Exceptionally dangerous energy New Moon of October 6th Prepare

The New Moon of 6th October truly is exceptional dangerous energy, so prepare. Forewarned can mean forearmed. I suggest a solution below.

It is exactly conjunct Mars, exactly inconjunct Uranus. And it is opposition Chiron to within one degree.

New Moons are the beginning of a new 28-day lunar cycle, a time for inwardness, attunement and setting of intentions. A fresh start.

But what we have to attune to at this New Moon, are energies of:
Uranus which is revolution and radical change and impatience and sudden events.
Mars which is action but here with the risk of aggression or destruction, temper and irritation.

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Moon, Sun and Mars are all exact at 19 deg Vedic Virgo which is 13 deg Western Libra.
They are close to the fixed star Algorab which is destructive, malevolent and accident-prone energy.
Avoid impulsive decisions and actions.

Pluto and Saturn are both on exact station and so carve their combined effect super strong: Power pitting itself against restriction.

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What we need to do is note that how this explosive energy can help us be active and constructive, if we use it with awareness and in a higher way. Forewarned is forearmed! It’s in Vedic Virgo which is the Healer’s sign, and it receives a very close opposition from Chiron the Wounded Healer.

So we do need to monitor very carefully how we feel on the day of this New Moon, and we need to endure ensure that we work out in the middle of that, how the energy can be turned into a healing approach.

Take time to focus on things that are pretty and beautiful, calming and restorative – and healing. Resolve to make that mindset and state of consciousness as the keynote for your life in the whole of the coming Moon phase. Embrace energy and courage. Work out the way in which the action and revolution energy of this New Moon might lead you to embrace Rebirth, instead.

Looking at this New Moon in relation to national charts, it looks dicey for China and Syria and the USA.

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