Druid Course : Sacred Working on The Land

At its best the Druid Path is truly-needed intuitive drawing of true spiritual identity from the sacredness of the earth, where you can begin to perceive and become your spiritual essence by that connection.

This Blog posting tells you how the course works. For more about the course see: : http://www.earthstarweb.com/druid-path.html

Like all my Distance Learning courses this course has the very special bonus that, when they are taught, I draw on your western and Vedic astrology. The insights from your natal chart and predictive astrology are used to deepen your connection to the course and your spiritual pathway.

You can connect with a special piece of land as you work through this course, or it is perfectly possible to work on this course without going physically on to the land. You can either work with a piece of remembered land, or work to establish in your mind your Sacred Grove, your Nemeton.

If working with a remembered physical piece of land, it can be a help to pin up a picture. And of course you do not have to stick exactly to the physical land in your journeyings, and will normally build other dimensions to it. Either way, whether working with a physical piece of land or your Nemeton, you would do best to develop some depiction of the place like a sketch map or a 3-D model (like a dream catcher, then place on that items or symbols or ogham letters or whatever to represent such important facets of your Druid Path as ‘Your Teacher’, Your source of strength, Your inner child, as the course develops.

Once a sense of the land or Nemeton is established, we also share the path of the Sun through the Eight Great Festivals of the Year.

Both the creation/development of the sacred land and the work through the Festivals is followed in a way completely individual to you.

By the way, the course is not transmitted to you in the form of documents; what we do is send out sound files. These are MP3 files we send as email attachments, which cover each step of the way through the course. You download the MP3 and listen to it and work with it. You then communicate with me how you got on and ask any questions / discussion.

The course is one of the courses linked to my book: The Backpacker’s Guide to the New Spirituality 2014, where the emphasis is understanding how the great spiritual pathways and healing modalities of our time actually contribute to each other.
When you enrol, you would also need to let me know your date, time and place of birth, and I do email you a copy of your western and Vedic Astrology charts so you can follow what I am saying as we refer to your astrology as we work through the course.
I take pride in making these courses completely individual, magical, healing and empowering, as well as sharing a path through relevant joint reading on the Druid path.

Glad to discuss further. All Blessings to you, Michael