February 1st New Moon Open to your Inspiration

Prepare to meditate and attune to the Energy of this New Moon.

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Open to your Inspiration.

The February New Moon on Tuesday February 1st is dominated by Saturn – but with the revolution twist that Uranus squares the New Moon, squares Capricorn, Saturn and squares all the planets under Saturn’s grip there.

In the Vedic Astrology chart, the New Moon is at 18 deg Vedic Capricorn, conjunct Saturn at 21 deg Capricorn, and Sun at 18 Capricorn, and the sign of Capricorn is of course ruled by Saturn.

Indeed, Saturn is even more super-powerful because also in his sign of Capricorn are transiting Mercury at 0 deg, Pluto at 2 deg and the Sun at 18 deg. He rules those too!

But there’s a huge twist to this tale: Uranus incites us to storm the Bastille because Uranus is square all this at 16 Aries!

Which side are you on?’ might be the question. But that would be stupid.

The fact is that we will be anxious and destabilized by Uranus’s revolution call energy which is so powerful in Aries. AND we may well have been hating our Saturn blocks and restrictive structures and prison walls in our life. But because this Saturn-dominated New Moon is square Uranus in Aries, we are given the chance, now, to refuse to go on with our limitations, to arise, to storm the Bastille, and to sort Saturn energies out ‘good and proper’, so that we can embrace our needed revolution and go forward in a spirit of Revolution, but utilizing Saturn’s power and abilities to provide needed and proper structures, direction and strategies.

You need to remember that February 2022 is not an easy month for the mind and for communication issues. See my Blog and 3-part video all about the total energy-mess that Mercury is in now, and how we have to find our centre, manage our mind and communication, and embody our self in a powerful way amid all the hoo-hah and the tension, the politically-correct label wars and – at the personal level – the battle between our past limitations and our potential grabs for freedom and creativity now.

Please do remember that a New Moon is always a time for centering and for taking a break, so as to let our mind note what the energies actually are, and what they really mean for us. It is a time for meditation or vision work and embodiment work. Scrying can be very effective to allow us to unexpectedly voice what our unconsciousness really needs to tell us.

The New Moon always lays the Foundation for the lunation period ahead. So in our case, in February, this is building to the Full Moon on 16th February with Moon at 3 deg Vedic Leo in Magha Nakshatra and Sun at 3 deg Aquarius in Dhanishta Nakshatra. And our Meditations and intentions can carry us on further than that of course all the way beyond that, to the next New Moon of March 2nd.

The Nakshatra that this New Moon of 1st February falls in is Sravana. Saturn is in Sravana too, as of course is the Sun. So, despite the revolution lightning bolt from Uranus in Aries, this New Moon is sober and constrained, but very capable of ‘listening’: the special gift of Sravana Nakshatra.

As I said, Pluto and Mercury are together in Capricorn too. So this could be such a good time for really depth thought, such a good time for being in touch with our personal shadow and unconscious and choosing how we express what we find there, and how we heal what we find there, if that is needed, and how we tap into the power that Pluto always offers if we can manage to embody that.

Indeed, Mercury and Pluto are Vargottoma: in the same sign in the Rashi birth chart as in the Navamsha, the D9 9th Harmonic Varga chart: the chart fo the soul, and Vargottoma planets are always so much more open to hearing spiritual messages. So watch out for that.

But don’t expect an easy time finding focus of your mind. Kal Sarpa yoga is in force: the devising preposterous energy, when all the planets re to one side of the Nodal axis. The Nodes of the Moon are about to change signs in April from Rahu in Taurus/Ketu in Scorpio to Rahu in Aries/Ketu in libra. Venus and Mars are conjunct and that can mean a wonderful guiding passion, but can mean all the problems of ‘sexual fireworks’ of course – and Chiron is square Mars/Venus.

The other wonderful dimension to this New Moon I must include is that this is the time of Imbolc. As you attune to the energies of the New Moon also attune to the energies of the season. Imbolc is about new shoots and ewes coming into milk to feed their lambs. We can open ourself to this new growth and nurturing energy. Here in Ireland Goddess Brigid was worshipped as the Goddess of Imbolc. Brigid is Goddess of poetry, the Forge and blacksmithing, Goddess of the Holy Wells.

Do take the time to meditate and really connect with the energies at the time of this New Moon. Be guided by your vision and intuition now.

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