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ganeshLearn Vedic Astrology. There is a beginners and an advanced distance learning course, as well as a Vedic Relationship Astrology Course. A special and unusual bonus is that I combine Vedic with western astrology. Vedic Astrology is very sure and declarative. It has a clear statement of your incarnational life purpose and the circumstances that unfold at birth and at predictable periods thereafter. The standard of my tuition is to the highest level of care and support.
I genuinely believe my Certificated EarthStarWeb Distance Learning Astrology Courses are unrivalled for their overall comprehensiveness, the level of my supportiveness and teaching, and the fact that, very unusually, they combine western with Vedic Astrology.
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Here is a summary of what you learn:

Vedic Astrology – basic course: 
Tropical and sidereal zodiac, Ayanamsha, signs and elements, planets malefics and benefics, exaltation and fall, rulership, moolatrikona, planetary friendship neutrality and enmity, temporary and combined friendship, strength of planets, retrogradation and planetary speed, rashi sandhi, Gandanta, houses, dharma, artha, kama and moksha houses, cardinal, fixed and mutable houses, Planets as karakas, Jaimini karakas, House Lordship, permanent and temporary benefics/malefics, kendra, dusthana trik upachaya and maraka houses, lagna and temporary benefics/malefics, aspects, planetary war, combustion, Mars Jupiter and Saturn special aspects, yogas, Predictive astrology: Dasas and bhuktis, The Nakshatras (Lunar Zodiac), planets maturing, Harmonic charts, Remedies, strengthening weak planets, The Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
Vedic Astrology – advanced course: 
The Lunar Zodiac: Nakshatras – Advanced study: Gunas: Rajas, tamas and sattva; Aims of Life: Dharma artha kama and moksha; Gender; Temperaments: Deva, Human, Rakshasha; power animals: Shadbala: 6-fold calculation of planetary strength; residential strength of planets, House strength, Ashtakavarga and strength of houses and planets plus transits: Bindus distribution by planets, Horary astrology, Panchang, Tajika aspects and friendship/yogas, Varshaphal, Muntha, Relationship Astrology, Harmonic charts, Chandra Lagna and derived houses, Bhava chart, Jaimini Karakas, Jaimini Aspects, Jaimini yogas, Arudha Lagna, Ishta Deveta, Chara Dasas; Systems Approach: MMP, MBP, MEP, planetary strength, functional malefic/benefic. Eclipses. Peri-natal eclipses. The Astrology of Death (combines with western astrology). Jyotish astrocartography.

Relationship Astrology –  advanced course : combined Vedic and Western Astrology:
With a review of the synastry of a couple from western astrology, we combine The Vedic Astrology of Love and Marriage which is sure and declarative, precise, concrete and accurately scored. It has been tried and tested over thousands of years. It compares the Moon Sign of the man with the Moon Sign of the Woman. The factors studied are:Respect (Strii Diirgha). Wavelength The Ashta Kutas System or ‘Eight Heaps’: Excess (Nadi). Constructivism (Bha). Temperament (Gana: Deva, Manushya, Rakshasa. Friendliness (Graha Maitram). Instinctive Compatibility (Yoni). Comfort (Tara or Dina). Innate Giving (Vasya). Mutation (Varna).
The two Downfalls: Obstruction (Veda) and Misfortune (Rajju)
The two beneficial supplements (The Upaskaras): Shared Sense of Purpose (Mahendra), Magnetic Attraction (Vasya)
Assertive Pressure (Mars problems) – Kuja Dosha)

For full details see my web site: www.earthstarweb.com. You can email me: michaelconneely@googlemail.com
Or you can contact me for a reading in Vedic Astrology, or vedic astrology combined with western astrology

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