Find Your Soul Tribe

Here is a beautiful poem from Lia Cruse, Teacher at The Druid Forest School and Rune-path about the need for us each to find our Soul Tribe, that’s right for us, and in the right way, one the coronavirus lockdown ends.

There are very difficult event running through 2020: coronavirus obviously, but also all the economic consequences.

Now more than any time, we need to find our Soul Tribe.

Now more than any time, the extra isolation and focus can lead us to see more clearly who we are and what we need from Soul Tribe.

Here is a poem for Lia Cruse about this. teaches ancient alphabets (the runes the alphabet fo the ancient Norse and The Ogham the Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids) as well as vision contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Norse and Irish. See her website links for these courses at the foot of this page.

I can hear you
In my darkest moments
Something in me
Whispers of a place and a people
I do not yet know
I am the wind
And my soul breezes away
So we can walk together into the unknown
I often wonder about you
Are you like me?
Have you travelled every road
Yet never truly been free?
Do you stand on mountain tops
And feel the love of mother?
Are you both healer and warrior
Who put no one above her?
Do you hear the song of the stars,
Are they guiding your feet too?
Do you wonder of me
Like I wonder about you?
Are there many of you,
And what do you do?
When life makes you feel
There is nothing that is true?
Are you waiting for me,
While I am searching for you?
Do you dream of their return
Like I see in my sleep?
A day when the giants come
And human souls no longer weep?
I bet you are beautiful,
In all that you are
Medicine warriors
Who wield healing arts
I keep wandering
Following my stars
Trusting they will take me
To where you are
Riding on winds
That carry my heart
Turning weapons into love
So rage stops tearing us apart

(By coincidence, my first novel was called The Tribe)
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