Evolutionary Astrology: our past life – and our incarnational life purpose this time

John Ruskin Watercolour
John Ruskin Watercolour

In this post I take the example of a planet which squares the Nodal axis in our birth chart.

Take the case of Venus Square the Nodes of the Moon in your birth chart. On a mundane level: You have a great need for close, loving relationships. In some way or other, you’ll be attracted to almost everyone you meet, and will attempt to form a special bond with them. Your rather democratic approach to friendship and lovemaking, however, may make people who want an exclusive relationship with you quite nervous. Jealousy and bickering can result if you’re judged to be unreliable, inconsistent or overly flirtatious. Your naivete can be your worst enemy, giving you a reputation that you may find difficult to live with. Be careful that your actions do not produce negative feelings in others.

But on an Evolutionary level, building on past lives, this means that the issues of planet Venus are being drawn into the karmic axis. In karmic astrology, the position of the South Node represents our past life position; the position of the North Node (always opposite the South Node) represents our incarnational life purpose this time: the destination towards which the driven energy of the north Node impels us. We have to purify the energy of the North Node as we go along.

In the case of a planet squaring the Nodes, the usual tension between the Nodes is amplified by the presence of a third pull causing a tense triangle of forces seeking equal integration. What has happened in your soul’s history is that none of these forces have been fully integrated, and so the tension continues. Not only are the archetypes of the South Node and the squaring planet(s) a part of the karmic history but so also is the North Node.

The reasons for the inability to integrate these factors are different in every case. Mainly there is a simple division, resistance to evolution, or extenuating circumstances, seemingly beyond the control of the individual, that prevented embracing and integrating the archetypes in a healthy way.

For any of these reasons, the squaring planet can be seen as a ‘skipped step’. It represents and aspect of the soul’s growth that has been missed and thus becomes a highly-focussed point of tension in the current life, where perception needs to be developed in respect of it, and transformation and healing.

The archetypes represented by the squaring planet (its nature, its: sign/house/other aspects) will be prominent areas in the present life where the soul has a ‘hang up’. In the case of Venus square the Nodes this can produce ‘overdrive’ in sexuality and/or puritanical repression.

John Ruskin
John Ruskin

Let’s take a second example of Moon square the nodal axis in your birth chart. Example: The Victorian aesthete and polemical writer, John Ruskin, part of the Pre-Raphaelite Movement with Dante Gabriel Rosetti,  John Millais and William Holman-Hunt.

John Ruskin’s puritanical overbearing Calvinist mother prevented his consummating his marriage, and left him only attracted to young girls.

John Ruskin had Moon squaring the nodal Axis on one side. And he had a Jupiter-Mars-Mercury conjunction squaring the Nodal Axis on the other side. In fact, although he was a national icon, he went mad when his proposed second marriage to a young girl was blocked after the annulment of his first marriage for non-consummation. The brilliant man died seeing demons dancing on his bed-board.

He was buried near where we live in the English Lake District and an Oxford College was named after him.

NOTE that his natal Chiron is conjunct Pluto, and note especially that Chiron (his existential wound) squares his Venus, Neptune and Uranus.

His Natal Data: 8.2.1819, 07.30am London, UK. Chart below.

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Chart John Ruskin from PPP