Eclipse February 11th 2017 What will this mean?

There is a Full Moon or lunar Eclipse on 11th February 2017. What will this mean?

Note: that the exact Date/time will vary slightly according to latitude and time zone of the place where you live. Variation may be one day either side. These details are set for Foxford in Co Mayo in West of Ireland (53 N 58; 009 W 08), which uses UK time. To see exact detail for your location, please go to: and find out.    



Where are the Sun and Moon on this Eclipse? See the western and Vedic full charts below at the foot of this blog post, but here is the summary:

Western Astrology (Tropical Zodiac):     Sun:      22 Aquarius 28
Moon:   22 Leo 28
Vedic Astrology (Sidereal Zodiac):         Sun:      28 Capricorn 22 Dhanistha Nakshatra (Lunar Sign) (Pada 2)
Moon:   28 Cancer 22     Ashlesha Nakshatra (Lunar Sign) (Pada 4)
(The Nakshatras are the powerful, sure and beautiful 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic astrology, used in addition to the 12 Vedic Sun Signs).

Note that this is a penumbral, or partial Eclipse. So, this means that it is not as powerful as the really very heavy duty New Moon Eclipse upcoming later this month on 26.2.17 at 14.58 hrs. See my forthcoming Blog about that, and for all the lunations.

So this eclipse will bring the winds of change, if you have a significant planet or your ascendant on or very near the degrees of the Sun or the Moon of this eclipse.

In particular, note that the Moon of this eclipse is in the Gandanta Zone. What is the gandanta zone?

Well, the three Gandanta Zones are the three sensitive, dangerous and difficult transitions from a water sign in Vedic Astrology to a fire Sign: so water dissolves, and the Void is opened up, and across that is the first flicker of Fire. These transitions points are from Vedic Pisces to Aries (Revati to Ashwini Nakshatras) Vedic Cancer to Leo (Ashlesha to Leo Nakshatras).

Some astrologers offer very strict definition of Gandanta Zone (plus/minu three quarters of a degree wither side of the zero point), but others offer the definition of two degrees either side, and I have most certainly found that planets falling two degrees either side definitely do show Gandanta effects. Gandanta effects are like like the substance of the planet being drained or obliterated, the opening up of the sensitivity to the lack of reality of the material world.

So, what is means for example, is that it you have Moon in one of the three Gandanta Zones, mother won’t be there for you; if you have Sun their father won’t be there for you, and you will be drained of your full substance. Of course, you can do something about healing and empowering a planet in the Gandanta zone, except in the case of Moon, where perforce you have no choice to devote your life to understanding with and working with and living with the curse.

So my point is that the Eclipse will have very special effect on people with planets in 2 deg either side of the Vedic Cancer – Leo Gandanta, most expecially on the Cancer side.

So this means that if you have been using your Sun wrongly, as Ashleshas are often prone to, controlling and hypnotising themselves or others, then this eclipse could bring downfall.

I say downfall, but ‘correction’ might be the better word. You see, eclipse have a big energetic effect. They are associated with tsunamis or tidal waves and earth quakes in the earth crust. We are largely made up of water, and so there is a tidal wave in us and in our life if an eclipse falls on one of our planets or (big effect here) on our Ascendant (the start of our Rinsing Sign, called the Lagna in Vedic Astrology). Earthquakes release stress build up. If we are living in a way that is not right for our life, or not right for the course of events of the universe’s unfoldement, then the tectonic plates will crack! Then the tsunami will crash!

To have an eclipse fall on your Sun, Moon or Ascendant, gave rise in the age of the Iliad, the Vedas or the Irish Druid epics: The Book of Invasions, to predictions of the ‘Fall of Kings’, etc. Secrets open up and are exposed.

But what this really means is that the person is ‘off course’ and the tidal wave of the eclipse energy will align events and consequences in the life that will smash into their live, with the divine intention of correction, of putting them on course.

So, it is very important to be careful and aware if an eclipse is due to happen or has recently happened on one of your major planets. Lunar eclipse such as this have quick effects; solar eclipses have delayed effects.

The Total Solar Eclipse visible across U.S. August 21st 2017 is situated right on Donald Trump’s ascendant. From working as an astrologer for 22 years, I have a long list of accounts of the sort of things that happen.

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