Embodying your Rise in Consciousness

There is a consciousness shift that we can be open now. The recent transit of the Sun across Galactic Centre provided further intense energies.

Here’s Some key tips about the crucial issue of Embodiment in our Healing

If we have been cut off from our true self as a child, or at any time earlier in our life, and if we have been cut off from the path of our incarnational destiny in this life-time, then we will be split off from our body.

As an important side note: We could of course have chosen this life, and chosen to undergo this destiny, as a means to our spiritual growth from lifetime to lifetime.

This post is part of a 7-part blog/video series that is is all about a Consciousness Shift occurring now, but the focus of this post is that if we are not embodied it will all be in our head!!! It will be idle talk or forgotten affirmations – yet another spiritual fad, yet another spiritual or healing course.

It can all be in the head.

We can be prone to always asking why ….  why … ‘Why’ questions, but not looking for the ANSWER.

Solutions-directed ‘How’ questions, however, can help us to go beyond the problem.

It can be sometimes be healing and empowering to go back into the events which in fact triggered our separation from our body. and to go back into the events which set in place the negative scripts for love or whatever.

You may want to go back to these in a really embodied way, and really go back into the memory, and it is important to breathe and focus when you do this. When you go back into the memory and the event, really breathe into your body, keep returning to the memory. Defeat the separation from your body. Once you have released the trauma energy you can then feel safe in your body.

However, in some of the modalities that my wife Maggie Pashley uses, we can change the pattern energetically without having to revisit the trauma.

See the many crucial modalities she offers worldwide on-line: https://maggiepashley.com/

Look at the Modalities she offers, including Emotion code and Body Code, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) but quite a number of additional modalities, too.

As part of this key focus of the need to be embodied if our rise in consciousness is to be genuine, my wife Maggie Pashley and I have accordingly been developing ways of becoming fully embodied:

Sound Healing is a good way – as it goes beyond words and concepts, and indeed Maggie is planning to set up a Reiki and Sound Healing monthly group in Sligo where we live.

So, putting it really simply and basically, you can focus your consciousness in the different parts of your body and make the appropriate healing sound. And you can work with Tuning Forks and gongs.

But affirmation can also be good – but only if you are embodied. Connect with your body when you make the affirmations. Otherwise, you’ll be in Spiritual Bypass! When making your affirmation, you can do this say three times per session, and do three sessions per day. But you will find that it can help to add to the saliva in your mouth to increase the embodiment and to reduce fear also (we get a dry mouth when we are in fear and fight-flight mode). For example, I’ve been recently making an affirmation three times, repeating this three times a day, and making sure there’s saliva in my mouth to enhance the effect:
‘I am courageous, trusting, resourceful and joyful. Life supports me.’

To offer a bit more focus on just one of the modalities that Maggie Pashley also offers worldwide, which may be of great help to you:  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on line, which is an excellent way of connecting you with your body and releasing the energy holding you back. It can help you dissolve damaging beliefs and patterns and old scripts. And there are other ways of working with the energy of limitation, revisiting old events if necessary, and freeing yourself to be empowered. It identifies what incident is incapacitating you and separating your from your body and from your full self, and at what age this happened, and then changing the script and programming that was set in, and replacing that script with an empowered script.

A key guidance is: Don’t go into philosophy or formula. Don’t focus on political or enlightenment spamming and posting on Facebook or whatever. Get into your body. Heal the wounds. Create your new future

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