Expert Astrology Mini-Courses with Michael Conneely

I’m really pleased to introduce my powerful, deeply learned and incisive worldwide Astrology Mini-Courses.

They give you the chance to combine your Western Astrology with your Vedic Astrology, or just use one of these if you prefer.

And the great advantage is that my Mini-Courses give you a blessed opportunity to take an in-depth study on your chosen very special and crucially important theme in your life.

These Astrology Mini-Courses are such a beneficial opportunity. They are such good value! This is true whether you have just basic astrological knowledge or whether you are highly proficient in astrological techniques in Vedic astrology and/or Western Astrology,

Each of these Mini-Courses picks out an absolutely key issue of your life. It focuses on an issue of such very special importance in your destiny, that it is so worthwhile to give it special study.

Here is the list, there’s fuller detail below:

​Mini-Course 1: Your Lunar and Solar Self: Sun, Moon and Ascendant/Lagna in our two charts.
Mini-Course 2: What is my Incarnational Life Purpose?
Mini-Course 3: What are the Aims of my Life?
​Mini-Course 4: What are the Messages from my Soul?
Mini-Course 5: How do I understand the meaning and manifestation of my planets in my Life?
Mini-Course 6: What are the Qualities of my Nature?
Mini-Course 7: What are my Doshas?

You will find I am completely supportive in my teaching. Genuinely, I can take your study of your chosen life-theme to any depth you wish to go. There’s the very special benefit that I am extensively trained in both Vedic and also Western astrology, I have a wide academic background, I have spent five years studying individuals and communities following spiritual pathways new to the modern West, and above all I am very caring and I pride myself in supportively enabling and developing your studies as far as your need to go, always looking to combine your astrology with Healing and Empowerment openings.

In addition, I run a Healing Centre in the West of Ireland together with my partner Maggie Pashley and so we work with a wide range of healing modalities face to face there, as well as worldwide by internet, and so, very importantly, I am able to gear your astrological project of study to your healing and empowerment and to the achievement of the very special spark you came here to manifest.

Your Focus of Study:

As with all my courses, the focus of study on the selected special Mini-Course theme, is studied with reference to two charts: yours and mine. The benefit of this approach is that it ensures authenticity and trust. We develop an excellent working relationship.

What Qualifications do you need to start these Mini-Courses?

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: As with all my courses, you have the wonderful opportunity of Vedic Astrology – Western Astrology crossover, if you wish for this. So, as a minimum qualification for the course, you do need to have a minimum working knowledge of how to interpret either your Western birth chart OR your Vedic birth chart. If you have only the basics of one of these, that’s no problem. I can fill in the gaps of by interpreting for you what the other discipline states about our lives, and you will make valuable steps of learning about the other discipline, as you progress through the mini-course.

MAXIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: But I know from long experience that even if you are very well qualified in either Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology, there will still be an enormous amount of benefit and new insight and potential for you that you will definitely get from studying these Mini-Courses. I have worked with highly-trained astrologers, and together we take understanding of our charts and our lives to new heights of excellence and benefit.

I am used to tutoring people with very advanced Astrology qualifications. My experience, knowledge, expertise and great care, all mean that a truly wonderful opening of knowledge, illumination, healing and empowerment will come to both of us in the chosen area of these crucially special and very important Mini-Course studies.

My Tuition Approach:

My tuition approach in these Mini-Courses is always so caring and expert. I am so very dedicated to supporting your study, your self-knowledge, your healing and empowerment – the fulfillment of your totally best destiny.

I was an undergraduate at Oxford University in the late sixties and so I bring to you the very best of the Oxford University tutorial system. This is focused individual tuition with the aim of bringing out the very best in the student. Totally individual dialogue between student and tutor is conducted, in this case by email.

I have five university degrees, including two from the University of Oxford. I have qualifications in Counselling.

​I have studied many astrology courses covering both Vedic and Western Astrology.

My background:

​I have also taken part in a five-year university-based field study, a social-anthropological ethnography based mainly in Glastonbury. This involved studying Communities, Institutions and Individuals following Spiritual Pathways new to the modern West.

​The focus pathways were Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism, shamanism and utopian community.

​Over the five-year period, I thus lived in and studied in a Hindu Ashram, with Tibetan Buddhist Gompas within the NKT, in a FWBO Centre as well as at Sharpham College and Gaia House Buddhist centres. I also conducted participant observation in Wiccan and Druid groups in Glastonbury, in Shamanic Journeying and Healing courses and groups, and lived for a time in a ‘Bender Site’ near Glastonbury: a community dedicated to ‘tread lightly on the Earth, and also worked and taught in a New Age Travellers’ Craft and Education centre. I feel that I gained vast awareness of these spiritual pathways, their strengths and weaknesses, their visions and inspirations, all of which I can share with you through my worldwide Readings and Courses. This background enables me to give your very special support and guidance.

Let’s look at three special key themes which underlie my Astrology Mini-Reading topics:

Theme 1: For what purposes can Vedic Astrology be used? 

Well, first of all, I feel that Vedic Astrology offers the most extensive and unparalleled valid insight into your individual incarnational life purpose. It can bring you to authentic answer of the question: ‘Why am I here?’

Secondly, it can validly answer the key question: ‘What tasks did my soul chose for me this time?’

Thirdly, Vedic Astrology can also peerlessly define the detail and the divine purpose of the circumstance that will manifest at your birth.

Fourthly, Vedic Astrology gives you incredibly accurate indications as to your life’s unfoldment, and this perception is so valuable in that we can chart a course of healing and empowerment to sort out your life, so as to enable you to achieve the special tasks you came here to do – and also burn the negative scripts or karmas that you came here to burn.

The gift of Vedic astrology is the sophisticated perception it offers. To study a course with me or to have a Reading with is to unlock the revelation of the secret life of your soul and destiny, so as to heal and empower your progress through the world.

Theme 2 How does my Vedic Astrology relate to my Western Astrology?

Please note that a very special feature of my work, which I think could be unique, is that I always include insights from your Western Astrology in my Vedic Astrology courses and readings, if this is what you wish for.

I do feel that the validity of Vedic Astrology is actually, and very definitely, enhanced if certain insights of western astrology are added to it. I see this as pretty-well essential.

Psychodynamic Astrology: You see, Western astrology makes such wonderful and useful contributions as psychodynamic astrology. Psychodynamic astrology’s insights into your egoic psychological makeup is essential to understand and to learn to manage.

When you bring in Western Astrology as well as Vedic Astrology, you can learn to use such very worthwhile techniques as psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay and understanding and taking charge of your individuation.

Nature v Nurture: You can gain lightning illumination from ‘Nature v Nurture’ analysis.

Evolutionary Astrology: And it is so valuable also to work out the message of your western ‘evolutionary astrology’ declaring the effects of previous lives on our psychological drives, and on our egoic psychology, and assess how this augments Vedic Astrology’s peerless declaration of your incarnational life purpose.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: And then there’s the Outer Planets of Western astrology. Pluto’s death and rebirth deep energy; Neptune the visionary or the illusionist pied piper; Uranus the jarring harbinger of revolution.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer: I also feel it is totally crucial to add in to our understanding of our life and destiny the message of Chiron, the Wounded healer and the Western astrology outer planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Theme 3. How do I bring in my needed Healing and Empowerment?

Vedic astrology can give you development of unique, acute and powerful perception and analysis about your Self and your Life, your Destiny and your Relationship. But let’s be clear: this perception and analysis, on its own, has very little value.
Indeed, I have seen so many people being disempowered by ranted legalistic mentalistic formula and mindset which cuts them off from their authentic reality. I have seen so many people losing the essence of their life to rigid mantra frameworks. The guru tradition can so disempower the passive students.

My point is that Vedic Astrology perception techniques can be so acute, so revealing and so powerful, but they can be parroted. They can be totally clever ‘painting by numbers’. They can involve wallowing in the past. They can be deracinated mentalism. They can be merciless to the point of being ‘ranted formula’ and useless Remedies, or the imposition of an inauthentic cultural mind-set.

So, please note that I do feel that the fullest use of Jyotish is actually its combination with healing and empowerment approaches. This is the real reason for doing it!

The Healing approaches I personally use include vision journeying, art work, embodiment, shamanic healing and Emotional Freedom Technique to provide healing and transformation.

And note that I work in conjunction with my partner Maggie Pashley who offers a vast range of worldwide healing modalities.

And you can alternatively work face to face with both of us at our Healing Centre and airbnb in the West of Ireland, amid the breathtakingly beautiful and ancient mountains, seas and sacred sites, in the homely and wholesome and so creative and musical culture round here.

For more details on the Mini-Course Options, go to the relevant website:

I look forward to working with you