Friendship indications in Astrology

Budha Mercury
Budha Mercury

The Mercury-ruled Lunar Signs (Nakshatras) are always being called to ask the question: ‘who really are my friends?’

The Mercury-ruled Nakshatras or Vedic Lunar Signs are:
The 9th Nakshatra:  Ashlesha
The 18th Nakshatra: Jyestha
The 27th Nakshatra: Revati
and of course the principal indication for friendship issues in the Vedic Birth Chart is the 11th House.

This post arises from the work of Master Vedic Astrology member Louise Piggott on the meaning of my Moon in my Vedic and western astrology birth chart.

My Moon is in the 27th Lunar Sign (Nakshatra) called Revati, which is ruled by Mercury.
In western astrology my Moon is at 23 Aries.
In Vedic astrology my Moon is at 29 Pisces 58.

Basically western astrology depicts our egoic psychology (and does this very well). Vedic astrology on the other hand depicts our incarnational life purpose and its unfoldment through our life. In my worldwide astrology courses we go from planet to planet, studying each planet first in your chart and then in mine, and in between each planet study there are caring and supportive exercises to increase knowledge of Vedic interpretation techniques.

The Mercury-ruled Nakshatras are famous for regularly asking ‘who are my friends’ and they can be rather chameleon-like, so I often become a victim in groups and friends, and it’s taken me decades to fully see this and try to understand it and solve it.

I have just finished re-reading Iris Murdoch’s novel: ‘The Bell’, published in 1972. I knew her very well when I was at Oxford 1968 to 1972 (when I lived in vacation time in a spiritual community just outside Glastonbury), and I actually feature as one of the characters in The Bell, which is about how a lay community develops just outside an enclosed order of Anglican Benedictine nuns, where the Abbess is a spiritual power-house. But because the members of the lay community don’t understand the issues, they inflict upon the community their own dysfunctions. There is the usual bossy sergeant major type woman chief side-kick type, the teachings the Abbess herself should be radiating forth turn into intellectualising formula-repetition: regurgitated formula, and so on, and so that the community dramatically fails.

I am now re-reading Iris Murdoch’s novel ‘The Unicorn’, where I also figure as a character in her book. That novel is similar: about a very special though ‘imprisoned’ spiritual woman symbolised by The Unicorn, but because the members of the community around her have all given away their power, and not addressed their dysfunctions. Again there’s a sergeant-major bossy woman, again the community disastrously explodes.

The reason I am sharing this is to show how the Mercury-ruled Nakshatras can be totally disempowered in dysfunctional groups. This experience is there for their learning. And I would have to say that all spiritual groups seem to go dysfunctional.

In many shamanic/pagan groups, a process of ‘power stealing’ goes on. See:

Conversely, The guru phenomenon in India makes the followers in meditaiton groups more and more disempowered and cuts off from their truth and power. A descent into sycophancy and loss of independent evaluation and empowerment sets in.

One of the problems is that the assistant figures the Guru appoints and absorbs around them are usually dominating and out of touch with the truth of their selves and thus members suffer even more disempowerment. Also the guru phenomenon can hasten the descent of the guru into power-over, ego, formula, and a general lack of reality sets in, and some sort of disaster follows that. Iris Murdoch’s novels brilliantly depict this.

I hope this is of assistance, Michael

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