Eclipse 10th June 2021 Understand the fraught net of energies Embrace the inspiration

The 2nd Eclipse of the year is a Solar Eclipse on 10th June 2021.

This is a New Moon Eclipse in Vedic Taurus. It is at 25 degrees of Taurus.
This is 19 deg western Gemini.

In terms of the wonderful Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology, it’s in Mrigashira Nakshatra which is ruled by Mars.
You can see the Vedic and Western charts for this eclipse on my Starwheel Astrology June 2021 website page:

People with planets in Vedic Taurus and Scorpio will feel this most.

The closer your planets are to 25 deg Vedic Taurus the bigger will be the effects of this eclipse in your life.

Eclipse effects are felt for 6 mths to 1 yr, and note also that they create a stagnant pool of energy in the heavens which later transits by malefic planets can activate for up to two and a half years.

Eclipses are essentially about the undamming of fraught dammed up energies. On the earth level, this is earthquakes. But in terms of human lives, this can be positive, i.e. undamming to liberate blocked gifts and qualities, or it can be felt as a very negative experience because the eclipse smashes states of life or consciousness or life scripts that we should not have, that are wrong for your life purpose and destiny.

Aspects to this eclipse:
There are some very difficult aspects between the planets in the heavens at the time of this. So, note that this means that other signs will have a difficult time or strong events positive or negative around this eclipse such as Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, certainly.

This eclipse is exactly conjunct retrograde Mercury!
It’s square Neptune!

So, this could have all the usual Mercury Retrograde challenges, but also it could feel very confusing at this time, but watch out also for needed good visions and insights to come to the rescue out of the confusion. Life can be like that.

NOTE: It is important to keep life very simple and get enough rest during the period between the eclipse of 26th May and this eclipse of 10th June – but it is also crucial to be open to the inspiration that could be pivotal in your life with the inspirational potentials of Ketu in Scorpio now, and Neptune in PurvaBhadra, now.

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The effect of this eclipse on us will be permeated by the other energies and aspects in the heavens at the time, where the eclipse will act as a floodgates.
Here is a list of the other aspects:

Uranus is square Saturn:
This is an energy of the storming of the Bastille takes on the severe block and restrictions of Saturn, socially, and in your life. this aspect feels so very tense, and the tension is there for us to understand what must give in our life in terms of life scripts, identity scripts, patterns of behaviour, ways of relating.

Chiron is square Venus:
Venus is in a very sensitive state now, due to the conjunction with Rahu in the heavens on 18th May, and the fact that Venus has been ‘out of bounds’ since, and is thus maverick. Some people will feel this greatly, others not at all. This could quite possibly be a time for your Venus scripts to strongly surface to be healed. We could be ‘confronted with our demons’ at this time, for them to be healed.

Neptune is square Sun, Moon and Mercury!!!
There will be such a challenge of ‘what is real?’ and there will be such confusion, especially if this square aspects some of your natal planets. But at the same time many will experience increased sensitivity and intuition and revelations, with the possible downside being illusion or delusion of course, as is always the case with Neptune activations.

Ketu is conjunct the star Antares. This is belligerent and pugnacious, risk of war. Anger. And explosion when the Mars-Saturn opposition is taken into account with Uranus T-square that opposition!!! War.

Rahu aspecting Saturn = Fear, insecurity and driven energies. Overload.

Mars terrible:
Mars is in his sign of debility Vedic Capricorn.
Mars is opposition Saturn at this time, which is a horrible confrontation of very oppositional energies and can be very angry.
Mars is opposition Pluto at the time of this eclipse. Things will feel overwhelming. There could be vast action or power-plays.

This eclipse conjuncts Donald Trump’s natal Sun conjunct Rahu at 27 deg Taurus (which opposes his Moon conjunct Ketu at 27 deg Scorpio). So, this will result in a huge power urge in Donald Trump.

Let’s look at how the eclipse might manifest in your life.

Planets: Eclipse effects are assessed in terms of the life energy/area of any planet in your birth chart that the eclipse falls on. You also have to take into account eclipse effects on the House(s) that that planet occupies or rules. Also take into account the life area that that planet is the karaka or indicator for.

Houses: Eclipse effects are also assessed in terms of any House the eclipse affects in your birth chart. Below is a list of the very simplified meanings of each House.

You assess eclipse effects by counting the Houses from your natal ascendant or Lagna in your Vedic birth chart (your Rising Sign).
And by also counting the houses from your natal Moon (emotions and consciousness).

Both House counts are important for assessing eclipse effects.

Here is a simple list of the life area of each of the Houses in the Vedic birth chart. Get in touch with me for a Reading for a full analysis of the effect of this eclipse on your life, your natal chart generally and your predictive year ahead, etc.

N.B. For a fuller list of the meanings/life areas of each House in your Vedic birth chart, see it as one of the handy reference guide pages on my website:

So to count from your Ascendant (or Moon) in your Vedic birth chart, with Aries Ascendant, this eclipse is in your 2nd House, with Taurus Ascendant this eclipse is in your 1st House, with Gemini Ascendant, this eclipse is in your 12th House, with Cancer Ascendant, this eclipse is in your 11th House, with Leo Ascendant, this eclipse is in your 10th House, with Virgo Ascendant this eclipse is in your 9th House, with Libra Ascendant it’s 8th House, with Scorpio Ascendant it’s 7th House, with Sagittarius Ascendant it’s 6th House, with Capricorn Ascendant it’s 5th House, with Aquarius Ascendant it’s 4th House, with Pisces Ascendant it’s 3rd House.

For Libra Ascendant/Moon, this eclipse is complex. It’s eclipse in 8th House which is challenging, but it’s favourable that both Jupiter and Saturn aspect Libra now, though its further challenging because Uranus, Saturn and Mars are aspecting Libra now. Read the life areas described for the 8th House, below. Your intuition will be expanded by this eclipse.


House of Appearance
Taurus Ascendant/Moon

life-essence, temperament, early-life, Appearance, identity, vitality. How you project in the world.
This eclipse is major, and will affect the way you assert in the world, and also your Relationship (7th House); your partner could be affected.


House of Wealth
Aries Ascendant/Moon
Wealth, Value issues. communication. Intelligence, early childhood Creative potential, family relationships, eyesight, right eye. mouth, sensitivity. Death. This eclipse will bring issues to do with your wealth and also your family of birth.


House of Siblings
Pisces Ascendant/Moon

Obstacles. Younger Siblings, short journeys, motivation, energy Prowess, Impediments,
Ears, Physical injuries. Good advice,  Try new things, courage, Communication, creativity. Creative energy.
This eclipse will also affect father, as Ketu transits your 9th House.


House of the Mother
Aquarius Ascendant/Moon
Mother, Mind, family, home, ancestry, roots. Intelligence, Home life. Fixed assets, Heart,  Conveyances, emotional integrity.
This eclipse here can indicate something major for your mother, or your home, and might create move of house for example, or doing DIY. Ketu is in the 10th House opposite. Job issues may change radically.


House of Children
Capricorn Ascendant/Moon

Children, creativity, religious rituals, education, talents, romance, good morals, rewards after hard efforts, what we love. Purva Punya (past life merits). This eclipse can mean big events in your children’s life.

House of enemies

Sagittarius Ascendant/Moon

Enemies, Debts, Latent Faculties, Suffering, Theft, Public censure, Servitude
Fear of death. Health and sickness, obstacles. If we do not live by sensible right careful principles, this causes problems. Face unpleasantness so as to succeed.
Eclipse here will create big stress. Issues positive or negative concerning health and healing will be major.
Take care of yourself. Engage in the needed Healings.
Ketu is in your 12th House opposite.

House of the Spouse
Scorpio Ascendant/Moon
Relationship, sexual pleasure   marriage, partnership, compromise,  genitals, status in life, pride. The Partner, known enemies, Business success or failure.

House of Death
Libra Ascendant/Moon
This house has an energy of death and rebirth on different planes. N.B. we can work with the 8th house energy in two ways:
Positively: astrology, healing, psychology etc, or
Negatively: obstacles, scandal etc.
Psychic Experiences, Secrets, Diseases, Past lives. Legacy or Inheritance, Rectum,  Longevity
Place and manner of death. sexual potency and charisma.
Change, transformation and letting go.
Embracing the new and dealing with fears. Death, length of life,  the Occult.
Eclipse in the 8th house is major – see the life areas described above.
This eclipse is especially powerful for Libra Ascendants/Moons, because the eclipse is in the 8th House. See my note about Librans at the top of this list.

House of the Father
Virgo Ascendant/Moon

Father. Guru, teachings, Religious rites, Meditation. Perception.  Meritorious deeds, Long journeys, Philosophical attitude, Penance. Your highest teachings. Right Action, unexpected luck. Travel and learning.

House of Profession

Leo Ascendant/Moon
Career, standing in the world, Livelihood, Attainment of results, Honour, Glory, renown.


House of Gain
Cancer Ascendant/Moon

Gains, Socialization, friendship and friendship issues, hopes and wishes, love-making, worshipping deities.
Status in the community, ambition and what we do with our power. The public. eldest sibling.


House of Loss
Gemini Ascendant/Moon

Letting go, liberation, moksha. spiritual release. Endings. Retreat.
Loss, squander, institutions, sexual pleasure, foreign countries, foreign travel.
Death. Life after death. Left eye. Institutions. Imprisonment, sexual pleasures, expenditures, travels. living in a foreign land,

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