Emotions Can Be Contagious Learn the Kabala with Elizabeth Hendricks

These are times in which folks’ emotions are running high. As we struggle to adapt to radical changes in weather, in society, and in our culture, our emotions stirred up and become intense.

Because of this we are vulnerable to being influenced by others’ emotions. We see this every day on social media.

Rumors abound, common sense gets thrown out the door, and we no longer know whom we can trust and believe. We go through our life inundated with anxieties about what is happening.  Our thoughts then result in physiological responses in our bodies…blood pressure rises, sleep is interrupted, and so on.

We affect others with our own emotions. And although we cannot see our own thoughts, we all understand the mind is constantly at work generating them.  Even when you are silent, you constantly communicate with others through what the Kabbalah calls the “ether”. The ether is a level of existence that exists above three-dimensional material reality.

We all know the experience of being in a room with someone who is happy. The entire room may feel lighter and brighter to you. Conversely, if you are in the same room with someone who is deeply depressed, you will feel it.   The air in the room may feel heavy and stagnant. Because emotions are contagious, it is possible to pick up the emotions of another person quite unwittingly.

So how can you tell if the feelings you experience are really yours?

See the video HERE.

If you are having a good day and you suddenly notice your mood has switched, pay attention to what you did right before the change.

It might be that you were watching something on social media that was upsetting.

It also might be possible that you had an interaction with someone who was having upsetting or unpleasant thoughts. Even if the person never said a word, those thoughts and emotions are communicated to others.

Even when nothing is said aloud, we all blanket each other with our emotions.

That’s why it’s helpful to take stock during the day to see the quality of your thoughts. If you discover you are being affected by someone else’s emotions and ideas, make a choice to let them go.

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