Astrology course on the Nakshatras: The 27 Lunar Signs of vedic Astrology

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Learn the Nakshatras:

The deeply wise and powerfully declarative 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology


Key Approaches:

In Part 1:

We learn the features and qualities of each Nakshatra
How wonderful to meditate on a Nakshatra a week
It’s authentic and genuine – and also a sound Text Book approach – plus Myth
We look at each Nakshatra in each student’s chart and the planets ruling and occupying that Nakshatra.
We use uniquely valuable teaching methods: feel, experience and understand each Nakshatra through presentation of the ancient wisdom plus:we use methods of:
Approaches of healing and empowerment e.g. EFT
Use of art and embodiment work
Psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay, Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work
A wide range of skilled worldwide Healing Modalities where applicable.

In Part 2: 
We learn Nakshatras phenomenology and interpretative techniques.
These include:
Nakshatra Padas
The crucial Gandanta zones
Nakshatra Lord effects
Relationship synastry/compatibility/Kutas
Prediction or dynamic analysis (Dasas and transits use)
Medical Use of Nakshatras and Nakshatra Body Parts
Plus the wonderfully accurate and supreme insights of Nakshatra sequential analysis systems such as:


  1. Janma – birth
  2. Sampat – wealth and prosperity
  3. Vipat – danger
  4. Kshema – prosperity
  5. Prayatak – obstacles
  6. Sadhana – accomplishment
  7. Naidhana – destruction
  8. Mitra – friend
  9. Param Mitra – great friend.

 Nadi Nakshatras:

  1. Jati 4th = lineage
  2. Matru 8th nakshatra = mother
  3. Karma, 10th = career
  4. Sanghatika 16th = associations
  5. Samudaya 18th = ascent
  6. Adhana 19th = root of our creation, the father
  7. Vinasha 23rd = ruin, annihilation and destruction
  8. Manasa 25th = our default state of consciousness
  9. Abhisheka = 27th = achievement and also Param mitra: planets here are positive and supportive.

Surya Nakshatras: The natal and predictive Nakshatra interpretation system derived from the position of your Sun in your Vedic Birth Chart

I look forward to working with you, Michael