February Full Moon Helps You to Consolidation and Success Now

The February Full Moon (which is 24th February here in Ireland) is:
Moon at 11 Vedic Leo in Magha Nakshatra

Sun at 11 Vedic Aquarius in Shatabishak Nakshatra.

A crucial point is that the February New Moon which started off this lunation cycle was square to Uranus and a current for some sort of Revolution in our life.

But this February Full Moon which follows the New Moon makes a completely different overlay on the Uranus start to the lunation because this Full Moon has Sun conjunct Saturn the planet of discipline and consolidation and karmic duties. And our doing this Saturn work can bring us good results, success and reaping!

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And a must-know twist to the tale is that Sun is conjunct Saturn in this Full Moon!!!!! – See below.

Not to mention that Rahu North Node is conjunct Chiron the asteroid of wounded healer energy.

Chiron is the bridge from Saturn to Uranus.

Chiron is the essence of the Shamanic Journey of needed integration of our Primal and our Divine Self.

Chiron connects us to our Essence.

Ketu is carving his karmic Past Life and ancestral call deep in Virgo.

People with planets, especially Nodes in the Virgo-Pisces axis must respond to a massive karmic energy demand.

AND Pluto is at the Pluto Return of the USA which will be exact on 22nd February in the same exact position as it was on 4.7.1776. the Pluto Return is causing upheaval and restructuring, damaging conflicts and declining mental health.

An important point, to celebrate, by the way, is that in the Northern Hemisphere, is that the start of the month was the Festival of Imbolc. Life is coming back after the darkness of winter. The daffodils are coming into flower. The lambs are in the fields. The weather’ getting kinder!

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OK, let’s start by looking at the Nakshatras occupied by this February Full Moon. The energy of the Nakshatra that the Moon and the Sun are in strongly affects their energy:

The Moon is in Magha Nakshatra which is ruled by Ketu Suth Node.

Magha Nakshatra is quite a fierce and regal, perfectionist and judgmental but service energy, and is suffused by the heritage from our ancestors and our past lives – and a quite mystical energy.

The Sun is in Shatabishak Nakshatra which is ruled by Rahu North Node.

Shatabishak too is a mystical energy, but can be very opinionated and reclusive within it circle of superiority and protection. Shatabishak’s deity is Varuna the divine healer who poured the waters of life to heal illness – and to give immortality. 

In the Western Tropical Zodiac this Full Moon is:

Full Moon at 5 Virgo

Sun at 5 Pisces.

Now, as I said, the important basis of this Full Moon is actually the New Moon, which wasNew Moon at the start of the lunation cycle which was Sun and Moon at 26 Vedic Capricorn

– And the key factor was that it was in a Revolutionary energy square to Uranus at 25 Vedic Aries.

So, let’s look within, now.

Let’s take stock at the time of this Full Moon.

Has there been a new current of different energy running since the New Moon:

– In your life?

– Suffusing your work?

– Developing your Relationship?

Obviously, the life area that will have been activated in YOUR life by the February New Moon will depend on:

The House that is Capricorn in your birth chart where the New Moon and Sun was.

And the House that is Aries in your birth chart where Uranus is.

– plus of course the signs/Houses in your birth chart that are aspected by the February New Moon in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.

See how to interpret your signs as Houses and life-areas in my Starwheel Astrology website Houses interpretation page: https://starwheelastrology.com/houses-interpretation/

Now, the energy of this Full Moon (which is 24th February here in Ireland), is COMPLETELY different to the February New Moon.

It is a completely different – but it is to be seen as a CONSOLIDATING overlay to the New Moon.

The February New Moon brought in a current of Revolution. But this February Full Moon has Sun conjunct Saturn!!!!!

Sun is at 11 Aquarius, Saturn is at 15 Aquarius.

What is the Sun-Saturn energy?

It is reality-check time.

It is discipline time

It is consolidation time.

It is a time where we feel we must tie up loose ends in our life, in our work, in our karmas. A struggle for advancement

The Sun-Saturn energy is decisiveness and determination. Firmness and perseverance. Hard work.

But it is also inhibition, hereditary affliction, karma, separation. Illness and seclusion.

And because this Sun-Saturn Full Moon comes after a New Moon in square to Uranus, you must now CONSOLIDATE and focus/support new current that is running. Cut the frills. Focus on the Foundations. Discipline and structure are the cheerful calls with Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn is super-strong in Aquarius, the sign it rules along with Capricorn.

In important energy I would add to our awareness of the energy-gift of this Full Moon is that asteroid Pallas is square the energy of this Full Moon. The Full Moon is at 11 Leo – Aquarius. Palls is at 13 Scorpio. The energy of this Full Moon will drive your need and desire to strategize, to focus the completion of your mission; enhance and uplift your struggle.

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