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Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

I have recently received my DNA Test results from 23andme. The results were quite an eye-opener, and gave me much food for thought.

I only met my father once; I was in my forties. His story started nine years before I was born. He was a fifteen year old boy living in the northern Baltic coast area of Poland called the Danzig Corridor.

Nazi invasion of Poland 1939In 1939 the German Nazi invasion happened out of the blue with no declaration of war – and his world was destroyed forever.

From the fields where he was working that day, he saw his village devastated and relatives murdered and he fled along the road harried by German planes that were machine-gunning the refugees flooding to Danzig.

There he joined General Sikorski’s Polish army in exile. He then made it to Norway and was taken by British Destroyer to Scotland where he served on an East Anglian RAF base. He never saw his family again.

connemara peasantsMy mother came from a family of thirteen whose generations had lived for centuries farming and fishing in a very remote part of Connemara in the West of Ireland.

Many of them had emigrated to the USA and some to England.

She herself came to East Anglia to be a Land Army Girl after the end of World War II.

So I expected my DNA results to be half-Polish, half Irish.

But not so simple!

The 23andme result was that on my father’s side I am largely ‘Eastern European’, but I was totally amazed, indeed, I felt pretty shocked almost to be told there is a lot of Ashkenazi Jewish blood in me.
The Ashkenazi Jews fled from the Islamic invasion of Jerusalem that led to the Crusades in the 12th Century, and they were the people Hitler sought to exterminate.
23andme also said I have some German DNA.

yakut shaman 2But I was most interested to hear I also have the blood of Yakut tribesmen.

This remote ancient people followed a shamanic life-style, living by hunting and fishing on the Northern polar coastline of Siberia, where they were in more modern times very persecuted by the Russian Tsars who imposed ‘fur tax’.

And, last but not least: I’m 3% Neanderthal (so don’t upset me!)

My Polish father told me that his mother read the Runes and did prediction, and today I teach shamanism continuing my Yakut tribesman heredity!

On my mother’s side, 23andme found I was mostly Irish: no surprises there; I knew that of course>

Ancient Irish skull with Balkan DNA
Ancient Irish skull with Balkan DNA

But was really knocked out and amazed to be told of Balkan DNA there too.

I just wondered if this Balkan DNA comes in because a lot of the people occupying Ireland in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age came from the Balkan Area, just like the Invasion histories describe as semi-mythological memories for the Tuatha de Danaan and the Fir Bolg???

Indeed I teach the Irish Druid Path and The Ogham (the Celtic tree alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids)

Were people incredibly mobile, heading out of the Mediterranean via Spain, in the times 3000 and 5000 years ago?

I have heard of Black Sea area DNA being found in bodies on archaeological sites in Ireland recently.

My Irish mother told me that her mother did tea leaves and some marriage-arranging. And I myself do Tarot and astrology readings all over the world.

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