Four useful bits of advice from Vedic Astrology

Here are four useful bits of advice from the Vedic Astrology chart of ‘Now’: where the planets are in the Heavens today:

1. Venus is in the Vedic Sign of Leo. This is a sort of Princess energy. It likes to be adored and taken notice of, so this is a time to talk about your relationship to make sure each is feeling valued and noticed and their needs heard and move to bring in any needed change in a balanced, organic way (see Saturn below). Give more love and respect and ask for the same in return. Empower the person you love and ask to be empowered.

2. Mars is in Vedic Scorpio. This can be focussed and even occult depending on the purpose, but beware being driven or vindictive or picking conflicts. Listen to what others who love you have to say about what is keeping you stuck, then actually do battle with that part of yourself, rather than bickering back at them or offering stuck aggression and stay in the mire of old useless habits which need to die. .

3. Jupiter recently went retrograde in the heavens is the Vedic sign of Taurus. It stays retrograde until 31st January. This is a time when you must take stock what your principles are and bring them into your life. Reflect now on whether you are achieving this or need to change things. Are you walking your talk? Mars can give you focus here.

4. Saturn has been in the Vedic Sign of Libra since 4th August. This calls us to bring balance into relationships; work with those who are on the same wavelength as us and value them, yet say goodbye to those who just aren’t working kindly with us.

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