Doorway Healing Energies for You in the midst of 2020 fear and crisis

Can you embrace this wonderful energy that’s offered now??? Five especially are actually on offer now amid fierce fear and meltdown energies as well. See below.

So, do let me tell you our personal experience of these: what magnificent healing energies came through to my wife, Maggie Pashley and I, around the time of the 9th March Full Moon:

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In 2020, Humanity is in the build-up of fear and crisis energies from Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter (with Mars), in an unparalleled ‘great conjunction’ in Vedic Capricorn. And Rahu is transiting Ardra.

Yet at the same time there are magnificent inspiration and healing energies coming through to us, which I describe below.

So, please do hear our experience of the healing and inspiration energies that are around in addition to the fear and crisis maelstrom energies now. And please be open to receive Healing energies yourself.

As a next step do get ready for the super healing energies of the New Moon 24the March 2020, and beyond.

Before I tell you the story of our great healing breakthrough, let me first outline to you the clash of Dark and Light now, the fierce huge call to get real as to who we are and dump the false life paths and the false identities.

First of all, as described in my March 2020 Newsletter with its six parts, I described how there are fear and crisis energies from Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter (with Mars), in an unparalleled ‘great conjunction’ in Vedic Capricorn. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have not been there in conjunction there since 1284.

And I also pointed out that there’s a second, additional ‘fear and divisiveness energy’, with Rahu North Node transiting Ardra Nakshatra in Vedic Gemini, where Ardra is actually ruled by Rahu, and this exact same transit was around at the time of 9/11, for example.

But do note that the shutdown of the Corona Virus that is now, also has the divine opportunity for each of us to slow down, realize what is real and what matters to us, yes: even become more who we really are.

AND as I said in my March Newsletter, at the same time as these crisis energies, there are also huge, magnificent HEALING and INSPIRATION energies being offered AS WELL. These are:

Chiron square Nodal axis

Sun of Full Moon conjunct Neptune

Neptune is in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.

I tell you more about the detail of these three Healing energies being offered to us now, below.

So, before going more into the detail, I want to tell you what healing energies came through to us around the time of the 9th March Full Moon. Let me tell you the story:

On Saturday 7th March, i.e. two days before the Full Moon, Maggie and I went on a local West of Ireland training/support day to use an energy measuring device/energy transmitting device called the Lecher Antenna. The day was led by Dame Anne Marie Delmotte, who’s the key figure in Lecher Antenna training and development:


This day fits in with the truly wonderful Healers’ Community operating in the Sligo and surrounding area of the North West of Ireland, centrally underpinned by the monthly wonderful healer fairs organised by Claire Louise Knifton. It is so good to belong to this spiritual, healing community.


So, Maggie had had some dealings with the Lecher Antenna before, but had gained more confidence practising with the group. She’d unknowingly bought a not so good model of the Lecher Antenna originally, but then she’d bought a more sensitive and powerful antenna model from Anne-Mari. Maggie offers many healing modalities on-line: //

and she’d been so pleased to find that the use of the Lecher Antenna melded into these, they’re all available on line, for example, fitting in to use of the Lecher Antenna: measuring and healing your body energies with reference to Chakras and Acupuncture meridians.

So, let me tell you, this particular support day started off with the court tomb at Moytura.

I myself have not trained in the use of the Lecher Antenna, but I entered the central rectangle of the Court Tomb, which has a tomb chamber at each end, and I felt immediately and so strongly the safe and strong, protected energies within the court, that were sustained there by the high quartz energies in the rocks that the tomb was built in the Neolithic era in Ireland about 4,000 to 2,500 BC.

Then the group members with their Lecher Antennas moved into the job. The lecher antenna revealed how the negative Hartman and Curry lines that criss-cross the Earth’s surface were actually pushed outside the quadrilateral structure of the court tomb with its high energy rocks. The energy magic of the Neolithic priests and tomb builders.

Then the frequency of Sacred energy was measured inside the Court Tomb.

Then there was a visit to the Eglone Stone, nearby, a huge Standing Stone, where the energy of the Eglone Stone was measured to be at the top of the Lecher Antenna’s scale’s: sacred and divine levels.

In the afternoon: how to locate running water underground. This was at Slish Wood on the banks of Loch Gill where W B Yeats wrote his Stolen Child, and nearby the famous Lake Isle of Innisfree.

By the way, see my Druid Forest School Tours page for details of my Sacred West of Ireland Tours. I offer tours at the sacred sites in the North West of Ireland with its stunning energies and landscapes, which you can book into, at the wonderful beautiful places like these. See:


Then my connection with the healing energies really came through big time on Monday evening, that was the evening of the Full Moon of 9th March.

Maggie did a balancing exercise on me, using the lecher antenna.

First, she measured my wellness energies on the Bovis scale. They were low.

Then she used the antenna to measure my bio-energies including the energies of my chakras and acupuncture meridians.

Then she balanced those by selecting a colour filter to shine light through into the palm of my hand, and also by correcting the frequencies of imbalanced chakras and meridians.

At the end of this, my Bovis scale measurement of wellness had been doubled.

And I myself felt such a solid healed strong energy in my body.

I had a second Lecher Antenna balancing session on 14th March, and when I walked from that, I felt so well, so filled with solid strong energies. So fully in my body. So much more grounded.

OK, so here’s more of the detail of the Healing Energies at this time:

But first of all, as I said above, it’s important to note that with so much going into lockdown at the time of these fear and crisis energies with anti-coronavirus measures, this can be used for each of us to slow down, do less, and for our consciousness to rise if we take that focus. And secondly, do note that these Healing energies that are there at the same time as the fear/crisis energies actually come through strongly to us at the times of the Lunations, so do make the space and take the time to be open to what’s there for you personally. The dates of these present-time Lunations are as follows, but do of course note that these healing energies run on being available beyond these Lunations:
New Moon 23rd February
Full Moon 9th March
New Moon 24th March
Full Moon 8th April

N.B. The charts for the New and Full Moons are below.

So, what exactly are the astrological indications of these great inspiration/healing energies now coming through? Well, I’d pick out the following five energies for you to be aware of:(1)
Chiron square the Nodal Axis at the New Moon of February 23rd. Chiron is at 4 western Aries, 10 Vedic Pisces.

Sun of Full Moon 9th March was conjunct Neptune:
Sun conjunct Neptune
POINT:                                                                                                           SUN/NEPTUNE
PRINCIPLE:              Sensitiveness. Vision. Compassion. Weakness, illness.
+          receptiveness. Active imagination, enthusiasm. Mysticism, soul life, inner life-experience. Great subtlety.
–          impressionability, susceptibility, negativity, weakness. Plans without the power to carry them through, peculiar ideas, craving for drugs. Illusion, self-deception.
C;        frailness, impressionability, subject to moods.
BIOLOGICAL:             Sluggish, weak or paralyzed. Dropsy. Oedema.
SOCIOLOGICAL:       Visionaries, mediums, sensitives, weak or sick persons.
+                 abundant experience in psychic or spiritual realms. Mystical experiences, journeys to far-distant places. Success through sympathetic understanding of others.
–                   illness, easily influenced through others. Proneness to seduction. Exploited by others. Great disappointments, scandals, chaotic conditions, entanglements.

(3) Neptune is at 26 Vedic Aquarius, in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.
PurvaBhadra is ruled by Jupiter.
Its power animal is the male lion.
Its qualities are Fierce and Male.
Its Guna Triplicity is: Sattva, Sattva and Rajas.
The Devata of PurvaBhadra is expression of death, destruction and the path to rebirth.
PurvaBhadra is associated with the Fire Dragon (Ajaikapat) and his brother the water dragon, Ahirbudhnya – and these two dragons are the sons of Visvakarma, the Heavenly Architect. They are the serpent path to transcendence: rebirth through destructive storm.

New Moon 24.3.2020:
Sun, Moon and Chiron all conjunct and square the Nodal Axis:

(5) Full Moon 8.4.2020:
Chiron square the Nodal Axis

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Here are the charts for the Lunations:

New Moon February 23rd, 2020:
Chiron square Nodal Axis:
Neptune is in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.


Full Moon 9th March 2020:
Sun conjunct Neptune and Chiron square the Nodal Axis:
Neptune is in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.
Here’s the Vedic chart, then the Western:


New Moon 24.3.2020:
Sun, Moon and Chiron all conjunct and square the Nodal Axis. WATCH OUT FOR THIS ONE! WHAT CAN YOU RECEIVE???

Full Moon 8.4.2020
Chiron square the Nodal Axis:
Moon is isolated, Kemadruma, unsupported and the other side of the Nodal Axis from the other Vedic planets. This is KAL SARPA YOGA: