Frightful Full Moon 21.5.2016 : Hear about it and prepare

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

There is a very difficult Full Moon on May 21st. the pressure on our minds and emotions will be intense.

This will especially be true if we are Cancer risers who are ruled by the Moon or if we have a lot of planets in Vedic Cancer, Scorpio or Taurus, but all of us will feel the bite of this Full Moon.

We can quite simply get enchained in complicated thoughts or emotions and make wrong decisions and hurt ourselves and others.

Seriously, I mean this: what are you going to do to deal with this???

The value of astrology warning like this is to keep the page blank in your diary on such a day and be careful the days either side. Avoid starting or doing things on days with churning, malefic energy like this one. Strive to be conscious. Strive to plan. Strive to heal difficult feelings that arise at this time: they are wanting to be headed; that’s why they are arising.

Forewarned is forearmed. Use this Full Moon as a time to empower, even if you feel vulnerable and at your wits end. Share with your partner. Learn simple healing techniques shown on my websites (see below). At times like this it is a good idea to get an astrology reading. My readings are worldwide and recorded, with very helpful reports and opportunities for questions/discussion. Or if you want depth awareness, join one of my astrology courses (again, see website below).

One thing is: don’t do something now that will cause a chain reaction in your life and in the life of your loved ones. That is so much more difficult to manage.

Below is the western astrology chart for this Full Moon, followed by the Vedic Astrology chart. For the exact time where you live, see:

So, what’s so challenging about it? Why is it a good idea to learn about it and prepare?

Well, first of all, the Moon is very closely conjunct Mars (less than 1 degree). This means you will feel irritable (OK you will explain to your partner it’s not your irritability and it’s really his/hers all along, but the fight that that leads to could be rather sad!)

Secondly Moon and Mars are conjunct: The Moon is at 6 deg Vedic Scorpio which is ruled by Mars, and the Moon is never easy in Scorpio. The Moon is debilitated in Scorpio and full of intensity, hurt and danger often (This Moon is the first degree of Sagittarius in Western astrology).
Look which house this Full Moon falls in in your birth chart; the affairs of that House will be difficult now.
Especially: Look at your Moon Ashtakavarga chart in Vedic Astrology (see my blog post) to see how hard, or alternatively how supported,  the Moon energy hits you and your Mind/emotions whenever the Moon is in Scorpio. Work out if you need to do something to protect your mind during that monthly two and a half day period.

Thirdly, Mars and Saturn are both conjunct in the Vedic sign of Scorpio (yes, ruled by Mars), with Mars at 8 Scorpio and Saturn at 20 Scorpio.
And if you look at the Vedic chart at the foot of this post, you can see that they are opposition the Sun all the time the Sun is in Vedic Taurus – not a nice energy!
Both Mars and Saturn are retrograde, so their energy will carry difficult lessons for you now, including tying up karmic lose ends.
They don’t get exactly conjunct each other until August 24th, so there will be a long run of this difficult Saturn-Mar energy, which is a bit like living in a concentration camp, actually – and we have all been experiencing it all year.

Fourthly, Venus is combust the Sun (4 degrees), so that’s hard for love issues, and especially hard if you have Ascendant/Lagna, Moon or Sun in one of the Sun-ruled signs in your Vedic birth chart (Libra or Taurus)

Fifthly, North Node (Rahu) and Jupiter are both conjunct in Vedic Leo. Rahu conjunct Jupiter is an ambitious and big energy that could bring you success, but beware: with Jupiter-Rahu transiting there is the danger of over-ambition or even rather dark associations, so be careful with how you work with your ambitions.
Jupiter was retrograde until 9th May and we were deprived of his usual blessing and expansion, but of course the full Jupiter energy will sadly not be available to us all until he enters Vedic Virgo on 11th August, indeed all the time he is in Vedic Leo until them, his beneficence will be rather dampened and structured because he is receiving the aspect from Saturn.

Sixth, our friend, Mercury is still retrograde, though he does go direct on May 22nd, though Mercury Retrograde issues mean that you will need to tie up all the loose ends with posts and communications until he gets back to his pre-retrogradation position at 29 degrees Vedic Aries on June 7th.

Importantly, the Moon will cross through the difficult Gandanta Zone at the endo of Vedic Scorpio on May 23rd. Gandanta Zones are difficult degrees of the chart where water signs give way to fire signs. I really feel the bereft hurt of the gandanta energy because my Moon in my birth chart is in a Gandanta Zone, so if you have planets, especially Moon or Sun in your birth chart in the last degree of Vedic Scorpio, you could feel even worse at the time of this Full Moon.

Here is the western astrology chart of this Full Moon:

Full Moon chart 21.5.2016
Full Moon chart 21.5.2016


Here is the Vedic astrology chart of this Full Moon:

Full Moon 21.5.16 Vedic




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