February 2020 Astrology and Healing Starwheel Newsletter with Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley

Welcome to the Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for February 2020, brought to you by Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley.

January 2020 was a long and hard year to get through!

Now we start February 2020, and I personally know that I want to move into February 2020 with courage, direction and purpose.

See the Ephemeris in both western astrology and Vedic Astrology and the lunation details, and the list of planet movements, which are all at the foot of this post, as is a list of eleven add-on videos and blogs to cover the size and importance of the energies now and other fascinating facets of my work.

Here is the Part 1 February Astrology video:


And you can also see the Part 2 video, here.

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There are some uplifting features to the astrology of February 2020, but I think you’ll find that these are often rather technical and over stressed. Astrology is there to offer good perception, so as to act as an opportunity for healing and transformation, a chance for a shift in consciousness. It mustn’t get lost in cerebral formula. And a distinguishing feature of my work is that I always combine Western Psychodynamic and also Evolutionary Astrology with the vastness that is Vedic Astrology. Western astrology is a declaration of our psychological self; Vedic Astrology is a declaration of our destiny path in this life and our incarnational life purpose. You need both to understand your life.

I think that the actual central truth of February 2020, is that we need to make an important decision as to a strategy to focus on. There will be weirdnesses rising and even dangers, so we need that central strategy to go forward with. And of course: first we need that strategy to align to our soul wants and to have awareness as to what these are, and secondly, we must never handle our strategy in a ‘control freak’ way – but with a heart of love.

So, I think we need to choose the right strategy, if we are to get through February 2020 and beyond, happily and successfully. And if we can successfully create the authentic formula/strategy, that will be so liberating for us. It will be like leaping off the swing into a freedom. That’s why I chose the ‘featured image’ for this blog post: a boy jumping from the swing in freedom. Because the astrology of these times is so big, I have actually covered the detail of it in eleven ADD ON videos or blog posts, which also tell you about other fascinating facets of my work. So please see the links to these below, and follow the links for much more detail and advice. And also, read my FOUR TIPS, below.

Shift in Consciousness

 Basically, what the difficult energies that are there in February 2020 amount to, is that we will all have the chance to get rid of ‘stuff’. Stuff that is still clinging to our personality and to our consciousness: our old personal hurt-based programs.

These can actually come to a head now, often unexpectedly. But these should be used for CLEARINGS, so as to move forward.


I felt the crossing of Saturn into Vedic Capricorn strongly on January 24th, and I feel this proves the supreme value of the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic astrology. I felt the shift in the way Saturn was manifesting had some moments of sadness, but was also grounding all the earlier strands of work that were unfinished and was also bring hard work and consistent application. Capricorn is my 7th House of marriage, and it’s my wife’s 4th House of Home, and I noticed a real shift towards relationship focus and also construction work in the home came in.

Saturn – Pluto:

But I feel the energies will be rocky until May. Globally they could even be Plutonic/explosive all 2020. And it is important to understand how to handle these rocky energies, and how they can contribute to us personally and collectively, in that humanity is in the middle of a shift in consciousness, now, which many people are actually open to.

It is important to note that Conservative forces are in power. It is important to note that the current Saturn Pluto conjunction has a dire side, both personally and globally. And this has the effect that the negativity is forced out. But, conversely, we can see that it can cause other people to be drawn more fully to the Light, to come forward to be healed. Our political settings are to be seen as a case of the Dark driving the Light at this time. So, I personally am drawing back from getting embroiled or connected to political Face-Booking etc. And at this time, the Dark also seem to be turning on each other, to devour each other. This is a time of extreme energies, and they will manifest as both good and bad.


Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all combining now could unleash war. The US birth chart has its ascendant at 8 Sagittarius. Mars crosses Donald Trump’s natal Moon-Ketu conjunction just before Mars reaches the eclipse zone.

So, at this time, the light gets lighter; the dark gets darker.

The dominant energy affecting each of us, is the current Saturn Pluto conjunction, and I feel that this conjunction needs to be correctly identified as our Holy Grail strategy/container that we need to carry forward at this time, if we are to handle it for the best.

I feel that the highest manifestation of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is our needed key strategy for going forward, now.

It is the strategy that it is imperative for us now, so as to create direction, and because of that, a more relaxed consciousness and success for our life, so as to put us more firmly on our spiritual path.

In this model I am suggesting, Saturn is The Grail. the container/the strategy. But Saturn is conjunct Pluto in the heavens now. So, because of this conjunction, note that what The Grail contains at its highest is: Pluto. This may well involve some sort of Pluto death and rebirth. But that’s to lighten us so that we can experience Pluto-  as Kether, Kether the crown chakra, more open to the divine energy. Its highest purpose is that we react to the stress that has been and is around, and we improve our consciousness and life by sorting out our stress area with our chosen strategy: we carry our Holy Grail Forward containing better Divine Energy connection.

We all have to accept that Saturn Energy is moving to pre-eminence, now, at this time. This is ever since Saturn moved into Vedic Capricorn on 24th January, and note that the shift from Jupiter to Saturn dominance is sealed when Jupiter moves into Capricorn, too, on 30th March.

Note that there has been up to January 24th, a huge ‘Jupiter/Sagittarius’ theme and energy in the world. But now this is gone. Now, Saturn now rises supreme, instead, to make his demand on each of us. And his demands are for us to work hard, dot the i’s cross the t’s, and exercise patience and endurance, and duty and – importantly: for some people, Saturn also encompasses occult knowledge.

And if we succeed in making these steps, we will gain merit and achieve. We will then create Golden Reaping in our lives, and for ourselves.

Jupiter and Ketu:

And also, there’s a global humanity consciousness shift that we will participate in more fully. And Jyotish is part of this. And that fact moves me to now mention the other dominant energy, which is Ketu/South Node, the energy from our post life/lives, the energy of destruction but for vast spiritual purpose. Most importantly, Ketu is therefore the Moksha Karaka, the ‘Enlightenment Indicator’ in Vedic Astrology.

The Jupiter Ketu conjunction, which was exact on 6.1.2020, at 13 Sagittarius, in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra, was a major inspiration and consciousness shift in itself. And now, Ketu is in Mula Nakshatra, which is ruled by Ketu. And at this time, Ketu is aligned with Galactic Centre.

In the Vedic sidereal zodiac, Galactic Centre is around 3.20-4.00 degrees Sagittarius, or about 27 degrees in the western tropical zodiac. It is the centre of the Milky Way, the centre of our galaxy. It is a vastly powerful energy-emission point in the universe. Here are the dates of transiting Ketu’s exact in alignment with Galactic Centre: on 9th July 2020, Ketu is at 4 deg Sagittarius; on 21st July, Ketu is at 3.20 deg Sagittarius.

So, at this time, our goal needs to be to awaken. Our goal needs to be to connect to the inspiration energy that is definitely torrenting now. Our goal needs to be so that we can break through all the illusions that have been programmed into us, and the illusions that we have programmed ourself with. And we have to do this, so as to be able to align ourself to the inspiration, so as to align our consciousness and our life direction to the divine energy, now.

Note most importantly that the last time Jupiter and Ketu were in Vedic Sagittarius was at the end of the 19th Century, and in Ireland that energy produced the work of W B Yeats, Lady Gregory, Ella Young and AE (George Russell). It was the Celtic revival then. Irish earth energies were really being experienced then, and see my add on videos listed below for what my Sacred West of Ireland Tours are doing now, now that Jupiter and Ketu are back in Vedic Sagittarius.

The Veils between the Worlds are thin in 2020.


Most importantly: add to this that Uranus is going Direct now. Since 11th January 2020. Uranus turning to transit direct brings such spearhead beam of impatient revolution inspiration. It’s really most strongly affecting the signs of Vedic Aries and Vedic Libra, now. So, it’s important to identify what the positive potential of the Uranian light burst is doing to those houses in your Vedic birth chart that are Vedic Aries and Libra, and to the planets you have in those houses.

So, the divine purpose of the Saturn Pluto energy combination is to squeeze out of you your highest potential, now, guided by contact to vast inspiration that is there, and embracing revolution where that is needed.

Your Self, as defined by your highest potential, can be bursting to show itself at this time. Your Self can be fired with the inspiration available at this time. Now is a good time to identify who that true self is. It’s the self that expresses your soul desires – and alter your life accordingly, now.

Opening to the inspiration that I have mentioned, the inspiration that is here for this time, can wake you up and push you to alter your life, now, so as to express the fuller more beautiful you.

We have to be brave.


Mars is transiting Vedic Scorpio for the first week of February 2020. And that has brought out A LOT of VIOLENCE. But on February 7th Mars enters Vedic Sagittarius, and so enters the first Nakshatra there: Mula. So, we have Mars shafting his energy into the Jupiter Ketu conjunction area.

Note that on February 20th, Mars is conjunct Ketu in Mula and in the stack of energy left by the previous eclipse there, and this is VERY violent energy.

Mercury turns Retrograde on 16th February (turning Direct on 9th March). Mercury turns retrograde at 18 Vedic Aquarius, in Shatabishak Nakshatra.
Mercury enters Shatabishak on 4th February and leaves Shatabishak on 31st March (though with a brief retrograde back into Dhanistha).
Shatabishak is ruled by Rahu. We do need to avoid Mercury-Rahu pitfalls of argumentativeness and hectoring. There’s a need to be careful around posts and communications, and computer issues. This could be a turbulent time for Gemini or Virgo emphasis people.

Managing the Tension

So, please do note that due to the vastness of the planetary energies and their importance now, this main February 2020 Astrology and Healing Newsletter has eleven add-on videos and Blogs. Please see these add-ons that are listed below, with links for you to find them. They cover more detail about the astrology of February 2020, and also other fascinating facets of my work.

In this main February Newsletter, I’ve just described part of the pretty tense energies for February 2020, but there are more to be aware of.

So – how can we succeed in managing this tension? How can we open to its true Divine Meaning? How can we embrace its meaning?

Well, here’s four TIPS:
1. I think it is important to boost your productivity and strength, now. I am practicing embodiment and sound healing and affirmation work. Keep as physically strong and healthy as possible. Live according to your own truth and don’t let other’s opinions of you over-affect you.

2. We must bear in mind the need not to complain. We need to avoid other people’s negative behaviours dragging us down, making us their victim. Refuse to engage with worthless or damaging people or scripts. Don’t let negative others drain you. Give that relationship the chance to resolve the negative patter or sever from that pattern.

3. Don’t indulge in blaming others. Get out of guilt and fear trips.

4. Cultivate your own special spark for this time – the spark you incarnated to achieve this time. Examine your wants, now. Identify your SOUL DESIRES, now.


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Saturn in 2020 How to live with Saturn and also Pluto!

Saturn entered Vedic Capricorn on 24th January 2020. This is after a year of great tension created by Saturn-Ketu conjunction that ran in Vedic Sagittarius through most of 2019. And Saturn has just moved into the Saturn Pluto Conjunction.

Please see my Video and Blog analysis of what this will bring to us – and how we can best deal with Saturn, now.

Kal Sarpa Yoga in February 2020 –

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 Ketu in Mula Nakshatra in February 2020

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 Venus in Pisces in February 2020

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Summary of Planetary Movements in February 2020:

2nd Venus enters Pisces
7th Mars enters Sagittarius
9th Full Moon 25 degrees Cancer, Ashlesha
10th Venus conjunct Chiron, 9 Pisces, UttaraBhadra
Venus and Chiron are square Mars much of February
February 13 – March 14: Sun Transits Aquarius
14th Venus/Chiron square the Nodal Axis, Venus at 13 Vedic Pisces, UttaraBhadra. Rahu at 11 Gemini Ardra/ Ketu at 11 Sagittarius Mula.
17th Mercury turns Retrograde at 18 Aquarius, Shatabishak, Rx to March 9th.
23rd New Moon 10 degrees Aquarius, Shatabishak.
23rd Chiron square the Nodal Axis
24th Mars conjunct Ketu at 11 Sagittarius, Mula.
25th Pluto enters Capricorn,
28th Venus enters Aries
20th Mars at 8 deg Sag, conjunct Ketu and in the previous December 26th Eclipse zone

Ephemeris Vedic February 2020:


Ephemeris Western February 2020:


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