February New Moon Revolution and Love Bearing within the Maelstrom

The Moon of the 9th February New Moon is at 26 deg Vedic Capricorn

The Sun too is at 26 Vedic Capricorn

Both are within Dhanistha Nakshatra ruled by Mars with the power animal of the Lioness.

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How do you work with the energies of this New Moon? – Should I say: with the exceptional energies of this New Moon?

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The Capricorn sign placement gives a background of being pragmatic and diligent, hardworking and slowing things down to meet karmic demands.

BUT this New Moon is in Revolutionary square to Uranus at 24 Aries, in Bharani Nakshatra, whose power animal is the Bull Elephant. So the call is from that sort of Revolution! Bharani is ruled by Venus. What a Venus!

AND Uranus is conjunct Jupiter at 14 Aries in Bharani Nakshatra, where Jupiter is either making the Bharani power animal insufferable – or bringing spiritual enlargement to it!

AND as if that were not enough, Pluto is square Jupiter.

With Pluto at 6 Capricorn.

AND where Pluto is at the Pluto Return of the USA which will be exact on 22nd February in the same exact position as it was on 4.7.1776. the Pluto Return is causing upheaval and restructuring, damaging conflicts and declining mental health.

Mars is in Capricorn its Exaltation sign of energy, decision, stamina and power.

And Mars is sending a 4th House aspect to Aries where Jupiter and Uranus are transiting now!

What House = Life Area is Aries in your chart?

Jupiter and Mars are about to move into Taurus.

What House = Life Area in your chart is Taurus?

Jupiter enters Taurus May 1st

Uranus enters Taurus June 1st

With Jupiter and Uranus moving from Aries to Taurus, it’s a revolution shift from Fire to Taurus Earth, to Taurus Fixed sign qualities.

In fact Jupiter is heading to conjunct Uranus on 20th April at 27 Aries. Where is that in YOUR chart?????

There’s a train-crash planet pileup in Vedic Capricorn for us to cope with, with successive planetary conjunctions in Capricorn.

At the time of this New Moon it’s all just starting:
Sun and Moon at 26 Capricorn – Dhanistha Nakshatra

Mars and Pluto earthquake energy:

Mars at 3 Capricorn

Pluto at 6 Capricorn in UttarAshadha Nakshatra

And Mercury in the middle of it all at 13 Capricorn in Sravana Nakshatra.

They really are telling us to embrace our Revolution, rather than go under within the maelstrom now. Don’t over-ride others.

I don’t know how Mercury will cope as it moves from 0 Capricorn to 19 Aquarius in February 2024, fighting its way through the other planets.

Find the right words.

Be the Bearer of Love.

Talk this way amid your needed Empowerment and Revolution

As you stand amid the chaos battlefield of the shifting Capricorn conjunctions, followed by the meeting with Saturn transiting 13 to 15 Aquarius.

Of course you need big awareness of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – and Chiron to even map this landscape right!

Be so aware too of what the Nodes of the Moon are gifting you at this time:
Ketu transiting Vedic Virgo calling you to become ever more aware of your health and healing issues.

Rahu transiting Vedic Pisces now, calling you to develop your intuitive approach to your healing now.

AND there’s a Rahu-Chiron conjunction now, with Rahu at 24 Vedic Pisces and Chiron at 22 Vedic Pisces. And Neptune is transiting Pisces too at 1 Pisces 51 deg.

With Neptun in a strong aspect to the wonderful Sacred Fire of Vesta.

Really look into what this Pisces energy means for you.

What House = Life Area is Pisces in your chart? In your life?

Chiron is your existential wound.

Chiron is the bridge from Saturn to Uranus.

Chiron is the essence of the Shamanic Journey of needed integration of our Primal and our Divine Self.

Chiron connects us to our Essence.

So my summary is there’s a background of rebel  revolution energies and empowerment calls amid a maelstrom of planetary shifts.

Check out your Dasha period now for the context of what you are about at this time to integrate these difficult but potentially empowering erratic rebel energies. The Dasha period you are in will explain such a lot about how you are feeling and how you are walking through the maelstrom, and that your true Destination is now.

I’m in Jupiter – Ketu Dasha now so there’s such unique new experiences and challenges, pushing me to spiritual exploration and introspection and self-awareness and awareness of past life and ancestral issue that govern me – and opportunities for spiritual growth. Where are you at?

It’s the time of Imbolc here. New shoots are arising from the earth. The lambs are bring born. It helped me to ground at the time of our local Imbolc ceremony here. Grounding is so important now.

Where are you at?

I’d like to close with a mention of vision work I would recommend we do in the context of these planetary energies.

We will have to work hard to focus on and maintain our Confidence on a daily basis.


 We will have to stand up and fight for our Identity and our rightful ambitions, and our role in our family and in our work.


I say this is a needed time to do vision work to see yourself standing in your rightful power, to come more into your rightful power – especially in the context of Mars conjunct Pluto and Pluto square Jupiter.


I say this is a needed time to define your Revolution now.

What is the nature of the road to Revolution you are walking now?

What is the Revolution you carry now

What additional dimensions do you need to bring in now?

Make Empowerment and Revolution Intentions now at the time of this New Moon and to cover the whole lunation period it starts.

Don’t waste this present gift of power and expression just on being bossy or argumentative. Bharani Nakshatra is so at risk of this now.

Avoid arguments and wallowing in tension.

Speak your truth with Mercury truth and your Mars expression now.

I do a vision journey at least once a week.

The present time is such a needed time to do your vision journey now, to take stock now, to state intentions now, and to empower yourself now, and to connect to the greater picture now and to bring in your best way of healing now.

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