Earthquake Eclipse of 28th September 2015 in Vedic and Western Astrology.

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

September 2015: Vedic and Western Astrology Forecast

Understand September 2015 and the upcoming earthquake eclipse of 28th September 2015 in Vedic and Western Astrology.

The Eclipse of September 28th

The big thing about September for me personally is the Eclipse of September 28th. The eclipse will find me arrived in the far West of Ireland because Elizabeth Hendricks,  a psychic healer in the western United States, perceived that an important energy of healing and empowerment was waiting to ‘enter me’ at a place called Glassilaun where my Irish family lived for centuries. I was not planning to go away, but felt compelled to book, she knew nothing of me, but she saw so much that is accurate of my life, and it now feels so right to have booked!

But the energies of this Eclipse are so very odd and so very unexpected for me personally. Saturn of the eclipse is exactly on top of my natal Mars. Mars of the eclipse is exactly on top of my natal Saturn. Saturn and Mars are in exact square in the heavens, and this mirrors the exact square of Saturn and Mars in my birth chart. What does all this endlessly-repeating Saturn and Mars mean???

And I am interested that in terms of my Nodal Age Progressions, my Nodal Age Point which represents the whispers of my soul to me from the astral, is in a once in a lifetime aspect to my natal Mars.

So I believe this unexpected visit to my ancestral homeland coincides very much with my learning about MARS.

And ‘by coincidence’ I am actually writing another novel, this one, my sixth, is about a battle Goddess: I am writing a novel called ‘The Morrigan and The Dagda’.
The Morrigan is the Battle Goddess of the ancient Irish. The Dagda is the ‘Good God’ the strong, loving and providing masculine.
What opportunity for development of spiritual insight. What opportunity for healing. What opportunity for empowerment.

Part of the holiday is to research the nearby places in Connemara that feature in my novel which is set in the Irish Iron Age, at the time of the coming of the Tuatha de Danaan to Ireland: the ancient spiritual heritage of Ireland.

Of the other planets, Venus during the holiday is very disadvantaged as he passes through the Gandanta zone from Vedic Cancer to Vedic Leo, and it is helpful perception to be advised of this (see below).

Uranus is moving into closer and closer conjunction to my natal Moon. And Mercury is Retrograde!!!

In fact the energies of September 2015 are very, very complicated and powerful in the Vedic signs of Cancer and Leo, and they are all about healing around creativity, sexuality, but there’s a lot of intuition from Neptune, and revolution from Uranus.

I have set out the changes in the complex dance of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Sun in this area of the heavens, and it’s well worth reading through and noting what energies will be coming your way especially. And this Leo energy is not limited to September: For all of October, too, there will be three planets in Leo: so it’s a period of imbalance of energies.

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We Start September 2015 with a Waning Moon:
I think the big thing is to take it a bit easy and be receptive, as the Moon wanes from the Full Moon at the end of August (August 29th). Waning Moons trigger emotional issues.

This was quite a fragile yet powerful energy if it connects to the planets in your birth chart: it was in Shatabishak Nakshatra: the Healer’s Nakshatra, in terms of the awesomely declarative, powerful, visionary and magical Vedic Lunar Zodiac: the 27 Nakshatras.
I felt this Full Moon very strongly. I had set aside the day for sorting out my arrears of filing, but ended up just going to bed!
This Full Moon was at 6 Pisces in Western astrology or 12 Aquarius in Vedic Astrology.
Note that this Full Moon was conjunct Neptune at 8 Pisces, and the Sun was conjunct Jupiter at 3 Virgo. Note that Neptune opposition Jupiter is very imaginative and can be intuitive and visionary. It is very good for Deity Tantra. I completed a university based Ethnography: a five-year field study of spiritual forms new to the modern west, and so many of the Tibetan Buddhist monks I studied, who practiced visionary Highest Yoga Tantras had Jupiter – Neptune aspects or similar in their birth charts.

I think this Full Moon offered us spiritual awakening and deeper understanding of our spiritual path, and it calls us to now work through this in this waning phase now.

Venus is conjunct Mars: Love imperative or rampage?
However, a very strong current is running at the same time as this waning Moon, and well beyond it: Venus is conjunct Mars in the Heavens (exact September 10th).

This begins a long conjunction of Venus and Mars that will continue through to November as these two planets move through Vedic Cancer, Leo and Virgo together. In Leo, Venus and Mars will be influenced by Jupiter and in Virgo, they will be influenced by Rahu!

Venus overtakes Mars in early November, entering his own sign of Libra on 30th November, leaving Mars behind at 16 deg Vedic Virgo.

This can be very creative. It can promote sexual expression and healing and burst through dams and blocks, but it can also be violent and conflictual. The lion-fight! Venus prefers gentle energies and finds the demand and assertion of Mars difficult usually.

This is a time to lay to rest your rut around matters of love, any old outworn karmic scripts around love and sexuality. A big wave of consciousness around love and sexuality is running.
Venus has been retrograde since 27th July 2015.
Note a very special gift of perception from Vedic Astrology: Venus crosses the Gandanta Zone at the end of September. The concept of Gandanta is incredibly powerful and accurate and western astrology knows noting of it. It is a dangerous crossing point from water to fire signs in Vedic Astrology. During the days Venus goes through this, be aware of the challenge to love, and all the many ramifications this is likely to arise in your mind.
However, I find that when Venus enters Leo, Venus will be energetic, desirous, strong and demanding in areas of sexuality, relationship, creativity, beauty, enjoyment of life, entertainment, comfort and pleasure. Venus is rajasic and desirous.

Eclipses of September 28th:

The crucial thing to understand is that we are all building up to the earthquake energy of the eclipse on September 28th. More about the spiritual and mundane meaning of this Full Lunar Eclipse, below.

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N.B. To see the dates and times of Full/New Moons and Eclipses correct for your time zone on the face of the Earth, see: the very useful website: dates and times:

Brief Summary : September 2015:
Here is a neat summary for the major energy changes for September 2015, in Vedic Astrology:

Vedic Astrology:

August 29th Full Moon: (12 deg Vedic Aquarius) – now waning to the New Moon on September 13th.
6th September: Venus resumes direct motion at 20 deg Cancer
September 10th : Mars and Venus exactly conjunct
September 13th : New Moon (26 deg Vedic Leo)
September 15th Mars enters Vedic Leo: Release of energy!!! Mars leaves Vedic Cancer where he is DEBILITATED, entering Vedic Leo which he powerfully shares with Jupiter, entering Vedic Virgo on November 3rd.
September 17th to October 17th : Sun transits Vedic Virgo. Sun and Rahu (North Node) will therefore be conjunct all this time, as Rahu builds up to enter Vedic Leo at the end of January 2016.
September 17th to October 9th : Mercury is Retrograde: Travel will be disrupted (we are going on holiday. We had no choice over the dates!) Sort out admin and communications. Pay attention to health regimes. Be careful of your written and verbal communications with other people. As Mercury is conjunct Rahu (North Node) at this time, allow for the unexpected, the foreign. The final Mercury Retrograde period of 2015
September 28th : Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon: at 10 deg Vedic Pisces in UttaraBhadra nakshatra.
September 30th to November 2nd : Venus transits Vedic Leo

Western Astrology:

August 29th : Full Moon: 6 western Pisces (now waning to the Dark Moon on September 13th)
August 29th to September 4th: Neptune opposes the Sun from 8 deg Pisces
September 6th: Venus turns direct
September 12th : Sun is opposition Chiron in the heavens: and Sun is quincunx Uranus.
September 13th New Moon at 20 Virgo
September 17th to October 9th : Mercury is Retrograde Uranus is widely opposite Mercury when Mercury goes retrograde so be careful not to make mistakes of unexpected nature with unexpected consequences, especially at the beginning of the retrograde period when the two are in closest opposition. Mercury returns to his conjunction with Rahu (North Node) in early October, so again this is tense possibility of communications errors.
September 17th: Saturn leaves the western sign of Scorpio, not to return for another 28 years.
September 23rd SPRING EQUINOX
September 23rd to October 23rd. Sun in Western Libra
September 26th: Pluto turns Direct at 12 deg western Capricorn.
September 28th : Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon: Also called a Blood Moon. At 4 deg western Aries

The New Moon of September 13th: Partial Solar Eclipse:

Note from Vedic Astrology that this New Moon at 26 Vedic Leo is conjunct Jupiter at 13 Vedic Leo AND this New Moon is hemmed in by both benefics (Venus and Mercury) and also hemmed in by malefics (Mars and Rahu), and this hemming will produce some very mixed results and actions. Manipulative and unconscious energies surround this New Moon.

Note that the New Moon is in PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra (Lunar Sign) which is ruled by Venus and is both homely and creative as well as sexual.

How do you personally interpret the effect of this eclipse in your life? Note especially what House Leo occupies in your Vedic birth chart.

And from western astrology, note that Chiron opposes this New Moon exactly calling us to be aware of healing of our physical and spiritual wounds, and find and benefit from guides, teachers and healers.

Uranus is inconjunct the New Moon from 19 Aries. And so this New Moon is caught up in the last phase of the long-running ‘Uranus – Pluto square’, with Pluto at 13 Capricorn.

Saturn (and Mars again!):

Remember that all this time Saturn is sending an aspect to Vedic Leo from his transit through Vedic Scorpio. There could be obstacles, difficulty, sorrow or practicality and wisdom. Mars is a planet of action and courage; Saturn is the plant of stability, delay, patience and limitation.

To add to the weird and utterly exceptional pile-up of Saturn – Mars connections I listed in the introduction above, note that there is more!

Transiting Saturn is currently in Vedic Scorpio which is co-ruled by both Mars and Ketu (South Node)
And from his transit through Leo, note that Mars will be aspecting Saturn’s sign Aquarius and also Pisces, currently occupied by Ketu.

This brings Mars’ intense focus. Note that Mars, Ketu and Saturn, are challenging planets that bring situations that require strength, fortitude and great spiritual insight and can offer great though challenging growth. Goodness!

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