Eclipse 26th December 2019 Be open to the Inspiration in your Life

Solar Eclipse 26th December 2019

There’s a very major and powerful Solar Eclipse on 26th December 2019.

Eclipses are basically the violent un-damming energy – for good or ill. It’s a good idea to remember this eclipse is happening and keep your life simple at this time – a few days before and afterwards.

Look at the chart for this huge eclipse. It’s at the bottom of this post in both western and Vedic astrology.

Put your birth chart in the middle of it. If you have any questions, get a Reading from me: //

So, basically, Sun enters Vedic Sagittarius on 16th December, and this solar eclipse is at 9 deg Vedic Sagittarius, in Mula Nakshatra which is ruled by Ketu.

And an exceptional number of planets are caught up in this Eclipse:

So, in addition to the eclipsed Sun and Moon, there’s Jupiter which is also caught up in it as a close conjunction

Plus Mercury, Saturn, Ketu and Pluto also in Vedic Sagittarius.

Basically, the key thing is that I think the root energy of this eclipse is very inspirational, combining Ketu and Jupiter, and will be good for astrology and occult matters.

Then check out: what are your barriers to accepting and recognising and implementing Inspiration???

There’s the need for each of us now, at these times, to go through the zero point and face the shadow, and emerge healed. This is the call to leave our 3D responses and patterns behind, and embrace a more enlightened consciousness. 

We need to face the fear.

We need to see the self that Fear creates, as our shadow self.

We then need to become strong in the face of it, because that is what it offers: a chance for healing and growth.

 To the extent that we are the bird who has lived in a cage all his life, we may shrink back from FREEDOM!

But it’s also very important to check out: What House or Area of Life is Sagittarius in your Vedic natal chart? That will be affected.

Because Jupiter is Eclipsed, and because Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, the sign occupied by the eclipse, you also need to assess: What role does Jupiter the Lord of Sagittarius have in your life? What does the planet Jupiter indicate in your life? What houses/signs does Jupiter occupy/rule? These will all be affected.

Also, do you have any planets in Mula Nakshatra, the Nakshtra which the Eclipse actually falls in? Those planets will be strongly affected.

It’s quite a chart! It’s shown in western and Vedic astrology at the foot of this blog post.

Saturn, Ketu and Pluto are all in Vedic Sagittarius too, the sign of the Eclipse.

What an exceptional eclipse impact!!

An eclipse’s normal effect is to offer release of dammed up tension. It’s like an earthquake that discharges pent up tensions in the earth’s crust – or a tsunami that occurs when the earthquake is under the sea.

The big important thing is to try to see what the healing and empowering release is bubbling to the surface for you in your life. As I said above, its nature is likely to be around Inspiration that has been wanting to get out!

Use the eclipse as an opportunity to strengthen yourself. Use this eclipse to take of the blinkers that you may not have even realised you were wearing.

Use this astrological analysis to understand what the energy of this eclipse is, and decide how you will best handle that energy.

Check out what house Sagittarius is in your Vedic chart: as I said above, note what are the life affairs of that house are. This is the life area that this eclipse will impact on, also bringing up the roots of those life areas. So, Houses are numbered from the Ascendatn and the natal Moon. Here’s some examples:

Aries: So, for example, if you have an Aries Moon or an Aries Ascendant, this eclipse will be in your 9th House of spirituality and guru energies.

Cancer: If you have a Cancer Moon or Ascendant, this eclipse will be in the area of health. Make sure you are not living in a way that promote bad health. Get needed healing.

Libra: If you have a Libra Moon or Ascendant, this eclipse will be in your 3rd House of Creativity: find your creative expression!!

And also check out which of your natal planets may be not only conjunct but also opposition to this Eclipse. That planet, the signs it rules in your birth chart, and also that planets’ significations for areas of your life will all be affected.

With so many planets involved in this eclipse, note that a lot of planetary sign rulers are there caught up in the eclipse, especially Leo ruled by Sun, Cancer ruled by Moon, Gemini and Virgo ruled by Mercury; Sagittarius and Pisces ruled by Jupiter. Goodness: what an eclipse!!! Goodness what a pervasive effect in our life, in our consciousness.

As I said above, people with major planets in Sagittarius will be facing a lot of change, anyway. A LOT!

So, use this analysis as a basis to understand what you experience at the tiem of the Eclipse. Be aware. Evaluate. Then embrace the highest potential. Heal where that’s needed. Make the journey powerfully and with chosen focus.

And take into account the other astrological energies we are experiencing at this time too. For the full description of the energies of this time, see my December astrology and healing newsletter:

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Here are the Charts:

Eclipse 26.12.19 Vedic Chart:










Eclipse 26.12.19 Western Chart:




















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