February 2024 Astrology brings extensive deep Energy Demands

There will be such a lot of huge energies running during February 2024 – energies with very different natures; energies which will affect us on radically different levels of our personalities, our souls and our Karmic unfoldment.

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OK, let’s go into the detail. Note that the planet movements are described (using the Vedic sidereal zodiac.




I think that the overall most important transit to be aware of in February is that of the Nodes of the Moon:

Rahu North Node transits from 25 to 23 Pisces

Ketu South Node transits from 25 to 23 deg Virgo


Rahu entered Pisces 30.10.23 and will enter Aquarius 17.5.25.

Ketu entered Virgo 30.10.23 and will enter Leo 17.5.25.


The effect of Rahu or Ketu transiting through a sign in your chart is huge.


Be aware first of all of the Sign the Node is transiting through.

In this case:

Ketu South Node is transiting through Virgo, the sign of health, healing and right living: critical and sensitive, orientated to service and usually over-subordinate in relationship.


Rahu North Node is transiting through Pisces: mystical, intuitive, visionary and creative and at the mercy of life.


Take a note of the House or area of life that is Virgo or Pisces in your birth chart, for that will define the area of your life that the nodal transit will most affect.


So if Virgo is your 3rd house, for example, what will be affected is your creative effort, your self-expression, your sibling issues, your motivation, will, ambition, passion, main interests.

For the full list of life areas for each of the 12 Houses, see:


BUT: You do need to break out of the formula in interpreting the transit.

Astrology Formula is useful signpost, but don’t let it be a prison. Don’t become a case of subordination to guru.


Take a note also of the ruling planet of Virgo and Pisces. This is because that planet will be big-time affected.


So this is your Jupiter in the case of Pisces.


It is your Mercury in the case of Virgo (and also the life areas that planet affects).


Absolutely take a note of the planets and asteroids you have in Virgo – the planets that Ketu will be transiting over.


And absolutely make a note of the planets and asteroids  you have in Pisces – the planets that Rahu will be transiting over.


Regarding the timing of your experiencing the Nodes transits over planets, note that for sudden events, it is pretty close to the date of the exact hit, that Ketu transits will manifest in your life.


But absolutely take note that your Ketu transit or your Rahu transit affect the whole of the sign that Ketu or Rahu is transiting through.


Note that in fact the Nodes a huge billowing clouds of energy and their effect is actually wider than the sign they transit through and they can affect planet half-way though the sign either side of sign that the node is transiting (though the closer the node is to your planet at any point in time, the more powerful the effects of the Node’s transit are.


Be so VERY aware of the Sign, the House and the Planets that Ketu and Rahu will transit at this time.


Be aware that Ketu transits are even huger than Rahu transits.


Get a Reading from me if you are experiencing a Ketu or Rahu transit over one or more of your planets now.


And of course, the Reading will include the life-areas affected by the House that this transit falls in, and how the whole experience fits into the unfoldment or your Karmas, Destinies, Fates and life scripts – and their potential healing (where they are negative) or drawing benefit from them (where they are positive).


ABOVE ALL: note that Ketu activates your Past Life issues, your Past Life Karmas and your Ancestral issues.


ABOVE ALL: note that your NODAL RETURN creates a massive need for you to as fully as possible understand it, and for you do past life work and ancestral work, and healing work. (Find out about your Nodal Half Return too where that’s an issue now). Do get a reading from me about your Nodal Return and also the karmas and Destinies that run in your life, how they will they be affected? How you can work with this?


Here’s some examples:


Ketu or Rahu transit over your Moon is huge and serious. Especially get a reading from me if you are ALSO in Sade Sate (the period where Saturn transits through the sign before your natal Moon, through the sign of your natal Moon and the sign after your natal Moon)

Ketu transit over your Sun can change your personality and bring specific (past life related) areas of your personality into unexpected huge life-churning focus.


Ketu transit to Mars is very dangerous for accident and can call you to alter the way you express your Mars – to understand what your karmas are around Mars – and so on.


Your Ketu transit always calls you to SPIRITUAL GROWTH.


Rahu transit is easier than Ketu transit and calls you to be ambitious to develop yourself in the area of the sign/axis sign and house) – as part of your spiritual life purpose and karmic destiny in this incarnation.


In the present case, the Nodes are transiting the sign axis is Virgo to Pisces, so we are all most centrally called to make a more and more intuitively correct handling of our health and healing.


Rahu’s transit in a House or over a natal planet highlights the demand that you answer the following question:



Rahu’s transit there motivates you to CREATE SUCCESS!!




Uranus Transits in Aries:


Uranus turns Direct on 27th January after a very long retrograde.


So, Uranus starts February at 24 Vedic Aries, ending February at 25 Aries.


Uranus enters Taurus on 1.6.2024.


Uranus is visionary, leadership, pioneering energy. Assertive new beginnings.

Your Revolution has been dampened down during the retrograde period just ending (or perhaps you were consolidating it.

Aries is Action.

Take note of the House or life area Uranus is especially bringing revolution to.


Now: Please make so sure to examine your body and mind for the personality area, the life area, the life direction or the spiritual direction where the current of Uranus is now actually beginning to flow.


Uranus was discovered at the time of the Storming of the Bastille . Uranus was discovered at the time of the Independence of the USA.





AND thereafter DO ONE A WEEK





Jupiter in Aries:

Jupiter starts February at 13 Vedic Aries, ending February at 17 Aries.

Jupiter in Aries is active and cordial, expansive and principled.


But there’s a twist to the tale: Parivatana Yoga: Mars starts February at 26 Vedic Sagittarius, entering Capricorn on 6th February, so from 1st to 6th February there’s a Parivatana yoga:
Mars is in Jupiter-ruled sign Sagittarius.

Jupiter is in Mars-ruled sign Aries.


This creates a vibrant expansive energy of courage and drive and divine connection, blessing and sense of purpose.


Please do do work on these qualities during this first 7 days of February.

See yourself standi in the midst of the Mars-Jupiter dynamo.

Check out what house / life area is Ares where Jupiter is transiting. If it’s your 10th House of career, aim to do really well at your career – amnd you will. Deliver the goods!


Relevant to this energy, note that all the planets are going Direct now so you can get a lot done!


Note that Jupiter moves into Taurus on 1st May!!! What House is Taurus in your Vedic chart? Prepare to let the affairs of this House really expand and shine!!!!



The Mercury-Mars-Sun-Pluto Venus Maelstrom:

How sick am I of:

the argumentative and over-discussive and confusing energies we have had recently of

Mercury going through the Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta, then Retrograding back through it again, then going though it again going forwards.


Of Mercury transiting closer and closer to Mars in Sagittarius and then overtaking it.

Mercury conjunct Mars at the 25th January Full Moon.

The arguments/fights/distractions/scatter potential as the Mercury Mars conjunction closes to exact conjunction.


We also have Venus transit conjunct Mars at the time of the 24th February Full Moon (is this passion or what …?)


The 24th February Full Moon ALSO has Mercury closing into conjunction with the Sun exact on 28th February.


Mercury is conjunct Pluto exact on Feb 5th, going combust on Feb 8th, the Mercury combust getting ever closer by end February early March.


We have to keep aware of the existence of this chaos and not let it throw us nor derail or work, but find our way of centering.


And some good potentials amid all this:


Mercury Pluto can be combined to you speaking from the place of your power. Mercury conjunct Pluto is exact 5.2.24.


The good thing about Mars in Capricorn from Feb 5th is that you can: powerfully strategize your tasks.


Venus is moving into square to Chiron conjunct Rahu at the start of February, Venus square Chiron exact around Feb 5th.

Venus is square the Nodal axis exact 7th February.



All the planets are very bunched Sagittarius to Aries at the start of February, and the planets end February even more bunched together: Capricorn to Aries by the end of the month.  




Saturn starts February at 12 Vedic Aquarius, ending February at 15 Aquarius.


Saturn first entered Vedic Aquarius 29.4.2022. Saturn finally leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on 13th March 2025.


Saturn in Aquarius is philanthropic giving a high manifestation of Saturn’s energies, structured and business-like.


Of course, Saturn’s essential nature, and the essence of his call on us is to force us to respond to the unfoldment of our Life Purpose and our karmas at this specific time, at this specific phase of your karmas unfoldment in this lifetime.


If we do not heed Saturn’s demands on us (and of course we may be living in complete ignorance of what they are!) Saturn’s effect will make us suffer and be depressed or sad.


If we do respond diligently and with hard work to Saturn’s specific demands on us at this time, we will experience Golden Reaping.


We will be fools if we do not take time this month, as every month to study what Saturn’s demands are on us for our lifetime generally, and for this month specifically.


So to understand Saturn’s demands on us for this lifetime, get a Reading. The Reading will focus on Saturn in your birth chart – but also Saturn’s position in the wonderful Varga (Divisional) charts of Vedic Astrology, each of which has a very special meaning for a particular life-area of ours. For example there’s the D60 the Shashtiamsha divisional chart, which states the karmas we had accrued (good and bad) up to the point of our death at the end of our last life (accrued over many lives before that. Include doing Past Life work and Ancestral Healing work.


And obviously do vision work and astrology study to determine what are Saturn’s demands on you specifically now.


 This essential call especially applies if you are in Sade Sate, or if Saturn is transiting your 8th House or your 22nd Drekkana, or in Saturn Dasa (predictive period/sub-period).


The more you do this work, the more you will experience Gold Reaping. Golden Reaping is the Reward of Saturn. He was originally an agricultural deity. He is transiting Aquarius now. What House in your birth chart is Aquarius? What is its life areas? Which other House does Saturn rule in your chart? Which of your planets is Saturn transiting now?


What are the life areas of the Houses affected by Saturn’s rulerships and by the planets he is aspecting?

What specific  tasks should you be working on now and bringing to conclusion now?
What specifically is left undone in your life?

What work is called for to tie up specific loose ends in your life now?





Neptune starts February at 1 deg Vedic Pisces, entering 2 Pisces on 14th February, ending February at 2 Pisces.


Neptune in Pisces enhances vision, imagination, sensitivity and empathy, mystical pursuits. It is spiritual and magical. Negatively it is drunkenness.


I do vision work at least once a week. There is so much awareness to be gained from it:

about what is going on for you NOW (and it’s a chance to do something positive with that, about that)

and about major themes and currents and transformations in your life.


Shamanism and ancient spiritual pathways can offer us so much way-showing as to leaning to use these Neptune energies.





Chiron starts February at 22 Vedic Pisces.


Chiron in Pisces is sensitive, spiritual mystical and magical in its orientation to healing of wounds.


I am amazed by the healings that one’s Chiron Return can bring, for example.

I know someone who was labelled dyslexic at school, but was living in a foreign country and became a teacher of English as a Foreign Language at the time of his Chiron Return.


The Chiron conjunct Rahu is exact by the last day or February



Lilith Black Moon:


Lilith starts February at 19 Vedic Leo, ending February at 22 Leo.


Lilith is about what is stuffed down into our Shadow Side and our Unconscious: nasty stuff – but also really good qualitied of our that we were not allowed to own or show when we were growing up.


Lilith in Leo is an energy that pushes us to identify and face our inner destroyers, to do the work to identify and deal with blocks we have stacked up and that we encounter on our way to our full self-expression – allowing us also to feel the right to recognition and praise.


Do do this work now!




Asteroid Ceres:

Ceres starts February at 4 Vedic Sagittarius ending the month at 14 Sagittarius.


Ceres in the birth chart describes one’s Harvest.

Ceres in Sagittarius is an energy of gaining harvest for one’s self – and for others, through exploration and learning and intellectual pursuits.



Asteroid Pallas:

Pallas starts February at 7 Vedic Scorpio, ending February at 14 Scorpio.


Pallas in the birth chart points to the need to recognize disowned qualities within one’s self.


Pallas in Scorpio is an energy of the ability to perceive hidden truths, to explore power dynamics within themselves and their interactions with others. Unleashing inner strength and transformation.




Asteroid Juno:

Juno starts February at 29 Vedic Leo, ending the month at 23 Leo.


Juno in the birth chart represent marriage issues. The need for relationship and the refusal to accept inequality within the relationship.


Juno in Leo carries a strong need for recognition and admiration.




Asteroid Vesta:

Vesta starts February at 3 Vedic Gemini, ending the month at 3 Gemini.


Vesta in the birth chart describes your purest potential and essence in being and: your Sacred Altar. I love Vesta and connecting with my Vesta destiny. I have no roots, but I have Neptune and Vesta conjunct the IC in my chart, and I love going to sacred places in landscape and connecting to the sacred energy that we can find in the forest, by the Ocean. We can focus on our Vesta sacred place when we are scattered or lost. And remember, the Vesta Sacred Flame was tended daily at the Temples.


Vesta in Gemini – The spiritual presence of the sacred flame and the eternal fire empowers knowledge and communication, charisma.


Neptune is square Vesta at the start of this month.





Sedna starts February at 6 Vedic Taurus ending the month at 6 Taurus.


Sedna in the birth chart describes a place of suffering and very hard learning which can lead to you generating a harvest for your self and for others.


Sedna in Taurus: Asteroid Sedna spends about 100 years in each zodiac sign and hence its effects are strong for humanity as a whole, as well as on a personal level.


It is so important to understand where Sedna is in your chart, and what your suffering was (if that applies) and what the healing of your suffering can bring if you do it (i.e. a planet aspected by Sedna). I have Sedna opposition my Sun. I only met my father once in my life, when I was age 43yrs. My call is to make a Harvest of constantly seeking to grow my Sun to more and more express the nature of the Divine Sun. Each planet is a Face of the Divine. Each of us humans have a call to bring the expression of each of our planets more and more to align with the Divine Nature of that planet.


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