February 2022

For the Astrology Charts – See Below for the Astrology Charts for February 2022 including

The Ephemeris of planet movements in both Vedic and also Western Astrology


Here are the wonderful February Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter Sections: 

The Mercury Mess and Big Challenge in February 2022 PART 1
This is an important three part video and Blog post all about the nature of the hero challenge posed by the state of Mercury in February 2022:


Part 1 Video
Part 2 Video
Part 3 Video

Full Moon 16.2.22

The Full Moon 16 February has Rare Exceptional Vast Energies to understand and work with.
You can get such benefit from this detailed study – Read This!
In the Pt. 1 video is the super-detailed low down.
And then in the Part 2 video, there’s a suggestion for really valuable worthwhile healing vision work and body work to do around the time of the Full Moon and the following couple of weeks.

Pt 1 Video:
Pt 2 Video:

Read Janell Renshaw on the February 16th Full Moon:

Here’s a brief excerpt: The Pitri’s (lineage of ancestors) and Lord Ganesha rule this Moon Mansion, so there will be plenty of support in the form of wisdom, past mistakes and successes, and removal of obstacles.

And also read Janell Renshaw on The February New Moon in Shravana/Capricorn “You can’t handle the Truth!!

February 1st New Moon Open to your Inspiration; Keep your Centre – from Michael Conneely

Elizabeth Hendricks on: Holding on to Anger
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More Newsletter parts upcoming: Watch this space!
Here are the charts for the New and Full Moons this month in Vedic and Western Astrology:
Here is the Ephemeris of planet positions this month in Vedic Astrology:

And here is the Ephemeris of planet positions this month in Western Astrology:
(Vedic Astrology used the Sidereal Zodiac, Western Astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac)