Eclipse 30th April 22 How you can create balance and success amid the fraught energy

There is a huge eclipse energy on 30th April: eclipsed Sun and Moon are at 16 deg Aries in the Sidereal zodiac of Vedic Astrology (10 Taurus Tropical Western astrology zodiac).

What is an Eclipse? It is to be likened for its effect in our life to that of an Earthquake in the Earth’s crust. If tension grows and grows between the strata in the Earth’s crust, then – often at Eclipse time – there will be an Earthquake to get rid of the tension. If it’s under the sea, then it’s a tsunami.

Big Question: can you identify a tension area in your life which an Eclipse could easily bring an Earthquake to? And the next big question: what do you feel the ideal answer to the tension area in your life might be???

Note that this Eclipse is big because it comes as several planets change sign and just after the Nodes of the Moon have changed Sign to the Aries Libra Axis, and the Nodes will transit there for 18 months – they changed sign on April 12th. See my video and blog series all about the vastness of what this means – the links are on the April 2022 page of my Starwheel Astrology blog.

And see the Western and Vedic charts for this Eclipse, too, on the Starwheel April 2022 page:

And note that two more crucial sections are still upcoming to this video and blog series of mine all about the Nodes Change Signs in April 2022. These are:
What does it mean to have Ketu transiting across a person’s planets in Libra? and
What does it mean to have Rahu transiting across a person’s planet in Aries? Watch this space.

OK, so, let’s get back to this April 30th Eclipse, coming so soon as it does after the Nodes have changed Sign:
Aries is ‘Me First’ and ruled by Mars.
Libra is the sign of Relating and ruled by Venus.
Can you find the proper Balance?
Proper Balance is a large part of what this Eclipse is all about – when experienced at its highest.

You actually do have to realize that in fact the prevailing energy of this Eclipse, is an energy that feels so fraught and fearful and unsettled, with key decisions to be made, and an overriding call to find proper and true balance.
Perhaps this can be achieved through a tweak in your life-direction?
Or perhaps this can only be achieved, or even through a rather more major life-path adjustment having to be made?

If you can handle this eclipse time right. If you can think and meditate deeply and powerfully at this time, then please know this: you will achieve pure balance, harmony and success. So, you could strip away what needs to leave your life now.

In the rest of this post, I look at nine factors to take into account with this particular eclipse.
Here is the Part 1 video:
Then, as Part 2, I then suggest a possible outline for a Vision Journey you could do the achieve the highest outcome for this eclipse.
Here is the Part 2 video:
And lastly, as Part 3, I then list the life-area that this eclipse will strike: i.e. the Houses in your birth chart, counted from your Ascendant/Lagna and also from your natal Moon. Both Lagna and Moon need to be counted from as Ascendant for assessing the effect of an Eclipse.

OK let’s start with Part 1 by looking at the nine factors which reveal the energy of this Eclipse, and how to work with it for the best, for your best:

Potentially favourable factor: Bharani Nakshatra:
A major factor to be aware of, a factor that can be made into a positive factor, is that the eclipse Sun and Moon are in Bharani Nakshatra ruled by Venus. You will find joy and prosperity and personal growth – if you take the right steps now, if you deal with Fear properly, now.
Bahrani is fierce creative energy of big transformation.
This eclipse is in the 1st pada of Bharani and in the 5th navamsha of Aries. The 5th Navamsha of Aries is Leo. Leo is natural 5th house energy of creativity and higher ideas.
So, the position of this eclipse potentially brings out the best of Bharani: a fire of ideas, an urge to be creative, and yet to be the disciplined warrior.
Let’s look first at the disorientating barriers we each have to pass through, if we are to have success through this Eclipse.

Barrier: Saturn is square the Nodal Axis at the time of this eclipse.
This is a fated destined energy demand.
What is being demanded of you? What have you got out of balance? In what way are you departing from your proper destiny-line now? What are you feeling so anxious and nervous about? Can you see your key situation clearly and sort it with power, success and love?
Saturn demands that we each stand still now, centre, cease being so over-stretched, pare down to key basics and key karmic demands for this time.
Stand still.
Take authority now.
Saturn is at 0 deg Aquarius. Rahu North Node is at 29 deg Aries. Ketu South Node is at 29 deg Libra.
Saturn only changed sign from Capricorn, the sign before, on April 29th.
So, for some time now Saturn has been crushingly demanding that we tie up the loose ends, dot the final I’s, cross the final t’s, of all that was left undone and unsorted from the time of his long sojourn in Capricorn.
And note that Saturn does return to Capricorn from 12.7.22 to 17.1.23.
(This is because he soon turns Retrograde in Aquarius on 15.6.22).

Barrier: Pluto turned Retrograde on April 29th.
So Pluto’s velocity is virtually at station. And when a planet is at station, he carves his demands super-powerfully. He is super-strong.
And when Pluto demands, his demands are about power issues and buried power and coming into our proper power and being the ethical, loving hero in our life.
Pluto demands now that we centre and stand still and occupy our rightful power within proper balance NOW.

Barrier: Venus
There is a potentially wonderful Neptune-Jupiter conjunction at the very start of Vedic Pisces now.
Neptune is at 0 Pi 23, Jupiter is at 3 Pi 47.
Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces has as its highest potential such needed divine intuition in these troubled times. But it needs to be handled with clarity. It must not be dreamy escapism.
But there is a problem to this stellium: Venus!
Venus is the Ruler of Bharani Nakshatra where this Eclipse occurs. Venus is at 3 Pi 45.
In terms of Rashi Avasthas score, Venus is trashing Jupiter:

Jupiter’s raw strength score here is 414 strength points.
But the impact of Venus on Jupiter brings Jupiter’s strength manifestation score down to -41.

This disaster is caused because Venus is starving Jupiter. When Venus starves Jupiter, it makes the person overly concerned about finding happiness, and actually overly-concerned about finding happiness through a particular thing, a particular agenda, event or area of life. Venus is being greedy here and tunnel-visioned. If we fall into this negative Venus trap, we prevent ourselves seeing what Destiny is actually giving us in the present situation (remember what I said about Saturn being square the Nodal Axis now).

Our greed or our tunnel-vision can actually prevent us from seeing what Destiny is actually offering us at the time of this Eclipse. Don’t fall into this trap!

Find the Spiritual, Healing Meaning within your present situation. Achieve the vision and power to meet that.

Note that this Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces is in the 12th House from the Eclipse in Aries.

At its highest this means the call to liberate your consciousness from the chains of repetitive Desire and Want, and instead find balance on your right path – the path that is actually right for you now – right for your body rhythms, right for your destiny-line, right for the line of your life-purpose. These are the things you need to commit yourself to, now, and find satisfaction from these.

Barrier: Mars
We next need to look at the Eclipse ruler.
The Eclipse is in Aries, so the ruler is Mars. Mars is also the Eclipse Ruler (along with Venus).
Well, Mars is transiting Saturn-ruled Aquarius, so Mars is in low Dignity score (-1).
Mars and Saturn don’t get on in this chart.
If you look at the Rashi Avasthas scoring, Mars and Saturn are fighting each other terribly, causing growling frustration anger or irritation:
Mars has a raw strength score of 359 points.
But Saturn brings 555 negative points to Mars here.
So, when influenced by Saturn, Mars’ score falls to just +195.
Saturn has a raw strength score of 555 points.
But Mars brings 359 negative points to Saturn here.
So, when influenced by Mars, Saturn’s score falls to -195.
Importantly, for assessing Mars, the ruler of this Eclipse, note that Mars is in Shatabishak Nakshatra, which is ruled by Rahu North Node. So, there is a real imperative call to each of us to keep out of anger and frustration at this time. Avoid fights.
Shatabishak Nakshatra at its best is all about healing yourself then becoming the Healer of others.
So, the call is to put the Mars energy into the right healing and philosophical path for yourself.
And where will this get you?

Destination: Achieving New Balance:
Only if you centre, meditate, do vision work, take the steps will you reap well this Eclipse.
I repeat: Only if you centre, meditate, do vision work, take the steps will you reap well this Eclipse.
Crucially, we must understand that the call is to find the PURE BALANCE.
We will each come into HARMONY and SUCCESS if we find the NEEDED NEW BALANCE in our life, in our life-path.
And hear this most important caveat. This New Balance WILL be accompanied by HEAVY RESPONSIBILITIES.
Because Saturn is square the Nodal Axis!

A Helping Hand: The Talent Triangle:
Now is the time to mention the talent triangle.
If you look at the Western chart for this Eclipse, you will see that there is a Talent Triangle in the chart:
Mercury is trine Pluto, and each of these is sextile the Apex stellium of the Talent Triangle which is Neptune conjunct Jupiter conjucnts Venus.
We have discussed the risk to Jupiter from Venus above.
But if we have awareness of what is needed to stop Venus having a negative effect on Jupiter, then here we have a wonderful Talent Triangle from which we can benefit and turn this tense and fearful eclipse into NEEDED NEW BALANCE.
What is a Talent Triangle chart aspect shape? It is a trine and two sextiles – all blue aspects in the psychodynamic western astrology colour coding system:
Planet A is trine Planet B
Where both Planet A and Planet B each also trine planet C (Plant C is the apex planet of the triangle).
This is called a ‘small talent triangle’ (N.B. it’s the triangle, not the talent that’s small), as opposed to the large talent triangle which is more usually known as the Grand Trine.
A small talent triangle indicates a talent to be developed in your life using the energies of the constituent planets. You absorb and assimilate new experiences and attitudes through these planets and in so doing, have the potential develop a specific and specialized talent. In this case it’s the deep thought and awareness that can come from Pluto working with Mercury to develop the Jupiter-Neptune intuitive and vision dimensions of awareness.
This talent will NOT develop through frantic learning, but through quietly absorbing and digesting experience, and being aware that you still have something crucial to learn. The planets in the sextile aspects absorb the life experiences and the talent actually grows in the trine, to be liberated and expressed when needed. When Venus works at its highest this can achieve the blossoming stage of the flower.

Uranus – The X-Factor:
Uranus is bringing in Revolution. Tension. Even war.
Uranus is in a three-planet stellium with the Eclipse Sun and Moon:
Uranus is at 20 Aries. Sun and Moon are at 16 Aries.
All three are in Bharani Nakshatra.
Remember, when Uranus last transited Vedic Aries it saw the rise of Adolph Hitler, the burning of the Reichstadt and the bringing in of World War 2.
But at our personal level, what Uranus presence conjunct this Eclipse Sun and Moon is, is to make each of us ask our self: ‘What demand is being placed on me now that forces me to change some pattern of my life, some way of seeing things???’
‘What Revolution must I bring in now?’
‘In what area of my life?’

Become The Chosen One
If we can take the period April 29th to May 1st quietly, and meditate on the nature of this Eclipse and do vision work, we have it in us to develop a picture of the NEEDED NEW BALANCE, and of us at the centre of these eclipse areas being the Hero of the NEEDED NEW BALANCE.
Because this Eclipse is in Bharani Nakshatra, I do believe that if we can handle this Eclipse in this way, we will have Success and Joy and Abundance.
Out of our new awareness of this Eclipse can come:
Creative Focus
Confidence and Prosperity
– Based on Personal Growth!


Read the blog and watch the video all about the 9 Key Points required to understand this Eclipse.
Armed with that awareness, you then need to start this piece of vision work by being grounded, in a quiet place, alone or with another or with others.

You need to then become more fully embodied – in touch with your body and with how you feel.

As a next step it would be useful to develop awareness of what tension you might be under?

What do you feel might be the ‘cause’ of it?

What area of life seems to be the centre of the tension?

Search and see if you do feel an overriding call to find proper and true balance.

Does a ‘solution’ come to your mind?

Perhaps this can be achieved through a tweak in your life-direction?
Perhaps this can only be achieved, or even through a rather more major life-path adjustment having to be made?

Now visualize you Self having found joy and prosperity and personal growth. What do you look like? How are you holding yourself? What is the look on your face?

Now see your Self as the Warrior, fierce and creative, a fire of ideas – and yet the disciplined warrior.

See the vision of Saturn to your left. Know that each planet is a Face of the Ultimate Divine. What does Saturn look like as he maybe sits in meditation to your left. You know you have to obey his Karmic Demands

See the figure of Pluto to your right. Know that each planet is a Face of the Ultimate Divine. What does the Dark Lord look like? You know you can not hide from the imperatives of your Buried Power.

Now, before you, see what it is you crave for.

Is what you crave for actually going to release you from the tension?

Is what you crave for just a negative Venus trap???

When you have answered this question, reach out for the light that Destiny is actually offering you now: your life being lived in a state of balance, a state of Perfect Balance, the Nodes in the Aries-Libra axis.

Absorb and assimilate this new experience.

Sense the potential you have – the potential to develop a specific and specialized talent.

And then, as your Hero Self, walk forward in proper balance – not stress.

As your hero Self define your rightful goal for moving out of life tension now.

See your Self walking forward sustaining that goal.

Lock that image into your mind!

Keep seeing that image of your Hero Self walking forward, breathing properly and feeling your body in rhythm and balance as you yourself walk forward into the days of this Lunation, achieving the Goal that will release you from the Tension.

See your Self walking the path that is actually right for you now.

See yourself walking the path that is right for your body rhythms, right for your destiny-line, right for the line of your life-purpose.

Know that these are the things you need to commit yourself to, now, and find satisfaction from these.


Out of our new awareness can come:

Success and Joy and Abundance.

Creative Focus.

Confidence and Prosperity.

– Based on Personal Growth!

Part 3:
Eclipse in Aries 30.4.22 – HOUSES affected for each Rising Sign

Eclipses: Where there is tension in our life, there will be an earthquake, just as where there is tension in the earth’s crust, there will be an earthquake or tsunami to release the build-up. Similarly, Eclipses can also raise up our buried shadow or unconscious material, ideally in a healing way, but this can be in a catastrophic way. It all depends how much awareness you go into an Eclipse with. And I do find that vision work around the time of the Eclipse and in the following days of that lunation can really help us get the best out of the ‘death and rebirth’ that an eclipse offers.

The question is: what area of my life will be especially affected the Eclipse of April 30th. For this we can examine the House in your birth chart where this Eclipse falls. What are the affairs of that House? Houses are all about areas of our life.

For usual interpretation, one would count the Houses from the Ascendant (Lagna), and this is most certainly valid. But do note also that we always, secondarily, need also to count the Houses from our natal Moon, as well.

Here are some indicative buzz words to show the different life areas covered by the House that is Aries where this eclipse falls, counted from your natal Ascendant or from your natal Moon:


Aries as your Ascendant or Moon:

Eclipse in your first house, Aries, will have a massive effect on you and your life:


House of Appearance
life-essence, temperament
early-life. Appearance, identity, vitality.

Taurus as your 1st House from Ascendant or Moon:
Eclipse in your 12th House, Aries.
House of Loss.
Loss, squander, institutions, sexual pleasure, foreign countries, spiritual release.
Letting go, Death. Life after death. Left eye.
sexual pleasures,
expenditures, travels
living in a foreign land,
liberation, moksha.
This can be the psychic or the Healer.

Gemini as your Ascendant or Moon:
Eclipse in your 11th House, Aries.
House of Gain
gains, Socialization, friendship, hopes and wishes
love-making, worshipping deities.
Status in the community, ambition and what we do with our power.
The public.
eldest sibling.

Cancer as your Ascendant or Moon:
Eclipse in your 10th House, Aries.
House of Profession    Career, standing in the world, Livelihood, Accomplishment of spells
Attainment of results,
Honour, Glory, renown.

Leo as your Ascendant or Moon:
Eclipse in your 9th House, Aries.
House of the Father
Guru, teachings, Religious rites, Meditation
Perception.  Meritorious deeds, Long journeys,
Philosophical attitude,
Penance. Your highest teachings
Right Action, father, unexpected luck.

Virgo as your Ascendant or Moon:
Eclipse in your 8th House, Aries.
House of Death
N.B. we can work with the 8th house energy in two ways: + astrology, healing, yoga, psychology etc, or – obstacles, scandal etc.
Psychic Experiences
Secrets     Diseases
Past lives    Legacy Rectum      Longevity
Place and manner of death sexual potency and charisma. Change transformation and letting go. Embracing the new and dealing with fears.
Death, length of life, the Occult.

Libra as your Ascendant or Moon:
Eclipse in your 7th House, Aries.
House of the Spouse
relationship, sexual pleasure   marriage, partnership, compromise,  genitals, status in life, pride. The Partner, known enemies, Business success or failure.

Scorpio as your Ascendant or Moon:
Eclipse in your 6th House, Aries.
House of enemies
Debts, Latent Faculties,
Suffering, Theft,
Public censure, Servitude
Fear of death. Health and sickness, obstacles. If we do not live by sensible right careful principles, this causes problems. Face unpleasantness so as to succeed. Positively this is the Healers’ House

Sagittarius as your Ascendant or Moon:
Eclipse in your 5th House, Aries.
House of Children.
Children, creativity, religious rituals, education, talents, romance, good morals, rewards after hard efforts, what we love. Purva Punya (past life merits)

Capricorn as your Ascendant or Moon:
Eclipse in your 4th House, Aries.
House of the Mother.
Mother, Mind, family, home.
Intelligence, Home life
Fixed assets, Heart,  Conveyances, roots and root teachings. roots, emotional integrity

Aquarius as your Ascendant or Moon:
Eclipse in your 3rd House, Aries.
House of Siblings
Obstacles. Younger Siblings, short journeys, motivation, energy Prowess, Impediments,
Ears, Physical injuries
Good advice, Try new things, courage, Communication, creativity.

Pisces as your Ascendant or Moon:
Eclipse in your 2nd House, Aries.
House of Wealth
Wealth, communication.
Intelligence, early childhood Creative potential,
family relationships,
eyesight, right eye. mouth, sensitivity

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