Eclipse 14th December 2020 in critical position in Donald Trump’s birth chart

See the chart for the Eclipse 14th December 2020, and also Donald Trump’s birth chart, on my December 2020 Starwheel Astrology web page:
This is one of the two eclipses in 2020 that are in the same position and exact same date in the Heavens as the two eclipses of 2001, which brought the energy of the Twin Towers terrorist attack.

The September 11th, 2001, terrorist attacks show just one of the possible consequences of a curtailed Presidential Election transition.

This eclipse is exactly conjunct the mental-destabilisation Moon-Ketu (South Node) conjunction in Donald Trump’s birth chart.

This eclipse will thus lead to Donald Trump becoming even more mentally unstable, and having a personal crisis, and acting in even more dark manner, with the Kal Sarpa Yoga in his natal chart being exactly activated with increased divisiveness and preposterousness.

A key deep issue facing the new administration is to understand how the USA got so polarized. It will take years for the USA to move out of this infantile confrontationalism and go through the issues that will arise during its Pluto Return, and embrace a more spiritual perspective on how the country should be run.

 Smoke and mirrors

Donald Trump’s energy will be utterly frantic.  Almost a sense of terror, because he feels he has been publicly shamed.  This has activated his vengefulness, which is why he is trying to take the government apart.  He is planning and plotting with others to stay in power.  They don’t actually believe in him, but they are caught in the demented quest for retention of power. Of course, power is the most potent narcotic known to man.

His machinations are oddly disconnected from the country, almost floating above the country. There is a sense of some kind of sea change coming, but not for a while.

There also are angelic forces working to keep him from being successful in what he plans.  Actually, he wants to poison as much as possible while he can, as retribution for his loss.
There is a lot of conjurer trickery going on….anything to keep the country stirred up, his base intact, and so on.  The weird thing about a malignant narcissist is that they don’t care if the attention they get is positive or negative.  It is still energy, and they EAT energy.  If everyone ignored him, he might well have a psychotic break with reality.

It looks as if the light is starting to move into the situation, but the dark forces still have a stranglehold over the situation.  But the tide is changing, though it is slowwwww.