Feeling the Phases of the Moon more

sharkI thought it worth saying that when you are in a Moon predictive period in Vedic Astrology, you will feel the Phases of the Moon all the more. They will have a bigger effect on your Mind.

I am writing this post because I felt very strongly the New Moon today on 16th June 2015. This was an aggressive destabilising energy as far as I was concerned, and indeed the New Moon was conjunct Sun and a combust Mars.

I am not saying it is bad to feel the energies more acutely. Indeed if we are open to the revelations and the freeing of our blocks which hare limiting us, these Moon Phases are gateways to our freedom and gateways to our best and most creative self-expression. That is why, as you will see from my website www.starwheelastrology.com I link astrology with a range of healing and empowering techniques.

Some anecdotes about the energy of this New Moon: I went to the barbers this morning, and the barber was harassed and said he was ‘having a rough day’ with interruptions and losing things. And on the news there was an incident about two teenagers who had had an arm torn off each of them, an hour apart, by a shark while they were swimming off a Carolina beach, and then another news item where a wild boar got into a garden in Germany and savaged a man and his son and the boar was then shot by German police. Just random indicators entering my mind from the news: but, as I’ve been saying in previous posts, the closeness of Mars and Sun in recent weeks has led to periodic peaks of aggressive energy for the Mind to deal with all this time.

It is good to be prepared for the fact that if you are in a Moon period in your Vedic Astrology, you will be all the more affected by the Moon.

One very useful way of dealing with unsteadiness of the mind is reciting mantra. Maggie and I recite 108 mantra to Lord Shiva daily at the moment. We are both in a Moon period in our predictive astrology (see below).

But it is not just Moon Phase (Full and New Moon) that you will feel all the stronger if you are in a moon predictive period. You will also feel even more than at other times, the change in the background energy around us all, when the Moon crosses other planets in the heavens and you’ll feel more acutely the energy-changes as the Moon move from own sign to another and from one Nakshatra (Lunar Sign) to another. Vedic astrology has a wonderful and powerful lunar zodiac of 27 Nakshatras as well as the 12 Sun-signs.

And of course you will also feel it even more strongly when the Moon goes across the position of a planet in your own personal birth chart.

Another difficult feature of Moon energy just at present is definitely that once a month the Moon transits between Rahu (the North Node of the Moon) which is currently in Vedic Virgo and Saturn currently retrograde in Vedic Scorpio. This period of a few days each month will be felt by everyone, but it’s even harder for people with a Vedic Libran emphasis. This is because these two malefics have been hemming in Libra in since November 2014 and this will last until mid-July 2015.

Indeed, for all the astrology of this month, see my Astrology forecast page for June 2015 on my website: www.mastervedicastrology.com.

Throughout this post I have been referring to the fact: ‘if you are in a Moon predictive period.’ What does this mean?
Well, in the sure and powerfully-declarative Vedic astrology, a sequence of Vedic predictive periods called Dasas will unfold inexorably from the moment you are born. And there are sub-periods within these (called bhuktis or antars). So, as I said, Maggie and I are both in Rahu (North Node) period, and in Moon sub-period within that: hence the experience that has prompted me to write this post.

To find out more about your own predictive periods, and indeed to receive one of my expert worldwide readings which combine both Vedic and Western astrology, go to my international Astrology Readings Website: www.starwheelastrology.com Or join one of my truly caring and high quality western or vedic astrology courses: www.enlightened astrologycourse.com or www.mastervedicastrology.com . again these courses are worldwide, experiential, coupled with webinars and linked to healing modalities.
I look forward to hearing from you, Michael Conneely