Fehu the Rune of Value

Michael ConneelyA Post about Fehu the Rune of Value

The Runes, the magical spiritual Alphabet of the ancient Norse and the Germanic peoples, was seized by the great warrior magician god Odin as he hung upside down in the world tree Yggdrasil trancing and journeying for nine days. And he saw in the twigs and branches the shapes of the letters of the rune alphabet.

My heredity on my father’s side is from the Baltic and Yakut tribesman from the North polar shore. My heredity on my mother’s side is for thousands of years from Connemara in County Galway Ireland. All of this has been discovered through the site 23 and Me with Advanced DNA analysis techniques

In the celebration of the Spring Equinox I combine the two inheritances, but starting with a journey where we learn about the issue of value in our life. What is our sense of value? What is our sense of worth.

The issue of our self-worth was seen by Odin as the first step in our journey of life. It is the meaning of the first rune Fehu. As stated Fehu is the Rune of Value.

At Spring Equinox, we are called to rise in our power and expression, aligning to the growing power and brightness of the Sun.

To do that, we may fail unless we increase our sense of self-worth.

For example, when you are working with the first rune, Fehu, if you discovered you find wealth a challenge, and if you realised you wanted to change your relationship with it, it would help you if you felt willing to define in an email back to me what the nature of the challenge is, what vision you have of how you would relate to it after this work, what clearing and what shift occurred during the rune journey, during the rune stance and Galdr. This experience is exceptional and wonderful.

See my video of my Fehu rune journey at Spring Equinox to heal the issue of value in our lives with Fehu:

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