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The Runes can give keys and indicators as to what may be awry or amiss in your life and also what steps you may be able to take to correct such issues.

The Runes are very powerful and Michael Conneely has been teaching a Runes Course for many, many years now and so is well versed in what this ancient system has to offer. So to get a Free Rune Chart simply LIKE and Share the Facebook Post about the Rune Course above here

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This is what Michael Conneely says about his runes course

Do you need change in your life? Do you need a way to bring in the change? Do you want to learn the keys to change? Learn the healing, empowerment and magic of the Runes. 
The Runes are powerful and ancient magic.
Each Rune tells us about a key facet of our life.
Each Rune is a key to deep personal transformation.
The Runes were the alphabet of the ancient Norse and other peoples of Northern Europe. But they are also an enduring magically powerful visionary series of Gateways to new ways of being, to ways of bringing in the change you need.
​Learn how to transform your understanding of the events in your life.
Use the genuine magic of making a Rune, chanting its name, rune stance and journeying for its true meaning as applied to your life at the present.
You are supported to find your own true spiritual path in these wonderful powerful worldwide distance learning courses.
The Runes are not imposed. This is totally personal sacred exploration on your part, with all the support you need from me.
As a very special bonus, my support includes sharing with you insights from your Western and your Vedic Astrology when you enrol on my fabulous Runes Course