Enchanted Way Tours in the Beautiful North West of Ireland

Such a wonderful up-coming offering:

Tatty’s planned ‘Enchanted Way Tours’. Make a note to watch up for them starting up again when coronavirus lockdown ends.

Tatty will take you exploring in the beautiful North West of Ireland’s sacred landscape, where you will be introduced to the trees of the ogham, identify wild herbs and plants and learn about their medicinal and magical uses and properties.

I highly recommend ‘The Enchanted Way Guided Walk’ led by Tatty of Mama Tat.

The Tours are closed for now due to coronavirus lockdown. But just before lockdown started, we connected to the herbs, flowers and trees on the shores of Loch Gill.

Tatty’s knowledge of these things is vast. It’s outstanding. It was a lovely walk, she took us to Dooney Rock (where W B Yeats wrote The Fiddler of Dooney’. Here, Tatty identified the plants growing and what to look out for.

She brought with her some remedies she had made and told us how to make them for ourselves

She is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and so happy to answer questions – it was inspiring.

Tatty leads the Druid Group for NW Ireland which is part of OBOD. Michael Conneely

(And I just can’t wait until the time when my own Sacred West of Ireland Tours are allowed to open up again, after coronavirus lockdown ends).