Don’t let Venus cool too much in August 2021

There are three Venus issues to love to understand in August 2021

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The first issue to watch out for is that Mars and Venus are conjunct in Vedic Leo.
The Venus Mars conjunction can, yes create sexual desire, but can also provoke anger and impatience in your relationship.

The second very important thing to note is that Venus transits Leo until 10th August. This is a nice regal energy, and should be handled in a giving, generous way.

Thirdly, and most importantly, be aware that Venus leaves Leo on August 10th, and then Venus enters Virgo, where Venus is actually debilitated, and finds it hard to show love and affection.

Virgo is the sign where Venus is debilitated.

The showing of love could be harmed.

The energy of Venus in Virgo is fussy and fault-finding, and not so good for love.

Beware getting into theoretical discussions about your relationship.

On the plus side, though, Venus in Virgo is the energy to organize and serve.

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