Eclipse 14th December Donald Trump’s mental stability will be severely affected

The Eclipse of 14th December 2020 will raise a very big challenge to the stability of Donald Trump’s mind, and for the well-being of the US nation.

2020 will certainly be a year to remember.

See the charts for this eclipse, plus Donald Trump and also the USA on my Starwheel Astrology December 2020 monthly info page:

I predict that when the 14th December eclipse strikes, it will massively affect the way Donald Trump will manage his Mind and his Consciousness, and the way he will lead the US nation.

In the circumstances that will arise around that date, he will revert to being a Trickster who will play havoc with individuals and human community for his entertainment.

He will become an unreliable person who suffers from mental instability and who will feel he has little to lose in his actions to stay on top.

The energies of this 14th December Eclipse are right on his unstable Moon – Ketu conjunction in his birth chart, and this will deepen his period of unbalance in mental health, which has already been assaulted by the factors which I carefully list below, factors that, indeed, already dominate 2020 astrology.

This needs to be known, as this factor will have very major challenges for the United States.

It will have very major challenges for the management of the consciousness of US citizens.

It will have very major challenges for the management of violent energies already manifesting socially.

And it will raise major challenges for the management of the ‘social reset’ going on at this time, as a consequence of the coronavirus’ triggering effects on the US society (and other societies worldwide).

Divisive matters will be brought to a head by Donald Trump’s mentally unstable behaviour around the time of this eclipse.

See my video:

This Pt 1 video continues with Pt. 2 and then Pt 3.

There is within this a terribly difficult to grasp opportunity for positive social revolution and for the healing of national, racial and individual and environmental wounds and wrongs. Such greater spiritual consciousness is there to be possibly grasped. But the Trump-created downside of fear and dogmatic sloganistic judgementalism and the call to fundamentalism will be set against this. There’s the risk of conflict around ideological battlelines, and endless social media sloganizing, rather than the better society and individual consciousness that is also a possible reaction at this time.

And Donald Trump’s state of mind will doubtless have major consequences for the management of the Presidential Election electoral process that is going on at that time. Donald Trump has already tweeted on 22nd June “RIGGED 2020 ELECTION: MILLIONS OF MAIL-IN BALLOTS WILL BE PRINTED BY FOREIGN COUNTRIES, AND OTHERS. IT WILL BE THE SCANDAL OF OUR TIMES!”

Remember, this is a Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipses do not have immediate effects as do Lunar Eclipses. So, the effects of this eclipse will spin out! But it is a most powerful eclipse, as are the other eclipses of 2020 in their exceptional number, and so do remember that the effects of the most powerful eclipses last for months, even years. The most powerful, such as this one, can have RE-SET energy. They create personal and social re-set. If we are on course for our life purpose, then the reset will be benefic, but is we (or a country are off course for our life purpose, then these powerful eclipses have the ancient traditional effect of downfall and catastrophe. This one will activate at least a national and in different ways a global reset point, activating a global crisis that will affect all humanity.

Eclipses are like earthquakes. Earthquakes occur when tension builds up in the plates of the earth’s crust. If they are under the sea, then there’s a tsunami. When the tension gets too much, then the earthquake must occur. This is where the USA, and in maybe a lesser crisis sense: the whole of modernity: modern culture is at.

If Trump is voted in, he will go overboard with the supreme power mandate.

If Trump loses the Election, he’ll challenge the result.

If the election has to be postponed due to coronavirus, he will become very divisive in his rule.

I have decided to voice this prediction now so that you can ask yourself key questions and act on the answers you come to:
Where will you stand on this?

How will you prepare?

How are you managing your mind at this time?
How are you managing your life at this time?

Here are my seven reasons for making this prediction.

New Moon Eclipse of 14th December is exactly conjunct Donald Trump’s natal Moon:

Firstly my reason for making this prediction is because the New Moon Eclipse of 14th December is exactly conjunct Donald Trump’s natal Moon which is anyway in trouble because it’s in the Vedic Scorpio and it’s conjunct Ketu the South Node of the Moon and it’s a preposterous divisive chart which destabilises the Moon because of Kal Sarpa Yoga (see Kal Sarpa yoga definition below). See above for how he will react.
Looking back in recent time, it’s noteworthy that the preposterous divisive energy that is dominating these times is what the vast wisdom of Vedic Astrology identifies as Kal Sarpa Yoga. This is all the planets to one side of the nodal axis, all the Vedic planets in one half of the chart, with maybe one planet isolated and damaged thereby on the other side of the chart at times). And this feature is also in Donald Trump’s chart. And not only his – see point 5, below.

Eclipse of June 21st and December 14th 2020 in same position and date as the 9/11 Eclipses:

Secondly, this is because the eclipses of 21st June 2020 and 14th December 2020 are in exactly the same position as the two eclipses that created 9/11, in the year 2001. (The only slight difference is that for 9/11, Rahu was entering into that eclipse, but for 2020 Rahu is conjunct: it’s part of this eclipse)

Rahu (North Node) in a Mars-ruled Nakshatra:

Thirdly,  this is because we are reaping the violent energies unleashed when Rahu (North node of the Moon) left Ardra Nakshatra (the creator energy for Coronavirus pandemic) and entered the next Nakshatra (Lunar Sign) which is Mrigashira, which is ruled by aggressive Mars.
And indeed, Rahu entered the final pada (quarter) of Mrigashira which is the Scorpio pada. This Mars activation started on 20th May 2020, and will last until 26.1.2021.
See my Blog and videos about this:

Partly this energy is manifesting as social revolution and social re-set, motivating people to fight and riot, to undo the ancient wrongs of slavery which I as a citizen of Ireland, a county anciently invaded and dumbed down by the invasion of the English and the Catholic Church know a lot about.

Record number of eclipses in 2020:

Fourthly this is because we are also reaping the aggressive energy of the record number of eclipses in 2020, namely:
January 10th Full Moon
June 5th Full Moon
June 21st New Moon
July 5th Full Moon
November 30th Full Moon
December 14th New Moon
(See the summary on my June 2020 web page and my info pages for each month of 2020: )

The Preposterous divisive energy of Kal Sarpa Yoga dominates these times:

Fifthly, looking back in time, it’s noteworthy that the preposterous divisive energy of Kal Sarpa Yoga is dominating these times. This is the planet formation in the chart that the vast wisdom of Vedic astrology identifies as Kal Sarpa Yoga. It’s a case of all the Vedic planets to being one side of the nodal axis, in half of the chart, with maybe one planet isolated and damaged on the other side, at times.

It’s in the Heavens through 2019 and 2020.
And we are being led at this time by Boris Johnson in UK and Donald Trump in USA, who have Kal Sarpa Yoga in their birth charts too. Double whammy. What a coincidence!

The citizens of the USA and UK elected them.

But is it coincidence? Is it a coincidence that the same very divisive energy is running in the birth charts of these two leaders AND in the chart for Now in the heavens most of this year??????

So, note that Boris Johnson has Kal Sarpa Yoga, Donald Trump has Kal Sarpa Yoga, too, and, oh no, the chart for Now has Kal Sarpa Yoga, too! It’s there is the heavens – a lot in 2019 and most of 2020. See my blog and video on this:

Uranus transits Vedic Aries:
Sixthly, there’s the entry of Uranus into Vedic sign of Aries, which was the harbinger for the start of World War 2.

I wrote on 20th June 2017, in my Starwheel Astrology Blog, of the entry of Uranus into the Vedic sign of Aries: are we Waiting for Destruction? Uranus enters Aries. Eclipse 21st August 2017?

I wrote, then:

It was Uranus entering Aries/Ashwini 84 years ago that led to the burning of the Reichstag which was followed by the rise of Adolph Hitler that led to terrible World War.

I am writing this post to stress that the world needs to recognize the danger is re-arising: the same energy is here.

I am not saying that everyone will handle the energy of Uranus entering Vedic Aries/Ashwini Nakshatra in the way that Adolph Hitler did, but some definitely will try to handle it that way.

See that post:

So, where are we now with this energy? On the day of the 14th December 2020 Eclipse Uranus is transiting at 12 deg Vedic Aries.

I am not saying, at all, that the Uranus transit into Aries will create a World War, again, but I am saying it will create terrible social unrest/revolution/reformation in the USA, with mixed consciousness driving it , and with mixed results, which could indeed potentially end up with social revolution: Societal reset.

Uranus was discovered, and his energy came into the human consciouses at the time of the French Revolution and the US War of Independence.

Uranus now transiting in Aries: certainly, the energy manifestation of this transit will be uprising (successful or unsuccessful) to get rid of the residues of slavery and social/racial discrimination.

Neptune is square the Eclipse of 14th December 2020:
Seventhly: With Neptune squaring the Nodal Axis of the Eclipse of December 14th, Donald Trump will be very well able to manipulate the confusion and delusion that this T-square will create. Secrets will spawn and proliferate.

So, how do you prepare for this?

How do we each prepare for the massive mental dis-ease, fear, divisiveness and controversy that will come from the prevailing energies (and has already arrived in the mass consciousness)

In times of Darkness, we must respond with increasing Light. But it’s so easy to say that. What people can do which will help the most is:

Some appropriate form of spiritual practice.

Check yourself: Are you coming from a place of compassion? Not a place of Judgement. When people feel and act from a position of love and compassion, the demons flee from their bodies.

Going out into Nature can be very healing.

Exercise is known to act as an anti-depressant.

No longer watch TV. Limit your exposure to news. Don’t over-post on Face Book.

This is a polarisation between the old consciousness and the new, now – in a Nation divided.

Interpret the impact of this eclipse on the chart for the USA. This is an energy for Revolution. Take stock carefully.

What does it mean for you? in your life? now?

Be brave enough to listen to the whisper of your own heart now and not to the roar of Society.

An awakening mind is not interested in drama, conflict or chaos.

Don’t let your world be interpreted for you by others.

Stay pure of heart and you will see the signs. Follow those signs and you will uncover your destiny.

Consider: What is the divine purpose of these events, of these eclipses: it is to move us to a more spiritual plane and seek societal reset.

But will we succeed or fail? Will we manifest the positive or the negative.

This is death and rebirth time. This is Goddess Kali time.

Things are not getting worse: they are getting uncovered.

On a personal note, the coronavirus shutdown has been very good for me and my wife Healer Maggie Pashley. We are working more as a team. We are building extensions to our house and caring for our land (we love on a small former farm in the remote west of Ireland, are bringing in major new initiatives (watch this space) and deepening our connection to the land (Along-term deep process, again: watch this space over years). Just one point to note, Maggie has been asked for dozens of soul re-alignment sessions on-line: this lockdown is making people ask: WHAT IS MY SOUL PURPOSE? AM I ALIGNED TO IT? CAN I ALIRN TO IT NOW?

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Now, let’s look at the charts for the Eclipse of 14th December, for Donald Trump, for the USA and for the Presidential Election:

Cross-refer to my Starwheel Astrology December 2020 monthly info page:
There’s Vedic and Western astrology charts: first, for the eclipse, followed by Donald Trumps’ natal chart, followed by the chart for the USA.

A. Compare the Eclipse Chart to Donald Trump’s chart:

Note that Ketu the South Node of the Eclipse is conjunct his unstable Moon/Ketu conjunction: a conjunction that is a very bad indicator for mothering and the effects of mothering, and one that creates a consciousness that is very prone to hissy fits (at least).

So essentially both Donald Trump’s Moon and this Eclipse are centering around 29 deg Vedic Scorpio, a sign when occupied by the natal Moon that is bad for the stability of the mind and also bad for mothering issues.

And notice it’s in Jyestha Nakshatra, which is very impelled to be ‘The Eldest’.

And notice it’s in the Gandanta Zone. Gandanta Zones are the transition points from water signs to fire signs, and are bad for connection to this world, and attuned to realities beyond. The closer to the zero point (sign point change), the stronger the Gandanta Effect.

And note that Rahu of the Eclipse is conjunct Donald Trump’s natal Sun-Rahu-Uranus conjunction. This is a conjunction that is prone to terrible compulsive ambitions and sudden changes. It would require spiritual insight of a high order to manage it successfully.

And Rahu transiting his Sun-Rahu-Uranus will make him even more compulsively ambitious and ready to take any step however out fo the box including the outrageous.

B. Cross-refer the Eclipse of 14th December chart to the USA chart:

Next, cross refer the Eclipse chart to the chart for the USA, and see that this eclipse is not only conjunct Donald Trumps’ Uranus, it’s conjunct the United States’ Uranus, as well = REVOLUTION.

Neptune is in Vedic Aquarius: the same sign as the United State’s Moon. Confusion and illusion
Mars is in the US 4th House: fighting at home.

The eclipse is in the US 12th House = a lot going on under the surface and unacknowledged secrets etc.

C. Check out the Election chart: