Eclipse Falls in a Key House in Astrology Birth Chart

An Eclipse Falls in a Key House in my Astrology Birth Chart How do I understand the meaning?

Find out where is the Moon of an upcoming Eclipse is in relation to your birth chart. You do need to know and understand this.

And you’d also need to look at where the eclipse Nodal axis and Ascendant are, and also check out where the significant planets of the particular upcoming eclipse chart are, in relation to your own birth chart.

One of the key things to look for are: what house does the eclipse fall in in my birth chart?

You can calculate the House number from Ascendant (called Lagna in Vedic Astrology) or secondly you can also calculate the position of an upcoming eclipse from your natal Moon (Janma) in your Astrology chart. But note that calculation from Ascendant tends to give the stronger prediction meaning.

I always check out an eclipse position in relation to both the Vedic birth chart (which must use the Sidereal Zodiac, for accuracy and is geared to declaration of your Incarnational Life Purpose),
and also:
the Western birth chart (which uses the Tropical Zodiac and declares our psychological self, with extra meanings to incorporate the Gods of Change, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and Chiron your Wounded Healer).

So, here are some very brief one size fits all ‘standard meanings’ of what will be the effect in your life when an Eclipse falls in one of the Houses of your birth chart:

Remember, eclipses undam dammed up energies, so whether an eclipse’s effects on you are positive or negative will depend on how well you are ‘on course’ for your meant destiny in life.

It is essential to realize that if you are off-course, the eclipse will bring downfall, you need a collapse of that lifestyle in order to have any hope of getting your life on-course again.

And if we are on-course for our incarnational life purpose, then the eclipse will undam blocks and open up possibility and lead to golden reaping for us.

Eclipse effect on the Houses of your Vedic birth chart:

Here are some very simple, selective, ‘one size fits all’ buzzwords as to the meaning of an eclipse falling into any of your Houses in your birth chart:

(It is the sidereal zodiac Vedic birth chart that gives the surest result, though we must also look at the psychological declaration of your Western Astrology birth chart as well):

Eclipse in1st House: big shock or empowerment to issues of personal health and presence in the world, personal health, your appearance. Positive transformation of position in the world or Downfall.

Eclipse in 2nd House: big change in income, issues to do with mouth and teeth, your voice, value issues.

Eclipse in 3rd House: big change is issues of skills, talents, initiative, writing/communication, siblings.

Eclipse in 4th House: major change in issues to do with mother or home, domestic patterns, activities and happiness. Some change to do with car. Effect on your mother.

Eclipse in 5th House: earthquake in relationship with children, or in matters of creativity, or in romance, or in spiritual matters and past life merit. Effect on your children

Eclipse in 6th House: shakeup in areas such as legal issues, handling of enemies, personal health and immunity.

Eclipse in 7th House: changes in the balance between yourself and spouse.

Eclipse in 8th house: Changes in shared Financial Arrangements, Inheritance, Physical or emotional Vitality, or Metaphysical Studies.

Eclipse in 9th house: shakeup in area of beliefs, guru/teacher, higher learning.

Eclipse in 10th House: Major shakeup in career pending.

Eclipse in 11th House: major change/shake-up in issues of gains, profits, goals, ambitions, associates.

Eclipse in 12th House: huge effect on issues of loss, institution issues/connections, residence abroad.

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