Eclipse Interpretation

How to analyse an Eclipse

Eclipses tend to release dammed up tension in our lives.

They are like an earthquake. Earthquakes often occur at the time of an eclipse, when the strain in the plates of the Earth’s crust builds up too much, and an earthquake occurs. It’s the same in our life.

Eclipses also tend to reveal what is secret or shadow in our consciousness. I don’t say this in a sensationalist way. Essentially, they bring this material to the surface for us to heal and empower.

Fear and tension occur on the day of an eclipse (and on surrounding days), if that eclipse occupies a prominent place in your birth chart.

Unconscious patterns can suddenly be brought into glaring clarity for us to deal with them during this period.

Make a note if you identify an issue.

Work to heal it.

Work to empower yourself.


Which House in your birth chart is affected?
To understand the area of life covered by the House that is Sagittarius or Taurus in your individual Vedic natal chart, have a look at this web page:

Which Sign in your birth chart is affected? Check out its nature. Check out the standing of the Sign’s Lord in your birth chart:
To understand the nature of each Sign in the Vedic chart, have a look at this web page:

Which planet is affected by the Eclipse?
See the webpage giving some guides as to interpretation of what the nature and energies of each planet is:

Now let’s look, below, at the charts for the particular example person: This eclipse is on his Ascendant.

See my video where I interpret the effect of the eclipse of 5.6.20 on his Ascendant in Vedic Scorpio/Jyestha Nakshatra:

Chart 1.
Example chart Western Tropical Zodiac:
(Man affected by the 5th June 2020 Lunar Eclipse)

Chart 2.
5th June Eclipse Chart Outer Wheel: Biwheel to Natal chart:
(Man affected by the 5th June 2020 Lunar Eclipse)

Chart 3.
Example Chart Vedic Natal:
(Man affected by the 5th June 2020 Lunar Eclipse)

Chart 4:
Psychodynamic Natal Chart: Western Tropical zodiac
Showing Predictive Age Points’ position at the time of the Eclipse pf 5th June 2020:

(Man affected by the 5th June 2020 Lunar Eclipse)

N.B. In the case of this example, we have eclipse conjunct this person’s Ascendant, so:

Examine the planet ruler of the ascendant sign. What sign and house is he placed in? What are the issues described in both western psychodynamic astrology and also Vedic Astrology?

Are any Healing Issues declared that the Eclipse will most certainly raise to the Light? Is Chiron involved? Is the planet Pushkara? Vargottoma?

Examine the condition of the  Nakshatra that the Eclipse falls in and Nakshatra pada, and also the state of the ruler of Nakshatra and pada.

The nature of an eclipse’s energy is also massively altered by the Nakshatra it falls in. See my Nakshatras buzz-words webpage for basic guidance about each Nakshatra:
What is this Nakshatra really about?
What is its planet ruler, ruling deity and powerful Star energies?

Check if any transiting planets are in strong aspect to the eclipses, e.g. square, or conjunction.

Check out whether transiting Rahu is heading into the eclipse, conjunct it or has passed it.

If it’s a Lunar Full Moon eclipse, expect pretty immediate results.

If it’s a Solar New Moon Eclipse expect later results, for example you can try out the rule that one minute of the eclipse’s duration means the results will manifest one year later, and also note when a transit by a malefic planet is due to cross through the patch of eclipse energy left in the heavens by the Solar Eclipse.

Check out if the eclipsed planet or planet/House ruler ties into, or amplifies, the current Dasha ruling planets.

Check out where the western psychodynamic predictive Age Points are at the time of the eclipse (the Individuation Age Point and the Nodal Age Point). How does this tie in to the message and impact of the Eclipse?

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