Eclipse Full Moon May 5th 2023 How to find Your crock of gold at the end of the Rainbow

There’s a major need to understand the energy of the Eclipse on May 5th.

It is a super-changed, fraught Full Moon.

I’ve actually identified 8 factors, and tediously enough, it may well pay us ill if we don’t carefully read and consider all 8.

The nine factors which I feel you must know about relating to the Eclipse of 5th May are:

Moon in Vishakha, in Vedic Libra


Five planets are in Aries including Sun

Pluto square the Nodal Axis


Chiron square Mars




Mercury Retrograde


Lilith is square the Nodal Axis

Guru Chandala Yoga: The Jupiter – Rahu North Node conjunction


The House/Life-area in your birth chart that this Eclipse hits.

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Let’s look at and solve the nine factors:


Moon in Vishakha, in Vedic Libra:

In the Vedic sidereal Zodiac, the Moon is at 20 Libra in Vishakha Nakshatra.

The symbol of Vishakha is the Triumphant Arch, and whose best nature is spiritual.

The power animal of Vishakha is the Male Tiger!!!

It’s ruled by Jupiter so at its best it offers you Dharma now.

It’s nature is vehement. Negatively, obsessions could burn you up now. You could turn insatiable and ruthless.

Simplify the number of things you take on at this time!!!

Take on board the new lessons.

Open to the new spiritual realizations.

Be clear what inspires you and include that – otherwise you’ll lose yourself in the over-running, and to little purpose.

Keep very AWARE!

And with Moon and Ketu in Libra be so on the look out for DEVITALISATION. And deal with an manage this, or your will LOOSE OUT!

And with Moon and Ketu in Libra, be also so aware of your relationship issues.

This is a horribly tense driven time – don’t let that damage your relationship.

The whole karmic purpose of the Ketu through Libra Transit is to become more aware of past life influences and the factors in our destiny for this life that affect RELATIONHSIP!

It is for that reason that I created my LoveStarDating website at this time: my international dating site for those on a spiritual pathway, which, uniquely, is supported by Astrologers and Healers should you wish to avail yourself of these services.


Five planets are in Aries including Sun

Opposite the Moon is a super-strong, revolutionary, change-driven, expansion-driven, damagingly-driven, over-expansionary breakthrough five-planet pileup in Aries: Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Rahu North Node, Mercury! Sun is so strong in Aries.

The super-strong warrior energy has swept into our makeup.

Beware turmoil and over-running. Breathe! Choose realistic focus. Trim your sails.

And Sun is conjunct star Menkar which tips us through unconscious forces into loss and failure OR success!

(In detail, that’s: Sun (20 deg) conjunct Uranus (24 deg), Jupiter (3 deg) conjunct Rahu North Node (9 deg) and Retrograde Mercury (14 deg).

If you have major planets in Aries and Libra the effect of this Eclipse on you will be VAST:

For Aries and Libra people especially, but for all of us:

Be careful.

Be aware.

Manage the huge currents wisely and sensibly.

Be aware that there will be the unexpected.

Be prepared to be spontaneous.

Use you intuition. Use intuitive methods.

Break free from negative things still affecting your from your past.

Sun and Uranus are freedom-loving and may ride roughshod over others (and over self).

Sun and Uranus in Bharani Nakshatra may manifest sexually.

Embrace the shifts you will feel.

Be successful.

Pluto square the Nodal Axis:

A major Factor is that Pluto is square the Nodal Axis

(Pluto is at 6 deg Capricorn)



Embrace and manage the power changes in your life

Embrace and manage the shifts in your life.

Pluto is Retrograde from May 1st to October 10th.


Chiron square Mars:

And an important twist to the tale is that Chiron is square Mars.

We may feel that dealing with all this is wounding and too much.

We may feel very hampered in dealing with our needed success opportunities!

You could feel so frustrated and disappointed in yourself.

If necessary, do vision work on this important facet of the energies:  Envision your warrior you.

Maintain awareness if your action is being drained or scattered or nullified – and be decisive to deal with this. Get cooperation from loved ones and colleagues.

You need to strongly prioritize in the midst of the energy storm of this eclipse involving five planets in Aries.

Mars transiting Cancer which comes in imminently from May 10th can cause frustration, inertia and scatter.

And Mars is opposition Pluto around May 20th!!!! Anger. Revolution. Power.



Another major factor is that Saturn casts a 3House aspect on all the five planets in Aries.

This energy is very, very different!

Saturn trashes some of the fiery Aries planets.

And do note that Saturn makes us tie up all our loose ends.

And Saturn makes us feel great endless frustration.

Saturn defines your focus to an important extent – and tells you: you must work hard.

With all this going on, you could fall victim to OVERLOAD if you are not aware, if you don’t prioritize, if you are not sufficiently in charge and decisive.

Saturn is not your enemy.

Saturn is your friend – if only you can see how.

Don’t underestimate how strong the energy of Saturn in Aquarius is now. I have been feeling it so strongly for months.


Mercury Retrograde:

The Mercury Retrograde conjunct Uranus energy will give us revolutionary breakthroughs, indeed possibly bringing in material from our pasts, but could play havoc with communications and IT.

Mercury is Combust until 10th May.


Lilith is square the Nodal Axis:

This is not to be underestimated.

Lilith is our shadow material.

Lilith is our buried Wild Side that we need to get to know and work with.

Note what may be surfacing at the time of this eclipse that has been very long repressed.

Integrate it.

Be very open to seeing how stuff in your shadow/your unconscious may be dictating what you do, who you think you are.

Your shadow material may need to be recognized and expressed especially at this time, if you are to manifest your destiny in this stage of this lifetime’s destiny pathway.

Guru Chandala Yoga:

When Jupiter and Rahu North Node are in the same sign – Aries I the case of now – this is called Guru Chandala Yoga in Vedic Astrology.

The period is 23rd April to 30th October.

The Jupiter Rahu conjunct is exact on 27th May.

Jupiter = expansion, wisdom, spirituality, knowledge and growth.

Rahu = illusion, obsession, addiction and purpose – and if we purify these we will find and express our incarnational life purpose and destiny for this life and arrive all the better at that.

Thee two amplify each other, and that can have negative consequences of over-ambition, over-running, etc.

So we have to develop awareness, develop spiritual awareness if we are to reap the potential positive destiny.

Uranus – Rahu – Jupiter in Aries will call to us to DEFINE OUR FREEDOM!


The House/Life-area in your birth chart that this Eclipse hits.

Of course, as ever, the House / Life Area that is the sign Libra and Aries in your birth chart is where the energies of this eclipse will especially hit.

Have a look at the House life area meaning within the Interpretation pages on my StarwheelAstrology website:

In my case Aries is my 10th house of career, and I am posting a  couple of blog posts which shown the wonderful Reviews and Testimonials my clients have been so very kind to give me recently. All the huge energies described above are affecting my 10th House of career.

Of course Libra is also affected. Ketu is going through Libra. You can’t imagine the issues that have come up from this Ketu transit and the kind and wonderful healings that have come to me from out of nowhere. And of course during the time of this Ketu through Libra transit I set up the LoveStarDating website for those worldwide who are seeking love and also on a spiritual pathway:

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See the Blog Post showing the wonderful Testimonials my work has Received:

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