Equinox Full Moon September 2021

There is a ‘difficult to define’ weird vastly intuitive and also frustrated Full Moon on September 21st, 2021 here in Ireland, September 20th in USA.

The energy is of bringing in your Harvest, now, and drawing from that the seeds of what you will planet next year.

Overall Interpretation:

This Full Moon is the energy of the Spiritual Seeker. Use its energies to connect to the spiritual orientation of your life until the next New Moon. Dedicate your life to the pursuit of deeper understanding and looking beyond.

See the Part 1 video HERE.

We have all done wrong things, but use the energies of this Full Moon to resolve from now on to learn from these and from now on to do better, to make things better.

Don’t let this be a Fools Paradise Now: use it to quarry deep and vibrant spiritual insight and illumination, some wonderful grounded new vision path.

Stay Grounded now.

Check out what you are really feeling. Connect to your real emotions.

Recognize that there are background energies of great fear and frustration at this time and don’t be sucked into these. Realize that they will all actually get worse as the rest of this year progresses. Here’s the list:

There’s the omni-present Uranus square Saturn that’s next exact on December 24th: Force of revolution pitting itself against blocks and repressive structures: personally and in countries.

There’s the omnipresent ever rising Pluto Return of the United States, that has its first exact in May 2023, up to and beyond which time so much Darkness must arise ideally to be healed: personally in in countries.

There’s Pluto and Saturn both transiting Vedic Capricorn: Power smashing against blocks.

There’s Rahu aspecting Saturn = fear and tension.

Jupiter has re- entered Vedic Capricorn. He is Debilitated. We will not easily be able to implement the plans we know we need. So, amplify your connection to Jupiter’s expansion and blessing and sense of purpose now. Take the needed big leap of faith. Master the needed discipline to make the right progress now.

Planet Astrological Analysis:

Having given the key guidance, let’s now look at the planet energies at this Full Moon time:

It’s at 00.54 hours here in Ireland. What are we to expect from it?

In terms of the Vedic sidereal zodiac:
Moon is at 4 deg intuitive visionary Water sign Pisces in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra.
Sun is at 4 deg health and healing efficiency orientated Earth sign Virgo, in UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra.  Sun is conjunct Mars which is driven but frustrated.
And Neptune is at 27 deg Aquarius, in maverick manic psychic PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.

See the Part 2 video HERE.

So, first of all, a bit of overall interpretation of the meaning, then some planetary astrological analysis. Then, thirdly, some more detailed learning about the energies based upon the chart aspect shapes of Psychodynamic Western Astrology that are present in the chart of this powerful intangible weird Full Moon chart.

It’s difficult to define because Neptune is opposition the Sun and (albeit getting wider now) and also because Neptune is conjunct the Moon. The energy will maybe be complete confusion, but hopefully, yes, inspiration and vision.

Positively, this Full Moon will continue to carry the inspirations and realizations and intuitions that have been coming through to us because of the Neptune opposition Sun transit that was exact on 23rd September.

But negatively, the Neptune-Sun aspect brings weakness and illusion. The Moon transited over Neptune in the heavens only a few hours before this Full Moon was exact. You can see the western and Vedic Charts for this Full Moon on the September 2021 page of my Starwheel Astrology website.

And at the same time there’s the ever-growing frustration and irritation of Mars closing ever closer into combust with the Sun – this will be exact October 7th.

But if that immensity of a Full Moon conjunct Neptune was not enough, there are some very powerful talents there as well:

Chart Shape Analysis from Psychodynamic Western Astrology:

Now let’s go deeper to quarry out the fuller meaning. Let’s use chart aspect shape analysis:

First of all. there’s a Grand Trine of Sun/Mars trine Saturn trine Rahu North Node, where a Grand Trine points to a great talent which needs to be worked at and harvested.

Mars trine Saturn brings perseverance and efficiency, ambition and completion of tasks, hard work and discipline.

Indeed, this Grand Trine is actually part of a very directed energy Kite chart aspect shape directed focus (in the middle of the Neptunian mysteries).


This Kite is there is because Ketu South Node is forming sextiles to two of the planets in the Grand Trine, namely Moon/Mars in one corner of the Grand Trine and widely: Saturn in the other corner of the Grand Trine.

The Nodes are about fate and destiny.

The Kite chart aspect figure gives very directed energy and focus.


BUT there will also be a lot of mental agitation too. This is because Mars is opposition the Moon and Neptune.

AND there could also be explosive and or deeply powerful thinking or communication, now, as Pluto is square Mercury bringing deep powerful thinking.

There’s also a powerful ‘Psychic Eye’ chart aspect shape:

Pluto is sextile Moon/Neptune as the base of the Psychic Eye triangle plus:
there’s the semi-sextile green line from apex Jupiter to Pluto and also there’s the semi-sextile green line from apex Jupiter to Moon/Neptune.

This Psychic Eye chart aspect shape will intensify the psychic and intuitive potential amid the confusion and tension.






There’s a searching energy as well:


Mercury is in a search figure chart aspect shape with Jupiter and Neptune.

Mercury trine Jupiter promotes research and study, a futuristic bent, optimistic open-mindedness and generosity.


Uranus is opposition Venus. Saturn is square Venus. Take care of your love relationship, yet be open to revolution insights and beware limiting your connection to loving.

And lastly in terms of the chart aspect shapes involved, there’s the Surfer:


Mercury is square Pluto, trine Jupiter and inconjunct Moon/Neptune, topped by the Psychic Eye.

The Surfer chart aspect shape gives us the potential to master the unpredictable, dynamic energies, to recognize the natural forces and to reject the artificial and the illusory: seizing quick opportunities for change, his sensitive perception recognizing that everything is part of the greater whole.

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