Evolutionary Astrology and our incarnational life purpose

Rahu, the North Node of the Moon
Rahu, the North Node of the Moon

Someone sent in this interesting question on the nature of Rahu: the North Node of the Moon, where the position of the Nodes of the Moon in the Vedic birth chart are used to state our incarnational life purpose this time:

Hi Michael. Rahu in Vedic astrology pulls us towards addictions, right? Schulmann talks of the evolution of the soul as the direction of the north node. These opinions are conflicting aren’t they?

My reply: The energy of Rahu indeed pulls us towards manifesting our specific incarnational life journey for this time, and in that sense Rahu offers us needed experiences and line of direction for our soul to progress.

But the energy of Rahu is compulsive and obsessional and often surrounded by ‘the smoke of delusion’, and not under the sort of rational consideration that we can usually more easily bring to a planet’s energy.

Indeed, negatively, Rahu brings us into dark associations. So part of our task is to bring purification to our Rahu obsessions: purification, so that we can realise our special spark, our special facet of the Divine Consciousness this time.

The process of bringing this purification is not to negate our specialness but to bring higher awareness to it. It is a case of opening to our True Self which exists eternally and is one with God.

This is why I have tried to bring to the Master Vedic Astrology Course the ‘self-realisation’ consciousness that we can reach through kundalini meditation: specifically linking with Helen Hamilton in www.templeoflight.co.uk, which parallels for example Steven Sadlier in www.selfawareness.com and Adyashanti in www.adyashanti.org.

There is a Face Book group for people working with both Helen Hamilton’s meditation and with my Master Vedic Astrology Course, so I shall copy this conversation to that, thank you: I do hope this reply clarifies and helps and I am glad to discuss.

On the point about Martin Schulman, I do own all his books and have got a very great deal from his Evolutionary Astrology, and use them in both my western astrology course and my Vedic Astrology Course, but the issue is: he depicts the right interpretation, but he uses what is ultimately the wrong zodiac.

It is the sidereal zodiac that needs to be use to interpret our incarnational life purpose from the position of the nodes in the Moon in our chart, though it is very, very useful to also be aware of the tropical zodiac interpretation as used by Martin Schulman because this depicts our egoic reaction: because that is what the tropical zodiac is: egoic: based on the position of the Sun on the vernal equinox.

I do go in to more on this point in my courses:
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My western astrology course: www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com