Enrol on my worldwide Nakshatras Course

My Nakshatras Course focuses on two great themes:

In Part 1: Learn the essential nature of each of the beautiful and powerful Nakshatras: the 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology

In Part 2: Learn the sophisticated and detailed methods of Nakshatra Interpretation – in the birth chart, predictively and in relationships astrology.

What are the Nakshatras?

Vedic astrology also uses an even more ancient zodiac as well as the traditional twelve Sun Signs sidereal zodiac: this is the immeasurably powerful lunar zodiac of 27 signs: The Nakshatras.

The Nakshatras depict our realities, our Mind and our emotional natures in a magical and dream time way that is pre-solar, pre-logical and pre-linear, and in a way that is hugely accurate, powerful and meaningful. It is such an eye-opener when you know and understand the nature of the Nakshatra in which each of your planets fall in your Vedic birth chart. Once you know this, you can manage your life better, purify, heal and empower yourself.

So, how does my Nakshatras Course work?

Part 1 of my Nakshatras Course: 

It is deep learning, caringly given to you: 

My Nakshatras Course shares with my other Vedic Astrology Courses, the opportunity to study some of Vedic Astrology’s deepest secrets.
It is a powerful tool for developing a profound view of your own astrological chart, emotionally-based nature (warts and all) and it can vastly help in realising your true path and nature.

It is especially important for discovering your soul’s destiny and helping you to maximise your potential and heal and resolve problems and issues you have in this life; be they emotional, physical or mental.

In fact, my Vedic Astrology courses are exceptional in offering a combination of Astrology and optional Healing techniques that can bring about empowerment and profound and long lasting change to a person. And they offer opportunity for Western Astrology crossover if you wish for that additional dimension.

So, what’s the teaching method?

​Please note that I offer in-depth personal tuition in my Courses:

INDIVIDUAL CORRESPONDENCE COURSES: These are correspondence courses, and so they are completely individual, and they are also completely authentic and genuine because they focus on two charts: yours and mine. This correspondence course approach guarantees caring grounded study and sharing. ​They are individual and learned teaching. They in fact combine the best in Vedic Astrology and Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology.

AND THERE’S PERSONAL ON-LINE TEACHING AND SUPPORT SESSIONS AS WELL: However, please note that enrolled students can ALSO have, any time a face to face teaching/support session with me on-line to supplement their correspondence course.  Just use the personal on-line teacher support session pay button, at the foot of the Home page.

In Part 1 of this course, you receive full charts at the outset and a very full start information document about the Nakshatras’ qualities and characteristics, plus a reading list, and there’s a video and a course document for each Nakshatra for you to review. You need to complete Part 1 first, so that we can ensure that we have the highest and fullest grasp on the state of each Nakshatras in our chart, so that we can make fully accurate declarations applying the Nakshatra Interpretation Techniques in Part 2.

You then work through each of the 27 Nakshatras one by one, receiving a presentation document and video link, learning the characteristics of each.

You study each Nakshatra with reference to two charts: yours and mine. Because this course is rooted in the charts of two flesh and blood people, this keeps the work caring, grounded and authentic. Where neither of us has a planet in a particular Nakshatra, you can then study that Nakshatra in relation to the chart of a loved one, or celebrity, instead.

​Natal study of the Nakshatras: So, what you do is you analyse the implications for each of the planets in our two charts in the light of the Nakshatras they occupy. What does this mean for our personality, for our life, for our destiny? How will it affect our emotional natures and consciousness arising therefrom? What steps can we take to heal and empower?

Predictive study of the Nakshatras: You also analyse the predictive implications of transits of planets through the Nakshatras and, using Nakshatra analysis, you also deepen your analysis of Vedic Astrology’s wonderful system of predictive periods and sub-periods: the Dashas and Bhuktis.

​And, as ever with my courses, if you wish to incorporate some cross-over into your western astrology, that is fine, and I fully support and guide you in this.


Part 2 of my Nakshatras Course:


In Part 2 of this course, you receive the statement for the first of the dedicated techniques of Nakshatra Analysis, and then further statements as we study these Nakshatra Analysis Techniques, one after the other, and you apply each of these powerful and illuminating techniques to each of our charts.

​These techniques are very powerful illumination indeed. They transform your astrological understanding. They transform our life.

The Part 2 methods course material, is sent to you in sections, once study of each of the Nakshatras in Part 1 is completed. This is because to achieve firm foundation, we have to work through all of 27 Nakshatras, and really deeply learn them and how we relate to them, first. This creates a study that is orderly, steady and harmonious in its pace, and which is profound, where mind achieves steady grounded knowledge of the system. This way we produce produce orderly, sound, depth, grounded learning, with proper attention to basics first, and sound respect for the profound nature of the Vedic consciousness.

To give you an idea of a few of the Nakshatra Techniques, here is some detail of some of these Techniques:

Health Astrology: ​The Nakshatras can also be used to predict our health and sickness through our life. If you place the Nakshatra the Moon occupied at the moment you were born at the crown of your head, and then place the rest of the 27 Nakshatras in a sequence over the parts of your body, the most valuable guidance as to your health propensities can be gained.

Nakshatra Body Parts System: Drawing your Narachakra  is a most thought provoking mapping of your individual health astrology.

Derived Nakshatra Tables: The greatest  understanding your destiny and how people will manifest in your life, can come from the Navtara and Nadi Nakshatra systems. These can add such a lot to your understanding of your life scripts and destiny, and it can provide such a clear gateway to raising your level of consciousness, if you apply the derived nakshatra principles.

To give a very small example of the Navtara analysis system, in addition to the natural qualities of the sequence of nakshatras, with navtara, you can take into account an ‘overlay quality’ derived by counting from your Janma nakshatra (the nakshtra the Moon occupied at the moment of your birth), so with my natal Moon in Vedic or sidereal Pisces, my second nakshatra is Ashwini (where the second nakshatra carries the quality of sampat or wealth) but my fifth nakshatra  counting from my Moon is Rohini carrying the quality of Pratyak (struggle, challenge and revile). These systems are of such great value to our natal, predictive and relationship astrology. The really do add such powerful dimensions of declaration and insight.


The Nakshatras have been used to give accurate predictions since the earliest ages. There were no signs (rashis) in the age of Ramayana and Mahabharata; they used the Nakshatras for predictions. Transits were assessed using this technique.The qualities of each Nakshatra are many-facetted, and thus we enter a rich world of interweaving vision and energies.

My Nakshatras Vedic Astrology Course – Special Teaching Features:

Correspondence: You email me your work in respect of each Nakshatra within Part 1 and then each Technique within Part 2, and I then email you my response, which is always detailed, learned and very caring. You are always welcome to ask questions at any point.

In all cases there will be opportunity if you wish for it for linking of the astrological perception, to approaches of healing and empowerment, and use of art and embodiment work, and for example: psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay, Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work, where applicable. ​A wide range of separately charged skilled worldwide Healing Modalities is available if you would feel this to be individually beneficial for you.

This is a truly wonderful Nakshatras course. And if you wish to go truly deep, you are so welcome to do so. Go to: https://www.mastervedicastrology.com/nakshatras.html

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you,