Druid Aed FireClient Testimonial:

‘WOW!! You are just what I was looking for, I found you from Cygnus Review. Thank you so much, love the sound of the incarnational  life purpose.’

My natal, prediction and relationship readings have the very special bonus that they combine the psychodynamic counselling of expert and highly-trained western astrology, with the incarnational life purpose declaration of Vedic Astrology, and all Vedic Astrology’s accurate, sure, powerful and magical declaration of our life-script and its unfoldment.

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You get a recorded interview (face to face or distance) western and vedic astrology charts, extensive reports and the opportunity for full question/answer/discussion afterwards by email or letter.

Please note: your Reports will not be mere computer-generated documents, but they will include highly personalised evaluation of your birth chart, relationship or individual year ahead, written by myself. 

The Vedic birth Report provides  highlights from your Vedic Natal or Birth astrology, for example the wonderful powerful Vedic lunar signs in which your sun, moon and ascendant fall in your Vedic Birth chart, and a statement of your incarnational life purpose as provided by Vedic astrology on the position of the Nodes of the Moon in your Vedic birth chart. Vedic astrology is the astrology of ancient India and it is very powerful and surely declarative.

Contact Michael Conneely on or 07799296821.

Michael Conneely writes the monthly astrology prediction column for Prediction Magazine, Est 1936.