystic romantic love and a sense of ideal beauty isn’t it (well, that’s my story! Those who talk about Pied Pipers and illusions in love are wrong: aren’t they??? Those who say the Venus-Neptune guy will get critical when ideal love isn’t matched up to are wrong too!!)

So, what I am trying to show, is that the energies of this Full Moon on 12th January 2017, will offer many of us a big chance, a huge chance, to improve our attitude to love and to our lover. It all depends on how the chart for the Full Moon interacts with our birth chart, and whether we can think out of the box and get out of Hell.

Will all of us feel this? Well, if you have the Venus-Neptune-Ketu conjunction conjucnt your natal Sun, for example, obviously you are really going to feel this. If you have Rahu the North Node of the Moon conjunct your natal Saturn now (as i do) you are really going to feel this, and so on. You get the drift!

So: learn the lesson which Eurydice failed to learn. Burn the past. Go for love.

Turning from Western Astrology, to the Vedic astrology chart for the Full Moon of 12th January 2017, note that Venus, Neptune and Ketu are all in Shatabishak Nakshatra.

Shatabishak is one of the wonderful 27 signs of the Vedic Lunar Zodiac called the 27 Nakshatras.

The energy of Shatabishak is a bit freaky and suspicious, but it aims for perfection and protectedness. It’s what’s called my ‘Manasa Nakshatra’ in Vedic Astrology: in other words, it’s the 25th Nakshatra counted from my natal Moon: it defines one’s ‘default state of consciousness’. Some say Shatabishaks are even touchy, but that’s not true!


And I want to conclude with a very special twist to this tale. If you look at the Vedic Chart for the Full Moon of 12th January 2017 below, and then Look at the Vedic Navamsha Chart for that New Moon, you will see that Moon, Neptune and Venus are all Vargottoma.

In other words they are ALL in the same sign in the Navamsha Chart as they are in the Rashi or Natal Chart. And this SPECIAL VARGOTTOMA SITUATION gives us an especially pure and clear message. The energy of those planets are in this condition a very special strength and purity of message, if only we can see trough the surface darkness and if only we will listen. The Navamsha chart is the 9th Harmonic chart. It’s one of the Harmonic or Varga charts derived from the Rashi or Birth Chart in Vedic Astrology. Each Varga chart tells us special truths about an area of our life. The Navamsha tells us about our Love issues and indeed our soul and reincarnation issues. It is the most important Varga chart!

In other words, it’s a special opportunity for our soul to send us strong clear messages – and for us to hear the special soul messages, in this case about the meaning of true love, and the need to heal our barriers to true love.

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Now, here are the charts for the Full Moon of 12th January 2017:

Western Astrology Chart for the Full Moon of 12th January 2017 (Astrocalc Program):



















Psychodynamic Western Astrology Chart (Megastar Program) for the Full Moon of 12th January 2017:



















Vedic Astrology Chart for the Full Moon of 12th January 2017:










Vedic Astrology Navamsha Chart for the Full Moon of 12th January 2017: