Freddy Mercury & Bohemian Rhapsody Astrology

Freddy Mercury’s Astrology Birth Chart and Destiny:
(Also Called Freddie Mercury)

Here is an appreciation by Michael Conneely of Freddie Mercury’s Destiny, Creativity and Music, and an exploration of both his Western and Vedic Astrology Birth Chart.

This is followed by a note on the Astrology for the release of the film Bohemian Rhapsody in October 2018.

This Birth Chart Interpretation richly draws on both Western Astrology which is Psychodynamic and Evolutionary, and also Vedic Astrology whose vast declaration is based on our Incarnational Life Purpose and all the circumstances we attract to work with that.

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Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of the rock band Queen and a world phenomenon, remembered for his exceptional four-octave vocal range and power, his totally innovative uncanny brilliant talent and his extreme flamboyant posing and posturing stage charisma.

He composed many international hits, including: Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen and We Are the Champions.

He was born Farrokh Bulsara, on September 5th, 1946. His strict and conventional Parsi family originated from the city of Bulsar in Gujarat, but had emigrated to Zanzibar and they fled from Zanzibar to England in 1974, with Freddie at age 17, to escape the slaughter of the revolution there.
Freddy had a desperately shy and withdrawn childhood and teenage due to his dental deformity. His family imposed strict conventional clerical style ideals for his life, but early on Freddy became obsessed with his music.

He was shy and devoted to his girlfriend Mary Austin. He remained life-long devoted to her, but he moved to gay relationships from the mid ‘70s. His career leapt from obscurity following Queen being formed around 1970/71. His star performance was Live Aid in 1985, he played to vast worldwide audience. His drugs use grew, and he died of AIDS on November 24, 1991, aged 45yrs.

Here’s his Vedic Birth Chart: So, what is the special message here?
Well, his chart is fascinating.

Freddy Mercury Vedic Birth Chart





Chitra Nakshatra: Note first that Freddie Mercury’s Venus is in super-creative Chitra Nakshatra (ruled by Visvakarma the Heavenly Architect) and his Jupiter and Mars are also in Chitra, and Chitra is ruled by Mars, and its power animal is the Female Tiger – and that seems pretty appropriate!
Chitras incarnate so as to manifest a special creative spark in this lifetime. Often, they have to overcome a karmic block to manifesting their special spark.
The Nakshatras are the wonderfully declarative 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology that so accurately state our personality, warts and all. You can enrol on my Nakshatras Course at:

PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra: And note most importantly that Freddie Mercury’s Sun is in the difficult 2nd pada of desirous, fertile, sexual and creative PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra, ruled by Venus.
Although it’s ruled by Venus, this is a Fallen Venus in Freddie’s case because his Sun comes to the second of the four padas the Nakshatra is divided into, and PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra’s second pada is ruled by Virgo/Mercury (!) and Virgo is the sign where PurvaPhalguni’s ruler, desirous Venus, is most deeply fallen.
Purva Phalguni is sensual, artistic, lazy and vain, but Freddie Mercury’s Venus-ruled Sun finds it most difficult to express itself properly, and sexual expression is harmed. This is because his Sun is placed in the greatly debilitating Virgo sector of this Venus-ruled Nakshatra.
And of course, Venus also rules the Vedic sign of Libra occupied by Freddy’s natal Venus and his natal Jupiter.

Rahu Conjunct Uranus conjunct the Midheaven: Note that Freddy Mercury’s Rahu (North Node) is super-closely conjunct Uranus, so he’s utterly driven to be revolutionary, controversial and lightning for career. AND this Rahu-Uranus is exactly conjunct his Midheaven!
And note most importantly that with Ketu (South Node) in 4th House and Rahu in 10th House, his destiny was not to be valued for who he was by his Mother (and his individual special creative genius was not at all the boy his Parsi parents wanted, as comes out so well in the film, and that’s one reason why he changed his name), and so he was driven to seek value through career. BUT of course, this is an illusory attempt at value, because the only way we can find value is to learn to value ourselves!

Neptune: His Neptune is in Hasta Nakshatra, by the way, and this is bad – bad because Hastas tend to be chameleon anyway, albeit this is the sign for special skills. The Lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody are so Neptunian:
Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see…

Avasthas: His chart is also fascinating also for its Rashi Avasthas analysis which shows so clearly the standing of each planet in our chart, and the way our planets treat each other. Some of the devaluations and conflicts in Freddy Mercury’s chart are exceptional and striking, a battleground that created his stage performances. You can study Avasthas as part of my Vedic Astrology Course:

The following Avasthas Table shows how his Sun and Venus are both in Jagrat status: alive and ready to express their natures, however complexly they may stand in the chart:

Avasthas Table Freddy Mercury





The Moon so trashes Saturn, from Saturn’s raw strength score of 246 strength points to -271.3. Mercury trashes Mars from raw score of 350 strength points to -133.2. And Chiron is conjunct his Mars (see Western Chart below). But Jupiter boosts Venus from raw score of 323.7 to +883.9.

If you want to learn about your Avasthas, you can enrol for a Reading at  , or its covered in my Foundation Vedic Astrology Course at: . Here’s Freddy’s Avasthas Table for his Birth Chart: the Strength of his planets and how they treat each other:






Here’s Freddie Mercury’s Western Astrology Birth Chart by Astrocalc:
Really significant that Chiron is conjunct his Mars.

And Here’s Freddie Mercury’s Western Astrology Chart by Megastar. This is his psychodynamic Astrology Chart. Note how Neptune is rated an ‘Unaspected Subpersonality’ so Neptunian qualities of vision, idealism, sensitivity/illusion, drugs or delusion, are deemed to be unintegrated with the rest of his personality.
And Neptune is in his 1st House: what is real about the personality he projected???????


Freddie Mercury Natal Data:
Natal Data: 5.9.1946, 06.30 hrs, Tanzania, Zanzibar.
N.B. Some give TOB as 05.10 or 06.25. Neither Freddy nor his parents knew the exact Time of Birth. I have not done a formal rectification, but I feel the 06.30 TOB works best, having regard to his teeth, mouth and voice issues, Vedic Astrology 2nd House.
Freddy Mercury died of Aids on 24th February 1991

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Here’s some more detail – starting with his Mars:

Mars and the 2nd house are the most afflicted in the chart.  His Mars is the Atma Karaka planet or ‘Soul Indicator (in some ways the most important planet in our birth chart, representing some task not done right in previous life, and so having prime emphasis in this life, especially during that planet’s Dasas or Vedic predictive periods).

Mars in 2nd House is, of course, a malefic in the 2nd House, and thus signifies his dental abnormalities, and also his extraordinary voice with its unusual range.

In terms of the Vedic Predictive Periods, Freddie was born into Ketu – Mars Period and Sub Period (Dasa and Bhukti), and to experience Ketu period when so young is terrible for childhood. I went into Ketu period at age 6 weeks and was ut in a Convent Orphanage the very day my Ketu Dasa/period started. And indeed, Freddie went into the next sub-period or Bhukti almost straight away: Ketu – Rahu period, where we experience the fullness of our destiny and incarnational life purpose. Rahu Ketu period is the same as Ketu Rahu, but the other way round: Rahu Ketu period has our destiny in this lifetime emphasis, whereas Ketu-Rahu period brings up our destiny issue from past lifetime).

And Mars is the ruler of the 4th denoting the mother, sense of security, peace of mind, capacity for happiness, ability to give and receive love, emotional well-being as well as the ruler of the 9th house denoting father: what an unhappy situation for the sensitive artisic creative boy.

And Mars, being all these very crucial things is placed in the 2nd – in the house for early childhood, self-esteem and value; and is conjunct Neptune and Chiron, and is aspected both by Saturn and Rahu.  And the Rahu aspect to Mars is exact at 23 degrees.

Chiron conjunct Mars is the wounded masculine but looking at the houses Mars rules also signifies a very core wound around the mother and the father, the upbringing, early family life, sense of self, self-esteem, peace of mind, sense of security, happiness, morals and beliefs.

Kal Sarpa Yoga:

Freddie has Kala Sarpa Yoga. This means that all the planets are to one side of the Nodal Axis. It thus gives a very provocative and divisive personality, and denotes one who was born into that.
OR sometime the person may shy away from such potential and be submissive and reluctant to acknowledge their power instead.
AND of course, note that some with Kal Sarpa Yoga do the spiritual work to heal this destiny.
Donald Trump has Kal Sarpa Yoga.
With Kemadruma Moon in Mula aspected by Mars repeating the challenge, Freddie must have felt it so hard to manage his emotions and mind but also his anger issue.
And note that his conventional family did not at all respect who he was, and wanted him to become a bank clerk or similar. How dreadful for a creative star!
And note in Freddie’s case, all the planets in his birth chart are to one side of the Nodal Axis EXCEPT for his Moon. This means that his Moon is alone and unsupported with all the implications that this has for preposterous divisive the stability of Mind, while the Kal Sarpa energy rage flares. This si very had if not terrible for the stability of the Mind.
The Vedic Astrology term for this is Kemadruma Moon.

Neptune in the 2nd conjunct Mars could have brought an elusive, ‘abracadabra and now it is all gone’ kind of feel or experience of all these very key things Mars stands for in his chart as if they can evaporate and disappear any minute.  He must have had a very difficult and insecure early family life and it sure could not have been a peaceful one with the exact Rahu aspect on Mars; he could have witnessed or been subjected to violence and aggression or maybe sexual harassment?  With the Saturn aspect, he could have felt imprisoned, not paid attention to, not being heard; probably also frustrated and agitated with his Mars wanting to achieve at any cost with Neptune making him confused about what he wants and Saturn delaying, slowing and putting up obstacles.  Saturn and Rahu aspects combined might have caused fear and separation.

And this terribly challenging 2nd house with the ruler conjunct the Sun and the ruler of the 1st in the 1st, is the very house that has produced that genius, heavenly voice.  It always touches me to see this.

More notes:

Venus: Freddie’s Venus (ruler of the 3rd and the 10th) is in Libra in the 3rd: bold and daring in the house of creativity, arts and music and is conjunct Jupiter (Jupiter is the ruler of the 5th and the 8th) amplifying all – his singing, writing music, success in career and public recognition.  The 3rd house is also another house for sex (8th from the 8th).

Dhana Yoga: Freddie has dhana yoga: ruler of the 2nd and the 11th placed in the 1st, conjunct also the chart ruler Sun and not harmed or aspected by any malefics.  This is good for wealth.  However, his Chiron is in the 2nd might have brought a need for financial security to compensate for lack of sense of security and worth and feeling disappointed when wealth does not do that.  Or a wound to the way he valued and used wealth. Neptune in the 2nd has a capacity to dissolve or not care for wealth (or to value Vision) and Jupiter-Venus combination may mean a tendency to care for luxury, comfort and too much spending.

Mercury, lord of the 2nd, is in Magha, in the nakshatra of the kings and the stars.  His stage performance certainly fits with this.  He must have felt like he is ruling the world when he sang on stage to millions.

Acknowledgement and thanks: I’d like to thank a most able student of mine for contribution to this study of Freddy Mercury’s life, destiny and death, and his rebirth now through the film: Bohemian Rhapsody. With the greatest brilliance, she has studied my Master Vedic Astrology Foundation Course, my Bhavat Bhavam Course and now my wonderful Varga Course. The World needs her. Her wonderful comment on Freddy Mercury’s glittering tragic life is:  ‘And isn’t it incredible how we might be reminded of some of our own stuff in the chart of this someone that we might perceive as so very different from ourselves. Isn’t life amazing to witness when we look at it from the perspective that all of us are part of the one?’
Her comment on the brilliance and the tragedy was to quote one of Shaina Noll Videos: How could anyone ever tell you:


2. The Astrology for the release of the film Bohemian Rhapsody in October 2018.

So why is Freddie Mercury’s chart and destiny an issue now? Well, the present Ireland smash release of the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ occurred where there’s actually a very special connection between the 2018 Venus transit for the time of the film’s release and Freddy Mercury’s natal Venus and his birth chart.

Basically, Venus entered Vedic Libra on 1st September 2018.
Venus turned Retrograde on 6th October at 16 deg Vedic Libra, and Venus does not turn direct until 16th November at 1 deg Vedic Libra.
So 2018 Venus remains in Vedic Libra for an exceptionally long length of time, not entering Vedic Scorpio until 1st January.
And the missing piece in this jigsaw is that Freddy Mercury’s Venus is at 5 deg Vedic Libra.
So it seems true synchronicity that Bohemian Rhapsody film was released at this time that 2018 Venus was transiting over Freddy Mercury’s natal Venus!!!
And he is a singer where Venus issues were central in his life.
And so it is now that the art, vigour and energies of Freddy Mercury again smash into the consciousness.
There’ an extraordinary ‘coincidence’ here, because this exceptional long transit of Venus in Vedic Libra has Venus now transiting conjunct Freddy Mercury’s own natal Venus.

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