Druid Novel by Michael Conneely: A new Review by By Anne Lee, Washington State, USA 

DRUID NOVEL COVER FINALI just received this Review posted on Amazon about my Novel Druid – thank you to Anne Lee in Washington State USA:

This is an epic adventure that’s actually the author’s life story which makes it even more compelling. I read the author’s other book, Sacred Earth, (which I loved), so I decided to give this one a try and I am SO glad I did. This is a story of ancient Ireland and how the culture was lost when St. Patrick brought new religion to the land. It magically weaves through time when the characters use supernatural powers as they attempt to reclaim all that is lost. I contacted the author while reading this book and he replied saying the story is based on his life and I learned he has set up a school called the Druid Forest School which encourages the studies of ancient Ireland. This book has entertainment value as well as inspiration to help restore a lost culture. It’s packed full of Irish history which shows connections to Greek and Roman history. Above all, it’s a love story about the land of Ireland. I believe this book should be required reading in all Irish Schools and suggested reading for those with Irish heritage or feel a spiritual connection to any land. I’ll read it again!