Eclipse of the Sun on Sunday 3rd November

shiva nataraja 3There is an Eclipse of the Sun on Sunday 3rd November at 12.50 UK time.
There is a truly, truly, truly exceptional pile-up of energy in western Scorpio (Vedic Libra) at the time of this eclipse.
This eclipse, and the last eclipse that took place on October 18th, will have a most enormous effect on individuals/couples who have planets in the zone of the heavens occupied by the eclipse planets, especially if their Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in that zone, namely end Libra and first two-thirds of Scorpio.
But see the Divine Message of this Eclipse at the end of this Blog.
A similarly-located enormous pile up of energies was at the time of the last eclipse, which was an Eclipse of the Moon on pretty well the same axis, which took place on Friday October 18th at 23.37 hrs UK time, and in western astrology terms, this lunar eclipse of October 18th had eclipse Sun at 25 Libra and eclipse Moon at 25 Aries.

Now, here are the details of the upcoming solar eclipse on this Sunday 3rd November expressed in western (and then Vedic) astrology:
Sun 11 Scorpio             (17 Vedic Libra)
Moon 11 Scorpio          (17 Vedic Libra)
Saturn 13 Scorpio        (19 Vedic Libra)
Mercury 7 Scorpio       (13 Vedic Libra)
Rahu 7 Scorpio             (13 Vedic Libra) (Rahu is the North node of the Moon)
Ketu 7 Taurus              (13 Vedic Aries) (Ketu s the South node of the Moon)

These two eclipses will have an enormous effect for all individuals who were born between October 17th and 16th November, who are in a brief, but exceptionally favourable period.
In other words if you have your Sun in Vedic Libra or, in western astrology terms, in the last six degrees of western Libra and the first 24 degrees of western Scorpio, you have potential for great good fortune in this brief time.
(And of course if you have a key planet in your birth chart that is caught up in the South Node of this Eclipse this eclipse will have vast impact on you too.)
I am writing this posting on 30th October, which is five days before the Sunday 3rd November eclipse. All people will sense it. People with key planets in the eclipse zone may well be feeling edgy.
The divine purpose of an eclipse is to release improperly dammed up energies. That’s why eclipses are associated with earthquakes and tsunamis on the earth plane. The call now is for our stuck patterns to crack and for us to be liberated. The call now is for wrong patterns to be blown apart.
How you will experience this depends on where you are in terms of your awareness and your attachments to blocks and barriers to Source. This eclipse can mean untold blessings and wealth for those with key planets in the eclipse zone, or it can mean downfall.
You see, Saturn is there too right in the middle of the Eclipse on Sunday 3rd November: Saturn, the Lord of Karma. If you have been diligent and ethical Saturn, Lord Shani will reward you now.
As I said in my recent blog, anyone born in the date range October 17th to November 16th, in other words anyone with Sun, and of course also ascendant and key planets in the eclipse zone will reap great rewards if they are open to the shift. How good it will be will depend on the standing of Libra’s Ruler, Venus, Lord Sukra, in their Vedic birth chart.
Adding vastly to this great potential, in Vedic Astrology Jupiter is in the Vedic sign of Gemini, thus casting a blessing on this sign of Vedic Libra all year adding blessing, discrimination and ethical enlargement for these people all year, if you avoid scatter and live in a way that does not deflect or block the blessing now.  (Jupiter is shortly to retrograde, by the way).
For those individuals closely and beneficially affected by the luminaries or Lunar Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) of these two eclipses, they should note that they will be spiritually protected and defended. You will be separated from people and places who are no good for you. You will be victorious.
I have chosen for the image for this Blog, a picture of Lord Shiva. Divine Shiva dances the universe into destruction as he dances new things into being. He is a whirl of energy, but his face remains serenely impassive in the centre of all the corybantic movement: this is the state of consciousness he asks us to emulate if we are to achieve our potential now. Note that Lord Shiva dances on the prone figure of the Demon of Ignorance: Apasmara. We too need to do this!