Eclipses of 2017 Your Mind or Trauma Management and the Donald Trump Eclipse 21.8.17

There are four eclipses in 2017.

I have set out their charts in Western and also Vedic Astrology, below, with a note on how to find out time and date for your location in the world.

I am wanting to say that Eclipses are key moments to manage our mind and heal held distress or trauma patterns in our mind.

I am also wanting to say that the fourth eclipse of 2017 is a mega-eclipse, the biggest for a hundred years, in that it will be visible across USA and falls on the Ascendant of the US President: Donald Trump.

For Donald Trump Natal Chart also see below

The dates of these four 2017 Eclipses are:
Lunar Eclipse 11.2.17 (Full Moon)
Solar Eclipse 26.2.17 (New Moon)
Lunar Eclipse 7.8.17 (Full Moon)
Solar Eclipse 21.8.17 (New Moon)

And then the Donald Trump eclipse is followed by the re-arising of the ‘Kal Sarpa Yoga’, the divisive difficult and angry energy of 2016 that erupted in UK and US politics, and now re-arises from 17.9.2017 to 8.1.2018.

And to make this 4th eclipse even more invasive, Mars and Rahu (North Node) conjoin in a sensitive and dangerous area at the time of the 4th eclipse: The Gandanta Zone between Vedic signs of Cancer/Leo, which is Vedic Nakshatras (Lunar Signs) of Ashlesha/Magha. See my videos and blogs on the nature and energy of each of these Vedic lunar Signs, or Nakshatras. Do my wonderful Nakshatras Course.

The YouTube Video to go with this Blog Post about the Eclipses of 2017 is:

The first point I want to make is that developing good perception of our mind-patterns and then healing the damaging hurtful ones, is easier said than done, of course. This is because we can find it easier to stick or wallow in the repetitive scripts, and endlessly repeat them, because we don’t know what to do, and so we get stuck blaming our distress on others.

But the eclipse of 26th February 2017 was in the Healer’s Nakshatra or Vedic Lunar Sign of Shatabishak, and so I thought it right to speak out.

My partner Maggie Pashley offers countless different healing modalities at our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland, and worldwide via the internet. I too offer shamanic healings here in Ireland, but 99% of my work is worldwide via the internet, along with my worldwide Astrology Readings, Astrology Courses and Healings.

And the danger is that we can want to stick in our wounded typology, or not know how to heal and empower.

Indeed, if our ‘electrical energy web’ self has been reversed, it might even be that we can’t heal until this has been corrected, for example by techniques like Psy Tap which as it were re-engineer the body/mind’s electrical flow might be an excellent way to start healing. Usually healings that are multi-method are needed see Maggie’s website:

It is well known that some PTSD trauma victims can get proud and stuck in their woundedness and don’t want to heal.

It is well known that people getting Welfare Benefits for their mind problems can prefer to remain a benefits prince rather than heal because, they feel entitlement and that there’s more money in it.

From my own family experience, I know that Alcoholics in UK get huge benefits and almost daily benefits from the doctor, costing the country a fortune while they enjoy the attentions of their ‘Patsy’ and manipulate in other ways equally damaged family members and not very aware friends to go along with their evil designs.

It is well known that our negative scripts can get positive reinforcement: ‘I have to tolerate his behaviour he provides my income’. ‘Now you know your dad’s not well, you have to accept what he does to you’, etc, etc, etc,

Now, what eclipses do is they can create earthquakes. Tectonic plates in the earth’s crust that are holding stress and pressure can just crack at an eclipse moment, and so an earthquake occurs, and if it’s under the sea, there’s a tsunami!

It’s the same in our mind. If our parenting has left stress and trauma pressures in our mind, an eclipse definitely can activate this, and the scripts and mind patterns will surface. So, we have a choice, do we bring in the needed healing of our body, our mind, and the mind-expressions of our held distress and trauma? Or do we just carry on in the damage to our consciousness and even blame it on others – or attack others???

So, here’s an important question:

what guidance does your astrology chart give as to whether you need to especially watch out for an eclipse that will create huge release of distress, great repetitive mind scripts, huge tension?

1. Check what the degrees, sign and house and Nakshatra (Lunar Sign) of the placement of the eclipse means in your western and vedic charts:
Is the location of the eclipse affecting your Moon?
Or some other planet? Have you got a planet occupying there?

2. Is the Nakshatra the eclipse falls in your Manasa Nakshatra or your ‘default state of consciousness’ Nakshatra: 25th Nakshatra from your natal Moon?
What do your Nakshatras say about your emotional self and your consciousness arising therefore?

3. Study your astrological Moon. Moon is our emotional self. It is our Mothering, the effects of our Mothering, and our consciousness arising therefore.

4. Check if your Mind is identified by your astrology chart as being prone to destabilisation. I use psychodynamic western astrology, with its wonderful identification of our chart aspect shapes and sub personalities. :

5. Do you have what Vedic Astrolgoy calls a Kemadruma Moon: Moon not supported by planets either side?

6. Is your Moon in a difficult conjunction, for example with Ketu (South Node), Rahu (North Node), Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Chiron, Mars???

7. Check out what effect a planet in your vedic birth chart is having on other planets, especially planets caught up in the eclipse or affecting Moon: is one planet starving the other? Is one planet agitating the other? etc.  Enroll on my Vedic Astrology Course to learn how to do this.

8. Take the healing/Empowering steps:

No. 1 step: Kindness

No 2 step: Truth – take and own your own mind-games. Don’t blame others. Management of excess, mind games and grief.

No. 3 step: Mantra: You can bring in daily mantra. Maggie and I do 108 Mantras to Lord Shiva before a Shiva Nataraja murti or statue each day. This does stabilise the mind. It does bring continuity. And it provides an excellent barometer of what your mind is up to on any given day. But Mantra is not all good. It can produce real control freaks, who lose their identities and control others, and render themselves unlikely to manifest the special spark they incarnated this time to give potential to.

No. 4 step: Healing: Have the needed healing session.

No 5 step: Your Astrology: You are welcome to contact me for an astrology reading or a course:

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And to conclude: here are the charts in western and Vedic Astrology for the four Eclipses of 2017:

Dates will vary slightly according to latitude and time zone of place. Variation may be one day either side. Details are set for Foxford in Co Mayo in West of Ireland (53 N 58; 009 W 08), which uses UK time. To see exact detail for your location, please go to: and find out.    

Eclipse 1. February 11, 2017



























Eclipse 2: 26.2.17:



























Eclipse 3: 7.8.17:



























19.8.17 Rahu enters Vedic Cancer:


























Eclipse Solar 4 : 21.8.17:


















Eclipse Chart 21.8.17 : Bi-Wheel: Eclipse outer; Donald Trump Inner




















For Donald Trump Natal Chart see below:


Donald Trump Natal Chart: Western:






















Donald Trump Natal Chart: Vedic:











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