Dowsing and Healing Guidance from Ann Gildart August 2021

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Here is more very special guidance from Ann for this month:

“If you walk your path in life as an optimist, you are very rarely disappointed with choices and outcomes.”
This applies to you on your journey to become a successful Dowser! You are tapping into quantum energies to get a positive outcome in your healing or divination request. Your dowsing system and protocol requires working and connecting with the highest possible positive energies available to you at this point in your personal journey.

This month we will start using the pendulum in anti-clockwise and clockwise directions. These next steps are necessary to advance to another level; taking you towards becoming a confident and able pendulum dowser.
You formulate your questions. Don’t create fantasy questions! Make them real and measurable. Our practice example will be asking questions regarding booking a holiday abroad in Greece, but you will/can apply this protocol to something that you can relate to.
“Yes, I can! Yes, I can!”

First, “May I? Can I? Should I?” If a no answer, then stop and try another day.
If a yes answer, you may then proceed with confidence. Please write down the questions!

It is all right to start a pendulum and wait until the energy takes over. Once that occurs you can ask your yes and no questions. Hydrate, alpha state and non-attachment to outcome.

Practice this example and adapt as needed:

1. I am planning on booking a vacation to the Greek island of Rhodes.

2. Is it beneficial to me to travel to Rhodes at this time?

3. Is it safe physically and mentally for me to travel to Rhodes on [date] to [date]? Also add actual town and hotel if possible.

4. Will I be successful in finding a package holiday that is affordable to me?

5. Ask all other yes and no questions, i.e. rooms, food, etc.

6. You can ask if you would have a more beneficial outcome if you book at a different date.

Now we remove any unforeseen difficulties around the vacation.
These will be using an anti-clockwise spin.
1. Please, remove or scramble any negative, detrimental, financial, danger, and health energy danger attached to this vacation that I have booked via [company name].
2. Remove any travel difficulties.
3. Remove any COVID/vaccine difficulties.
4. Remove any customs or border difficulties.
5. Remove any problems/difficulties with luggage and currency.
6. Scramble all energies that might interfere with the flights or delays at the airports.

Then with a clockwise spin… “Install the appropriate energies that would benefit and support my vacation to the Greek island of Rhodes.” Thank your pendulum guides and energies. There is to me a very psychic side to dowsing. Working in an alpha state opens up one’s intuition! Don’t doubt impressions to change words or address things such as weather or delays.


You now have a template. As your dowsing skills and confidence grow, you can apply this outline to any situation. Write down your questions. Make them close-ended questions. Should and can I will not give an accurate outcome.
The universe is a big computer! It is logical! It cannot answer abstract or open-ended questions, but it has all the answers and knowledge available to our work. Just hit the correct help or information button.