Empower and Heal with the challenging New Moon November 2021

The New Moon is at 18 Vedic Libra, 12 Western Scorpio, and it is caught up in a web of both violent and also repressive energies.

It will be so good if we can understand and name these, but also work out how to stand strong in the midst of this challenge, indeed: because of this challenge.

You can see the charts for the November Lunations in the November 2021 page on my Starwheel Astrology website. Here’s the rather mind-bending detail – and this is followed by a solution I’m offering!

The New Moon receives an opposition from revolutionary Uranus, yet a blocking by a square from limiting imprisoning Saturn, because Uranus and Saturn are square in the heavens.

But the New Moon also raises huge power issues from a square from Pluto issues of darkness and power.

At the same time warrior Mars is in a mess. He is seriously weakened and vacillating by transiting nice guy Libra, yet Mars is also irritating Mercury whom he combusts, and both Mars and Mercury receive a square aspect from Pluto, too.

How do we make sense of this conflicted mega-energy web in the darkness?

See the Video here.

Key question: How do we walk forward as our best embodiment in this life in the midst of such a conflicted energies web?

Add to this the fact that Sun, Moon and Mars are all in Swati Nakshatra which is ruled by the dark clouds of ambitious fear-provoking Rahu North Node.

Add to this, also, that Mercury is in a real mess combusted by Mars and transiting in Mars-ruled Chitra.

We also have to take into account that this is the time in the Northern Hemisphere of the Dark Time rising now.
Winter is rising.
We are turning inwards, we have more opportunity to connect to our Unconscious and our Dreams.

The answer I am finding to this real challenge is to seek to connect now to the highest and best expression of the Self you are born to be, this time, in this life, in this incarnation.

Here’s one way of doing this, that I have actually just done on-line, and feel really good from it:

We can do this by Vision Work. We can our self as our hero self, our loving self, etc. We can even name out loud some of our best hero good qualities as we stand there.

But I do feel there is also a definite need to bring vision work into the physical world.

So, it’s good to then add embodiment to that vision work. Walk as your True Self. Embody that True Self as you walk in the web of forces.

It could be strengthening in the midst of this fraught energy web that is ahead in the run-up to the Full Moon on 19th/20th November to make an exercise of doing this embodied walk of your Best Self, every day between now and the Full Moon.

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