Elizabeth Hendricks Readings – Exceptional Worldwide Healer

Elizabeth Hendricks: Meet a Truly Exceptional Worldwide Healer

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Psychic Realignment

​It is a privilege for Starwheel Astrology to present the exceptional range of this wonderful healer’s methods:
Body energy healings, soul readings, psychic realignment and past life healing of Elizabeth Hendricks.

Elizabeth Hendricks is truly a Healer with exceptional abilities and talents:

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Here’s what Elizabeth has to say:

‘I am able to ‘look’ at your energy field directly and to see where there are blocks and tangles.

In the process of evaluating your energy, I may also see past lives or past traumas.

An appointment is actually a work session.  I do not just read your energy, I show you how you to remove the obstacles that frustrate you.

I help you to learn to manage your own energy better.

The goal of the session is for you to understand how and why you are encountering blockages.

I give you tools for helping yourself to reach your goals.’