Eclipse of November 19 is violent energy but contains a portal for Healing possibility

The Eclipse of November 19th 2021 does need to be carefully understood. Its energy is truly supremely violent. Its length of time duration is exceptionally long.

But my point is that actually in this violent energy eclipse, there is also a glimmering for healing and for re-set within it, if we can see what that is. If we can jump on it and manifest it.

This eclipse is very violent energy, as accurately defined in the most ancient star lore.

But the point is: violent energy CAN also be a portal for us to find our needed healing IF we rise above just experiencing the violent energies and reacting to them mindlessly, but IF we see them also as a PORTAL to healing and higher spiritual awareness and manifestation, and IF we then seize the opportunity and go through that portal.

We will not get away with things at the time of this Eclipse.

There is really deep learning in this video and blog post, and crucially needed statement of how we can handle the energy of this Eclipse time. Do make the effort to consider it carefully, and how it may apply to you and help you.

Please see the Part 1 video HERE

And please see the Part 2 video HERE

I make this statement as to the violence of this eclipse, firstly and essentially because it is conjunct the terrible energy of the star Algol, truly the most violent of the anciently known stars.

But I also make this statement because this contains a violent T-square of Uranus opposition Mars, where both Mars and Uranus are square Saturn, and where the Uranus square to Saturn is closing to exact on December 24th.

The utter revolutionary fighter energy of Uranus in Aries energy pits itself against the fixed blocks, structures and assumptions of Saturn in Capricorn.

Mars is drawn into the mix, brandishing his knives.

Thirdly, I also make this statement because Moon is in the cutting energy zone of Krittika Nakshatra. This includes the chance for positive cutting: cutting away of scripts and occupations no longer needed for your life, making quick decisions about huge and important changes.

Fourthly, I also make this statement because Pluto casts a close trine to the Moon. Pluto is the energy of our unconscious and our shadow, our darkness and our hidden psychic material, vast issues of Power, Power-Over and also Buried/Denied Power in ourself.

Fifthly, I make this statement because Moon is conjunct Rahu North Node, which creates Fear and Disturbance of Mind.

And sixthly, of course, I make this statement because Eclipse energies are always tense and fearful. They are the un-damming of dammed up energies. At the earthly mundane level, they are associated with earthquakes and tsunamis: the undamning of tension held in layers of the Earth’s crust, just as they smash at tensions held in our psyches and our souls.

Seventhly, Jupiter is actually T-square the Sun-Moon axis and the Nodal axis, so your level of spiritual insight and faith and guru connection is a key issue. But unfortunately, Jupiter is in very low dignity, rated at -3 in sign chart dignities where the lowest possible is -4. And rashi sandhi = edge of sign as well. Across the 16 Shodasha Vargas, Jupiter’s dignity is the lowest score. So, you will have to make a special effort to increase your faith and hope and your openness to Blessing.

Eighthly, this eclipse is the longest partial lunar eclipse since the 15th century. This means that its effect will be intense and highly charged. The overall duration of this eclipse is record: 6 hrs 1 minute. Strongest for 3 hrs 28 mins.

What disaster this betokens for some! What tense energy.

But also, what opportunity for increased spirituality and healing and reset for those who can drop their barriers, those who can let go of their pride and embrace a more healed lifestyle, a more healed sense of who they are, more healed life structures and pathways. What opportunity glimmers there in this eclipse for contacting and manifesting your buried true power and releasing and letting go of outworn damaging ‘power over me’ agendas, your held trauma.

Do you have the honesty and spiritual sight and faith to go through the portal that actually is there in this terrible energy Eclipse?

I use the word ‘glimmers’ because the hidden breakthrough potential of this particular super-violent eclipse is like labradorite.

Hold the crystal or mineral labradorite one way and it’s so dull. But move it back and forth slightly and suddenly it catches the light and lights up with utter glimmering evanescent beauty.

Planet positions:
In the Sidereal zodiac of Vedic Astrology:
The Moon is at 3 deg Taurus.
The Sun opposite at 3 Scorpio.

Moon is in cutting Krittika Nakshatra ruled by the Sun
Sun is in deep and occult Anuradha Nakshatra ruled by Saturn.

In the Western Tropical Zodiac, this is Moon at 27 Taurus, Sun at 27 Virgo.

Full Moon 19th November 2021 Times: Los Angeles 19, 0:57 am, New York 3:57 am, London 8:57 am

Let’s look at the nature of fixed star Algol:

As validly stated in the ancient star lore wisdom of the Phoenicians, the Mesopotamians and the Persians and other ancient peoples, for at least seven thousand years, Algol is the most destructive star in heavens. It causes decapitation (and loss of one’s head in the emotional sense), violent death and accidents, injuries, destruction, misfortune and sickness, failure of your endeavours, violent enemy forces against one, major meteorological phenomena, brutality and mob violence. The ancient Arabs never fought a battle if Algol was in low energy.

Algol activations are not just immediate. There will be delayed effect possibility. Mars actually transits over Algol eclipse point December 5th to 11th. Watch out for this time period.

Algol is in the Constellation Perseus. For the ancient Greeks, Algol was the monstrous woman Medusa.

Medusa was the most hideous hag. Her hair was writing venomous deadly snakes about her head.

Anyone who looked on her was turned to stone.

But the young hero Perseus achieved the slaying of Medusa.

This was because he did not look at her, he looked at her reflection in his shield and thus was able to decapitate her, while he beheaded her with harpe, his adamantine sword.

But the point of the myth is that Medusa represents a dangerous threat meant to deter other dangerous threats, an image of evil to repel evil.

Medusa’s two immortal sisters pursued Perseus with fury, but the young hero escaped with his prize using Hermes’ winged boots and Hades’ helmet of invisibility.

But not even death, however, could quell Medusa’s power. Perseus had to keep her decapitated head in a special sack strong enough to contain it (a kybsis).

On his travels, he used the abominable head to turn his enemies to stone and he rescued the princess Andromeda from a sea monster using it, before giving it to Athena for her aegis.

The monstrous evil head was put on the front of Athena’s shield and there it enforced Athena’s power of victory through death and destruction of the enemy. Is this Greek take on the nature of Algol helpful guidance for those strongly affected by this Eclipse of November 19th? In other words, turning monstrous viciousness into a gateway for better spiritual living? This is the key. Can you do it now?

The Dark Goddess:

I now want to state a very big perception from the Vedic tradition: This eclipse and this nature of the star Algol actually equates to the Vedic Dark Goddess energy. We are into the potential offered by Kali or Niritti here: of finding healing and rebirth through death-like experiences, of letting structures and habits and ways of thinking and behaviour die because they have become wrong for us, of going through the portal of that destruction into higher spiritual awareness, and greater expression of our true and destined power.

Manage the Energy:

Be very careful on the day before this Eclipse, the day of this eclipse and the day after this eclipse. Don’t get too pressured. Create calm space, maybe embrace the hearth and outdoors. Build on this Calm Centre energy.

Who will be most affected?

Who will be most affected by this eclipse?

I’d mention the following signs in your Vedic birth chart especially, and do look up the life-area meaning of the House in your Vedic birth chart that is each of these affected signs.  See my helpful website page:

Obviously, those with planets in Vedic Taurus and Scorpio where Moon and Sun are, will be massively affected. Eclipse luminaries are at 3 deg Taurus/Scorpio.

Obviously, those with planets in Vedic Taurus and Scorpio where the Nodes of the Moon are, Rahu North Node and Ketu South Node will be massively affected. Nodes are at 7 deg. Eclipse Nodes are at 7 deg Taurus/Scorpio.

And of course, those with planets in Krittika and Anuradha Nakshatras will be affected strongly.

Vedic signs of Aries and Libra are vastly drawn in because of the Uranus at 18 deg Aries opposition to Mars (19 deg Libra) and Mercury (27 deg Libra).

Obviously, people with planets in Capricorn will be affected due the transiting presence and aspectations of Saturn and Pluto there, plus of course the sign of Cancer opposite.

We will all be affected by the horrible mess and tension from the ongoing combustion between Sun, Mercury and Mars in Libra that has been going on since 17th September when Sun joined Mercury and Mars in Virgo, and which will continue to go on for some time, for example way beyond 30th November when Sun and Mercury are in exact conjunction, certainly to Christmas Eve.

In Conclusion: See the violent energy as the portal to spiritual healing that it is. Go through the portal.

And note as a PS or add-on, that there is a twist to this tale that will affect political developments in USA, and therefore the whole world:

Firstly, this Eclipse has as its background the Pluto Return of the USA which is slowly coming to its first exact hit in May 2023.

But secondly, there’s an immediate big activation. Donald Trump has Algol on his MC (the cusp of his 10th House of career and standing in the world. This 19th November Eclipse exactly activates this!
With Algol conjunct his Midheaven, issues and events of destruction and violence are central in his career and standing in the world. Additionally, Donald Trump also has the super-powerful Fixed Star Regulus the Great and Mighty King, giving royal properties conjunct both his Ascendant and Mars. This will boost the manifestation of Algol through this Eclipse.

Add to this, thirdly, that this Eclipse’s Rahu North Node and Moon are in the 6th House of the chart for the USA!

Add also, fourthly, note that Saturn of this eclipse is conjunct Ketu in the chart for the USA.

There are big activations to Joe Biden’s chart from this Eclipse:
Note that Sun/Ketu of this Eclipse at 3 and 7 deg Scorpio are conjunct Joe Biden’s natal Sun/Venus (at 4 and 5 deg Scorpio) with Biden’s Ascendant at 11 Scorpio.
Ascendant of this eclipse is conjunct Biden’s ascendant.
Mercury and Mars of the eclipse are conjunct Biden’s Mercury Mars

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