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​​My worldwide Astrology Mini-Courses are such a beneficial opportunity. They are powerful. They are deeply learned and they are incisive. They are such good value!

I am making this particular Blog Post to focus more on the contribution that Vedic Astrology can make to your understanding of Astrology. I am setting out briefly how Vedic Astrology can contribute to your deep understanding of your life. And, crucially, I am also showing how Vedic Astrology can work to your Healing and your Empowerment.

These Astrology Mini Courses are suited to someone who just knows the basics of either western or Vedic Astrology, but I am also used to teaching students who are already highly proficient indeed in either vedic Astrology or Western Astrology. Whatever your learning, you will find that these Mini Courses will bring you sincere good value.

Here’s the list of my Astrology Mini-Courses:

Mini-Course 1: Your Lunar and Solar Self: Sun, Moon and Ascendant/Lagna in our two charts.
Mini-Course 2: What is my Incarnational Life Purpose?
Mini-Course 3: What are the Aims of my Life?
​Mini-Course 4: What are the Messages from my Soul?
Mini-Course 5: How do I understand the meaning and manifestation of my planets in my Life?
Mini-Course 6: What are the Qualities of my Nature?
Mini-Course 7: What are my Doshas?

So, this is the question this Blog post focuses on: what can Vedic Astrology contribute to my studies? ​​

Well, first of all, I absolutely have to say by way of introduction that I do feel that the validity of your astrological understanding and your understanding of your life is actually, and very definitely, enhanced if certain insights of western astrology are used. I see this as pretty-well essential. And you can see this is discussed in the relevant web page set out below.

But I do also feel that Vedic Astrology offers the most extensive and unparalleled and most valid insight into your individual incarnational life purpose. It can bring you to authentic answer of the question: ‘Why am I here?’ It can bring a vast web of understanding of the circumstances you will attract at birth, and also of the unfoldment opportunities that will come up as your life unfolds.

So, it’s pretty obvious that you do need both Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology. But I would say this of Vedic Astrology:

Vedic Astrology can validly answer the key question: ‘What tasks did my soul chose for me this time?’

It can peerlessly define the detail and the divine purpose of the circumstance that will manifest at your birth.

It can give you incredibly accurate indications as to your life’s unfoldment, and this perception is so valuable in that we can chart a course of healing and empowerment to sort out your life, so as to enable you to achieve the special tasks you came here to do – and also burn the negative scripts or karmas that you came here to burn.

The gift of Vedic astrology is the sophisticated perception it offers.

Actually: What is the deep Nature of Vedic Astrology?

Well, let’s look at what four books I pulled from my bookshelf have to say in their introductory scene-settings on the nature of Vedic Astrology:

Prash Trivedi: The Key of life, Astrology of the Lunar Nodes: Prash Trivedi writes that a global vision of astrology is dawning upon us as we stand on the brink of entering a new age. This new astrology has the potential of becoming a universal religion of the future instead of just being an art of peeping into the future, is being birthed out of the synthesis of all the existing systems… a rediscovery of ancient knowledge.

Hart de Fouw: Light on Life: Hart de Fouw writes that time and space are the fundamentals of existence. We are drawn to greater understanding of who we are, where we came from and where we are going, and Jyotish provides insight into the nature of events, offering great breadth of vision. It can be seen as God’s gift to humankind as a developing body of knowledge.

Freedom Tobias Cole: Science of Light: Freedom Tobias Cole stresses the combination of the mystical and the logical that characterises vedic Astrology.

Robert Koch: The spiritual Dimensions of Vedic Astrology: Robert Koch opens by reviewing the limbs or angas of Vedic Astrology and how these define not only the identity of a human being but their karmas and destiny as well.

How do I bring in Healing and Empowerment?

This si the key question! Vedic astrology can give you development of unique, acute and powerful perception and analysis about your Self and your Life, your Destiny and your Relationship. But let’s be clear: this perception and analysis, on its own, has very little value.

Western astrology can give you depth psychological insight and keys to the outer planets as ‘Gods of Change, and to Chiron, your Wounded Healer.

But it must clearly be said that, indeed, I have seen so many people being disempowered by ranted legalistic mentalistic formula and mindset which cuts them off from their authentic reality. I have seen so many people losing the essence of their life to rigid mantra frameworks. The guru tradition can so disempower the passive students. We all know the dangers of ‘astrobabble’.

My point is that Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology perception techniques can be so acute, so revealing and so powerful, but they can be parroted. They can be totally clever ‘painting by numbers’. They can involve wallowing in the past. They can be deracinated mentalism. They can be merciless to the point of being ‘ranted formula’ and useless Remedies, or the imposition of an inauthentic cultural mind-set.

Astrology needs to be angled towards healing and empowerment. This should be its mind-set and consciousness. So, please note that I do feel that the fullest use of Jyotish and also Western astrology is actually its combination with healing and empowerment approaches. This is the real reason for doing it!

The Healing approaches I personally use include vision journeying, art work, embodiment, shamanic healing and Emotional Freedom Technique to provide healing and transformation.
​And note that I work worldwide in conjunction with my partner Maggie Pashley who offers a vast range of worldwide healing modalities.

And you can alternatively work face to face with both of us at our Healing Centre and airbnb in the West of Ireland, amid the breathtakingly beautiful and ancient mountains, seas and sacred sites, in the homely and wholesome and so creative and musical culture round here.

​So, to book a Mini-Course, complete with handbook and charts. See:

Whether you have just basic astrological knowledge, or whether you are actually highly proficient in astrological techniques in Vedic astrology and/or Western Astrology, these Astrology Mini-Courses gives you such a blessed opportunity to take an in-depth study, on a crucial and very special theme in your life.

You will find I am completely supportive, and extremely well-versed in both Western and Vedic Astrological techniques. Genuinely, I can take your study to any depth you wish to go to. I am used to working with people with only basic astrological knowledge, as well as people who are highly proficient in astrological techniques.

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